What Is The Motive For Killing The Gulf?

This isn’t “just happening”. This has the smell of purpose. But what could possibly be the motive?

BP had no contingency plans for emergency. On the contrary: they knew where it would go, that ecology would never recover.

According to Karen Dalton Beninato’s blog post at neworleans.com, there are three main conclusions that point to the fact that BP knew how bad this was:

1) In the worst case discharge scenario (on chart below), an oil leak was expected to come ashore with highest probability in Plaquemines Parish within 30 days

2) Spokespersons were advised never to assure the public that an ecosystem would be back to normal after the worst case scenario, which we are now living through.

3) Corexit oil dispersant toxicity has not been tested on ecosystems, according to the Oil Spill Response Plan. “Ecotoxilogical effects: No toxicity studies have been conducted on this product.”

But, “why”? Why let it keep spreading to new regions of the gulf? Or worse (as Dr Doug and I were discussing today) what happens when some tropical storm or hurricane picks this stuff up and dumps it on us? Into our water table? Killing our plants and livestock? Is it possible?

… the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season officially began on June 1. This season is predicted to be especially active with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) expecting up to 23 tropical storms, up to 14 of which may become hurricanes. Strong storms could sweep the toxic mixture of oil and chemical dispersants from the Gulf far inland, contaminating rivers, wildlife and even residential areas that might have escaped exposure under other circumstances.

The experts are already frightened that this is the end of the fishing industry:

Because of the increasing threat posed to the environment by spreading oil, NOAA was forced to expand the area covered by their fishing ban for three consecutive days beginning May 31. As it stands, 37 percent of the Gulf of Mexico, or 88,522 square miles, is now closed to fishing. Large areas off the coast of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are shut down. Federal waters near the Florida panhandle have also been closed.

“Fishing communities are suffering a worst case scenario of total collapse,” Carl Safina, an ecologist with Blue Ocean Institute, told the World Socialist Web Site. “I don’t see how this could be temporary. The basis of their livelihood is being destroyed.”

There has been one series of bad solutions. In the last case, they had to increase the flow by 20% to try the Top Hat. Ed shows us well that is working out for us. They just can’t seem to stop it. The scary thing?

Oil Might Keep Leaking for Months After Relief Wells are Drilled

Many technical experts have said that the first attempts to complete the relief well in August could miss entirely on the first try, as it is difficult to intersect the blown-out well at the precise location and angle needed.

(h/t Washington’s Blog)

Is it a done deal or not? Dr Doug has a friend who said this should have been stopped long ago (I have had oil folk tell me the same thing).

Am I just a suspicious bastard or is it a fact that everything seems so purposeful? It seems to me that people knew something was about to happen. Jay at ThoughtSwirl explains that there is Evidence Supporting Foreknowledge Of BP Oil Spill “Accident”

  • Goldman Sachs sold $250 million worth of BP stock in the first quarter of this year.
  • BP chief Tony Hayward sold £1.4 (about $1.68 million) worth of BP shares weeks before the oil spill.
  • And Haliburton bought a company that specializes in dealing with WELL FIRES and BLOWOUTS in APRIL
  • Since the spill the BP stock is taking a beating (pretty convenient for ole Tony, Haliburton AND GS). As a matter of fact, there are a “A Series Of Lucky Coincidences Involving Goldman Sachs And BP plc

    Earlier, when observing the US AG disclosure of a civil and criminal investigation into BP plc, we noted in passing that BP’s former Chairman, Peter Sutherland, who left the firm is a Chairman of Goldman Sachs International. Mr. Sutherland holds some other interesting titles, including a position on the Trilateral Commission, he was a chairman of the London School of Economics in 2008, he is a UN special representative for migration and development; he was the founding director-general of the World Trade Organisation, he had previously served as director general of GATT since July 1993 and was instrumental in concluding the Uruguay GATT Round Negotiations. Needless to say, we focused on the Goldman relationship. When digging deeper, we uncovered some amusing correlations, most notably between the BP plc sellside ratings by Goldman BP analyst Michelle della Vigna and the Goldman Sachs Asset Management holdings of BP plc.

    h/t ZeroHedge

    I can say this… this is raw Capitalism in action. No regulation, winks and nods towards environmental safety concerns, and no matter what,  PAY THOSE DIVIDENDS while you got ’em.

    Can you imagine the share owners as they laugh, knowing that at their Texas City facility, they just released 500,000 pounds of emissions, including more than 400 pounds of benzene for 40 consecutive days?

    That’s a hoot to celebrate over with a bath full of cash, huh?

    (h/t Infowars)

    Oh, and did you know that Haley Barbour (Governor of Mississippi) is a tool?

    So the tool needs to be asked, why would “Defense Secretary Robert Gates grant YOUR request to send troops of up to 6,000 by Louisiana, 3,000 by Alabama, 2,500 by Florida and 6,000 by Mississippi?

    Funny thing. I see those numbers (6,000; which is EQUAL to Louisiana’s request) and I think that Jowls must be lying out his ass.

    19 thoughts on “What Is The Motive For Killing The Gulf?

    1. The purpose? One is money. Some of the same SOB’s that shorted the airlines stocks right before 9/11 are now making a killing on killing the Gulf.

      And what if all that black oily gunk turns the Gulf into a giant heat sink, warming the waters to the point it makes for the creation of the ‘Mother of all Hurricanes?’

      And the cynic in me wonders if this wasn’t some type of false-flag to distract the American sheeple from the Zionist butchery against those aid workers?

      Recall that when Israel was putting out the lies about murdering aid workers, the Zionist hasbara agents were all over the MSM, but when the peace activists got released and started telling their side, the TRUTH, all of a sudden the MSM got bored about that story and went to 24/7 coverage of the Gulf.


      • Greg,
        Then we are both cynics (and I refuse to allow you to be more of one than I). seriously, what other conclusion can a thinking person come to? Is it possible that our government is truly as inept as it appears. I don’t think so. I have to believe much, if not most, of the atrocities and dumb shit like the Gulf Volcano are purposefully done.

        No one is this dumb, inefficient and bad at governance. There is a reason. I wish I could fully get my mind around it.

        I want to believe that this started as a false flag event (to keep us focused on the left hand, while the right hand is doing the “magic”), but that something went horribly wrong and they bit off more than they can chew.


    2. What always gets me is how in any debate about Israel it’s taboo to point out that the country SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN – the so-called terrorists have so many legitimate grievances.

      I don’t know how I feel about a Jewish state in principle – if it’s really for the best, fine, but the way it was done was appalling.


      • G,

        The fact it is taboo tells me they are covering up something. Especially when it is so glaringly obvious. And most especially seeing how they try so desperately to paint anyone who calls them as anti-Semite or a Terrorist-lover, etc.


        • Oh that’s odd – I mean to post that on “Motor Vessel Linda, Zionistic Murderers, and the Venal American Congress” – probably my mistake.

          I’ll answer on that page.


    3. Just how far could a hurrican carry the oil? Are there any crews doing prevention east of the spill? It will go there.


      • Hey,
        Don’t know, but I assume the more there is to be picked up and the type, severity and height of the clouds/storm that picks it up, it could go very far. Can you imagine the acid rain to fall killing everyone’s gardens? Including Factory farms? How about the water?
        Makes me wonder if my idea of buying an atmospheric water generator is a good idea after all.


        • Humm, I see what your mean about the water generator.

          So here we are, another “Goldmansachs” involved crisis. How many dots does the American people need before they pick up a pencil?


          • I actually spoke with a Life Source Water Filtration system rep yesterday. It costs around $3300 for a family of three (removes chlorine and most of the fluoride, along with most all contaminants) and is maintenance free for about 25 years (around 1.5 Million gallons).

            It may come a time in a few years where such filtration or generation is needed.


    4. For all of you that have been in ‘boot camp’. Remember how they broke you down and then built you back up into what you became when you graduated. This is our nations boot camp. They are just breaking us down … but what if they don’t build us back up ???


    5. Drduhgylie*********

      In order to defend from that “breaking down process” you got to cultivate your “B” waves, aint that right “B” mon,,,,,,,,,makes ya feel cool.


      • I think you’re on to something, but it is only a hunch with a bit of verification. I really need to study this when I get time.


    6. Nothing would surprise me anymore, Buelah Man! For one thing, if that well keeps on flowing oil the way it is now, we will have a black Gulf soon. It is ridiculous! And all the things you mention in your post just wouldn’t happen this way in the normal scheme of things. On CNN they just said billions are going to the investors. Yet they only give fishermen $5,000 a month! What a joke!


      • BP still claims there are no under surface “plumes” (even tho I have seen them on camera on several instances). You are correct about continued flow, this thing is going to kill our Gulf and no one seems to be interested/capable/willing??? to do it. Why haven’t they just crimped the tube like a straw? We are not getting the whole picture.

        But, I still can’t help but believe that something BIGGER is about to take place where this will be the shiny little object of attention that will cause us to ignore or miss the real shit. Either that, or they will use this to implement some Draconian changes to “help Americans thru this” (when it is entirely likely that they are the cause or in a conspiracy to cause this in the first place).

        I trust them not and suspect them of ANYTHING.


        • We have no choice but to suspect them of anything when they refuse to acknowledge what truth so plainly points out.


    7. Geezus! Just turned on MSNBC and that billionaire Bloomberg is defending BP and Tony Hayward saying Don’t rush to judgment. That asshole! Why doesn’t he put his money where his big mouth is and help the people of the Gulf instead of putting the Hayward dick in his mouth?


    8. They’re also saying NOAA knew way back in April how bad the oil spill was and how bad it was going to get, but they didn’t want the public to know. It seems Tony Hayward had the bitch in charge of NOAA also wrapped around his little finger besides the rest of the government. I do know one thing – this is a fucked-up mess!


    9. A physicist, and I didn’t get his name (they only show it once and not long enough) said on MSNBC that BP was using junk science to give them a daily total because they used a flat camera shot and not at the right location, and their estimate with a satellite shot was G.I.G.O. He said that the navy should’ve been brought in, an independent team of physicists brought in, and those top kill, top hat things work at 200 feet but not 5,000 feet because of high pressure and these BP experts should’ve known that. Also another independent scientist said a figure of 2 million barrels a day is not out of line with this spill.


    10. Sorry, that should be 2 million gallons a day. Either way, it’s still a horrible amount. Get this stopped then put the dirty bastards in jail. Or worse.


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