Donated by the Citizens of the United States of America

Camp is empty   report and video link

I watched the report on this on BBC. This camp is empty because AGAIN the haitian Government is elitist and corrupt. The ‘weathly’ folks who used to live in fine Starter-Castles and McMansions said they wouldn’t live there. And AFTER the USA donated these tents, bathrooms, watering stations etc.. the Haitian government built this camp for the RICH folks who will not live there. They demand the government TEAR THEM DOWN and build them their big homes again on that level land!!! Meanwhile, starving poor folks who have nothing are across the road in a slum camp seeing this camp and are not allowed there. I tell you what, I think the poor folk need to revolt!! and march their starved asses over to the new camp… and squat. Ok I know, they would most likely be killed… but damn it this makes me so friggin mad. THIS IS EXACTLY wtf has been wrong in haiti all along. Its not that other countries haven’t helped… but their government keeps the donations and goods for the upper elite [as if they are really classey folk! ]… geeeece.

5 thoughts on “Donated by the Citizens of the United States of America

  1. If not for those CIA protected coca fields and CIA protected cocaine processing labs in S. America and that cocaine that gets shipped in CIA planes and boats to Haiti and from there, into the USA and onto Europe, we wouldn’t be anyhwere near that wrecked nation.


  2. Ri-freakin-diculous, isn’t it? This is one thing I was afraid of when all the donations were adding up, was that, as in countries that were in conflicts, the aid would be seized and go elsewhere, only this is taken by the government and not even used. It’s just nuts. Haiti’s long history of the minority elite and majority poor just keeps going. Could be a pattern in our own country the way things are going.


  3. I have NEVER understood the non-humanright actions of other nations when it came to Haiti. Hell sailors I know won’t even go to port there. They say their boats get stripped… and many people that land get kidnapped. Plus, the diseases that are spread their are insane. I just don’t get it… I don’t even think any nation has troops there at all. No one goes there for anything.


  4. Yup, Buelah Man, and apparently the Good Ol’ USA has known about it since the 70s or 80s, but because the infrastructure is about non-existent to get to it, we haven’t stuck our flag of greed in it yet and claimed it as ours. And you know if the poor ever get out of these horrendous tent cities, and the resources are mined, it won’t benefit them in the least. The governments will get it all.


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