B’Man’s Guest Post: BP’s Top Kill

Recently, Greg Molenaar added a little ditty to a post and I thought I should feature it in its own post.

BP’s Top-Kill

Who knew when BP said, “Top Kill” ~
alleged to plug the errant well,
that we humans were their target too…
a billion gallons in the brew.

Who knew within the oil sludge,
Was a President who would not budge…
who would not lead his people free
from breathing all this chemistry.

It’s More than oil for our cars,
More than coast line that was ours
More than birds’ feet stuck in tars,
It’s Korporate Kollusion.

It’s Benzene in the air we breathe
A President we can’t believe,
A company bent to deceive,
a thousand parts per illusion.

Who’s Corporate Karma is so feeble,
Who Carries “Top Kill” to the people?
BP, like India’s Union Carbide
‘To the valley of death 10,000 ride.

Oil disbursed or humans scattered,
To BP all that really mattered
Is to disburse the claims
of all you “little people.”

So Hayward gets a golden ‘chute
and runs away with all his loot.

Our president should get the boot
from all us little people.

– Greg Molenaar — June 2010
Box 411 – New London, MN 56273

Contrarily, did you know that the ravenous right-wing red-meaters are all over themselves trying to minimize the extent of this “leak”. Old Vlad has taken the mantle from Eric the Red for the most idiotic of the posters at RedState. The commenters are equal in their idiocy.

Hell, anyone knows that the amount of oil being “leaked” is so small that it would only “so far would fill up one-seventh (1/7th) of the volume of the Superdome“. And shit, there are a bunch of pictures, too. And videos that explain how insidious those conspiracy theorists are. Old Vlad has gone to the well on this one, hasn’t he? Will they do or say ANYTHING to support and defend the corporate control of this country? Will these fools ever realize that it is their idiocy that is helping keep the Sheople in the dark?

Of course these sycophantic fools know all of this. It is their job.

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7 thoughts on “B’Man’s Guest Post: BP’s Top Kill

    • Morris,

      Thanks for the video clip. There have been a few acquaintances that seem to insist that this is nothing more than an accident. I hope this is the case, but I would be a fool not to suspect wrongdoing with all the “coincidental” shit that has occurred just prior to the “spill”.

      How is it that people can still believe 100% of what is told them, when a good bit of it is obvious bullshit?


  1. The democrats are going to save us. Never fear the chosen one is infallible and will restore us back to number one status and restore the gulf of BP back to pristine status. Hallelujah pass that Kool-Aid comrade.


  2. The democrats are going to save us.

    Democrat or Republican, it really doesn’t make any difference. Both LIE all the time and the major difference is that one uses a gun to rob you and the other, a knife.

    I think the BP disaster was a pre-planned act of sabotage rigged by Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and the feds.

    Goldmine Sacks will make a killing off of this disaster and the feds get to fuck with people, making them feel more helpless than we already are.

    Washington is trying to use this tragedy to pass that carbon tax, which will make Wall Street, but mostly Goldmine Sacks, billions and billions of dollars in the carbon trading business.

    The major carbon trading desk will be in Obama’s hometown, Chicago, so no conflict of interest there, right?

    And We the People will pay heavily for those trades, by seeing our utility bills and NG/Propane costs skyrocket, which is the term Senator Obama used.


    • I have been trying to find an inexpensive way to provide solar power to my freezer, as an emergency backup. I can do without for a while, but I need to preserve my food stuffs. This is even more reason for me to pursue it, if rates (and the IF will turn to a WHEN) rise, I would to at least have enough for backup food.

      This isn’t the easiest to do.


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