Kill Switch!


The Senate Homeland Security Committee and the office of Governmental Affairs have approved a cybersecurity bill. Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins have co-authored bill S-3840 that says to ensure national security in a “national emergency” president Obahma or any other sitting president can pull the switch on internet access to all citizens.  PCNAA (Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act)

This bill comes at a time when fears of an evacuation of the Gulf states are on the minds of some.  Mine included!  This does little to ease those fears and is scary to me.  We need this now?  Nine years after 911 and years of war in two countries and now all of a sudden it is in our best interest to give the power to the president to shut down the internet to all of its citizens?  Is the Gulf disaster the national emergency this bill refers too?  Are any other disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane, or attack of some kind all that is needed to implement this law?  How serious does a situation have to get before this goes into effect?  Who decides?  I would like to know more about this and not see this voted for, just to see what is in it!

This bill now goes to congress.  This can’t be a popular bill with GOP’s, but do they have the power to stop it?  Do they want to stop it?  The health care bill made it through, so it stands to reason this will also.  I thought the homeland security act took care of this?  How much more do they want?  Is something on the horizon or is it just the fear of what the future could bring if this is not passed?  How about a bill or ‘act’ that actually looks out for the citizens of this country instead of the elite?  Will this cover cell phone communications?  The old timey land lines some people still have?  The postal service?  What about our right to assemble?  Peacefully of course.

Is the internet already censured?  I don’t see a lot of pics or vids coming out of the area around the Gulf as it is.  No fly zones and people told to stay back from the clean up area?

Clean up worker at Fourchon Beach

Look at what this guy is wearing as he vacuums up oil.  That has got to be a hot and nasty job.  They are hiring everyday!  The pay is decent and you get to work outside on the beach!  I saw one of these the other day with a girl in a bikini and a guy like this right beside her.  (Lost the link)  I can’t see any American supporting this bill.  Write your congress critter and tell them to vote NO!  E-mail list of all congressmen. Hurry before the call for “lights out” hits us!

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18 thoughts on “Kill Switch!

  1. The next false-flag would be a good excuse to shut down the Internet here in the USA, giving those freedom haters in the Department of Homeland Security or the JD the time to install some software to ‘clean’ up the Internet of all those nasty sites and blogs that actually get out the one thing the government is afraid of, the TRUTH.

    After that, you’ll be able to read all about the latest sordid Hollywood bimbo episode, or cheer and write about your favorite sports team, or gossip about other worthless crap, but no questioning of the powers that be will be allowed.

    I don’t have hi-speed internet, so watching videos is out of the question, but I tumbled across this video from another site and from the comments, it sounds well worth watching.
    It’s of someone trying to film BP HDQ’s and the hassle they encountered.


    • There was an off-duty deputy that was moonlighting for BP security when he started hassling this guy. It was obvious that he knew he had no right to be telling this guy to move on (you can tell by the sound of his voice).

      Its the same with the other video I featured here where a little skinny BP asshole was telling a reporter that he couldn’t interview or film the cleanup workers one day after the BP CEO said they could. They are controlling the message here, best they can, and if they could shut down this medium, they would accomplish it totally. You can bet your ass we will see this thing shut down at some point. All the better reason to have your network set up, use phones sparingly, and do most communications in person.

      The time is a comin’.


  2. We need this now?

    Obviously, THEY need this now. Greg nails it. We are coming down to the crunch time. Even if this thing in the Gulf isn’t contrived (and I am almost convinced it is), they will need to shut this communication down. Dr Doug and I (and my friend Chicken Bill and I) have had conversations about this and it is the logical step in control. They have the rest controlled, by and large. This is the only open sore they can’t completely control without this legislature.

    Liebermann and Collins are both pigs and the fools in Connecticut need to eat shit and die for electing that fuckwad. But that is true for each and every voting asshole who put any of these criminals in. (It won’t be long before a comment like that will cause them to shut down this site)


      • Whether anybody realizes it or not, there is a lot, a LOT of commerence taking place on the internet. Shutting it down will bring the combined wrath from all the small business owners accross the entire country.

        The tighter they squeeze their grip,,,the more truth that will slip through their fingers.


  3. I dont give a snakes shit what they ‘UNPLUG’ they cant stop this. Truth is what they will get. Ya let them shut it down, then maybe people will actually get up off their asses and do something. The kids in college might actually talk to one another, real protests might take place.

    I think the government fears this. Their “FAT FREE” internet will flop…and fast.


    • Assuming they trump up some obvious bogus contention and do shut down the net, then what??? Really? Then what? There are not enough men with the ability to muster any courage to do what would be appropriate. And certain of you damm well know what i mean by appropriate. But, none of you acting alone is appropriate. That would be futile. It’s not any one of you acting individually that would be appropriate.

      You see, what has occured the last ten years is, they have us all at each other’s throats. They created all this hate we have for each other. One group pitted against the other. Political divide, race divide, gender divide, economic divide, you name it, and there is hate for it. And see now, that enables government action that, 50 years ago was impossible.

      Until everything is taken away will there be any possibillity for the appropriate reaction. And it still may never occure because the education system in this country has been underminded and subverted to the extent that most citizens don’t know their heritage. And ill tell you how i think they have subverted the public education system in this country. Now pay attention.

      Back in the 1960’s, the black family unit in this country was strong. Almost all black households consisted of 2 parent families.
      And by alnost all, i mean about 98 percent, of black famlies were two parent units. I went to school with all these black kids and they were decent. They all eventually grew up and amounted to something.

      Look at the education system today. Currently, the black students are disrupting the classrooms by acting the fool. And there are a lot of white students right there beside them, acting the fool. They have no respect, they create violence, and disrupt the system until now it’s ineffective. The drop out rate in most inner cities is about 60 percent. They have turned their own streets into virtual combat zones. Im tellin you all that it was safer in Vietnam than in most of our inner cities now.

      Look at the knowledge quality of our people under the age of 30. And that includes those possessing professional degrees. They know nothing of the world, nor even their own heritige. They know very little about who they are, where they came from, or even what sacrifices have been made in the past to give them what they have now, and even what they think their entitled to. It’s because the public education system in this country was been subverted through major disruption. And this disruption came about because the black population has been used as the main impliment of this disruption.
      And how was the disruption possible? As i said, in the 1960’s, the black family unit that existed then would not permit this occurence like what we see today. That strong family unit was destroyed intentionally and replaced with what we see today, an 80 percent rate of single parent households in the black sector who’s offspring see no value in education, A system that failled to educate them of their worth, their heritige, and the sacrifices by former black civil rights people who laid down their lives for them. The current generation of black kids know nothing of their past and see no place in the future And so, they disrupt the entire system. Not only that, they have become a focus of a renewed hatred under the very system thast was designed to impliment them for the disruption. But it ain’t nothing but subversion. And this subversion came from the top. Not from the bottom. These people have been used. For this subversion aimed toward the WHITE race, And we should not hold any dessent aginst them because of this. You see, the powers thst be want us to focus on them, and hate them. the same as how they want us to hate ALL Muslims, and ALL Mexicans! And that hatred, in and of itself, is yet another subversion. The primary objective, i submit, was to create an entire country, to what ever extent possible, of ignorant people who will be submissive followers to what ever is put before them. By whom? Most of you damm well know by whom.

      Sheep, as you all know, are nothing but dumm animals.

      We must collectivly resist. Collectivly, is the only manner we’ll survive. Not individually.

      Don’t hate!! Thats what they want us to do.


      • You got it right Bwaves. Hate divids and conquers a strong people.

        I see the war on drugs a major tool in the destruction on the family unit…white or black. As we know though, Hispanics and blacks ARE the target of this distruction. It just boggles my mind, I talk to people daily about this. The facts are there yet people dont want to beleive them.When I speak my mind on various subjects ,I get glares of ridicule and disbelief. Fucking sheep dont know shit!!

        Yes (they)have been working hard to create this country of sheep.

        The sleeping giant cracked a peek at the world, didnt like what it seen and rolled over to sleep some more.


  4. He’s not Heavy, he’s my brother! My big brother1 And he is getting bigger. This should outrage people! This should be all over the msm. It is not. It should be the water cooler subject of the day, but it’s not. What are we as a people doing? This is salt in the wound of the HCB, which I am still upset about. Time goes by and so do these ‘acts’ and laws. We are gonna wake up one day. We are sleeping through the storm! The after math of this is going to be terrible. Our constitution is just a piece of paper to these crooks in charge. Our complete system is being changed right in front of us! It is gonna a take a knock on the door for people realize this. The USSA …… Get used to it.


    • If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, by God its a duck! Can we not see that this is leading to an event of martial law being inacted in this country? I am no fear mongering fool, but if you keep showing it to me I can figure out what it is. Get ready, especially here in the Southern US. The timeline for the ‘end game’ is getting bumped up! Is it just me? A certain bit of martial law is being done in Louisiana and the control is being done by private security.(Blackwater) I don’t want anything, but quit taking away what I do have!


    • OK Dr, lets talk urban warfare tacticts . with respect to the above photo, from the video, what i have here is a still showing a half dozen uniformed troops walking down the middle of a street in what appears to be a metro area.

      For all you future revilutionaries, don’t ever do what these guys are doing. NOT EVER!

      Spread your force out into two collums progessing forward single file, min 20 feet distance between each. One collum on the sidewalk on one side of the street, the other collum on the sidewalk on the other side. NEVER bumch up. Always keep a vigilance above you.
      Assault will come from up above, and at ground level simaltainaisly(sp).

      Yes, this is probably only a FTX but these guys are light weights.
      Three counter operatives could take them out.

      Now, lets imaging that there is an M-1117 rolling with them on this narrow street. Vunurable. easily taken out from above. guess how?

      Remember the SPECIAL AIR SERVICE MOTTO: He who dares,,,wins.

      Class dismissed.

      These guys are extremely vunurable.


      • These guys are looking for a starbucks! what country are those unis? Seriously if the white car went up so would they! One for six kinda deal. Weapons still on their shoulders? Not expecting much are they?


        • I can’t really tell the nationallity of these dudes.
          The one up front looks either Brittish, of German. He deffinatly has on talored trousers, not currently normal for US troopers. They all wear that silly beret,, all Nato, i mean. (BTW,,,I hate berets) I don’t know who they are. The eneamy. The opposing forces. Obviously it’s a peace time FTX. Their too relaxed. And you know, their egoes are in overdrive ditty boppin down that Bvd like that. I don’t think their Americans cause Americans would have on kevlar helmets.


  5. Liebermann and Collins are both pigs and the fools in Connecticut need to eat shit and die for electing that fuckwad. But that is true for each and every voting asshole who put any of these criminals in.

    BM, I’m not so sure people in Connecticut are to blame entirely. The vote is being hacked to keep corporate ass-kissers and war mongers like LIEberman in office.

    Watch the mid-term elections this Fall and we’ll see many a contest where the incumbent won by 52%-48% and the talking heads will declare it a ‘close’ call for the rat bastard already in office.

    Of the primary races held about two weeks ago, of the 84 elections where an incumbent was running, 82 of those won that primary.
    People are mad as hell and I don’t think they’re voting to return the same clown to office that has been lying to and stealing money from the voters.


  6. Screw the little Muslim dude. He probably should think twice about things he is doing. I know he’s an arogant little black person but someone may just turn-off his power. We have to IMPEACH the clown. He is no president. The man stands for nothing. All he has done is promote black people and dumb others to positions they can not handle just as he can’t handle his. When will we start action?
    Concerned AMERICAN,
    Larry Velasco P.S. CLOSE THE BORDERS NOW’
    Do what we have to and stop the illegals from invading this country. They say the way to do it is take out the Cartel. Well, do it. By doing that we would control the borders and the drugs or is that something OUR government has no interest it doing?


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