According to Uncle Sam’s Accountants…


These are the figures for U.S. Trade per Country….

Call me crazy– but first : I don’t believe ‘all’ the figures
and secondly I just keep thinking ‘ what exactly did we trade for that couldn’t of been produced here?”

And why the hell do we trade with our enemies???? To win their hearts and minds…?  How about winning your own citizens hearts and minds so they can get back to work, make a liveable wage, stay healthy… and pay into their own systems .

2 thoughts on “According to Uncle Sam’s Accountants…

  1. what the f could we of possibly of imported from Haiti this year??? And check out the lop-sided United Emirates!… and OPEC??? Iran? I didn’t even look at China– not going to.


  2. As long as we can outsource more jobs so the ceo pondscum can make 500 times what the hourly or salaried worker makes everything is hunky dory. China mart has a special on American flags (made in China) this weekend only 35 pesos! (Pre Iran attack special)


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