$16.00 Per Month…

I am lost and forgotten in this hell where countless Americans exist!! My Unemployment runs out very soon… and also while you read this, know that they only cleared me for $16.00 per month for Food Stamps! Now let me bitch about the new healthcare for Pre-Existing folks. What I feared the most about this bill came true! I knew they all talked about healthcare for everyone– no one turned away or denied. BUT what they never ever said was ’ affordable to the poor”. I contacted the state about the pre-existing Ins. Oh, I can get it– but the premium is 600 per month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suck, things suck badly! WTF! People need jobs!!!!!!


WASHINGTON — Keeping unemployment benefits flowing for millions of workers whose jobs were eaten by the recession should have been a slam dunk in an election year.
But until this month, Senate Democrats have been unable to bring themselves to pass a simple bill that just does it. Instead they’ve demanded a series of unrelated and often controversial tax and spending add-ons that have enabled Republicans to mount successful filibusters.
Now that the legislation has been shorn of all the extras, the bill could win final passage soon. It can’t come soon enough for more than 2 million people whose checks have been cut off in a five-month impasse in which there’s plenty of blame to go around:
_ Democrats and their leaders made several decisions that in retrospect look like miscalculations, like pulling the rug out from under a bipartisan measure launched back in February and loading a subsequent bill with $24 billion for governors — guaranteeing that most Republicans would vote against it.
_ Republican moderates voted one way in March to help the bill pass but changed their minds just weeks later, having gotten religion from GOP leaders and tea partiers on the budget deficit.
Little remembered amid the ongoing partisanship and recrimination is that jobless benefits also got sideswiped by President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.
To reduce the health care bill’s impact on the deficit, Democrats decided to close almost $30 billion in tax loopholes. Until the final health care push, those revenues had been designated to cover the cost of extending other popular family and business tax breaks as part of a broad bipartisan jobless benefits package.
Besides the jobless aid, the measure contained a payroll tax holiday for businesses, tax breaks for business, health insurance subsidies and help for doctors facing a cut in their Medicaid payments. It had support from across the political spectrum, from Obama to conservative Senate Republicans.
Some liberals, however, balked at the deal, which was cut principally by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., and the committee’s senior Republican, Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa. The liberals didn’t like that their “jobs agenda” seemed hijacked by business lobbyists, who won items like research and development tax credits and some arcane measures such as tax breaks for NASCAR tracks. With unemployment hovering just under 10 percent, they also thought it was too light on subsidies for preserving and creating jobs.
So Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blew up the agreement, instead advancing a pared-back jobs bill excusing businesses from having to pay the employer share of Social Security taxes this year on any new workers they hire. Economists were dubious it would produce many jobs. Meanwhile, unemployment aid would wait for later legislation.
“We could have had this bill passed in three days and … Reid decided to scuttle it,” Grassley complained. “Baucus read about it in the paper.”
The delays meant that Congress had to pass a short-term extension of jobless benefits at the end of February. Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., worked out a deal for a quick vote to avoid an interruption in benefits.
But another Kentucky Republican, Sen. Jim Bunning, single-handedly held up the bill for days, demanding that government spending elsewhere be cut to pay for the jobless benefits rather than add to the federal debt. Bunning folded on March 2. But his fight resonated with tea partiers and millions of other voters worried about year after year of trillion-dollar deficits.
In the meantime, Reid resurrected the longer-term jobless aid package. He mixed in familiar elements like extending expired tax breaks and added a $24 billion package of aid to cash-starved state governments so they could avoid layoffs of tens of thousands of public employees — a key part of last year’s economic stimulus bill.
The result was a bill adding almost $100 billion to the deficit. That meant that GOP support would be limited. But it still passed in March with support from several Republicans, including key moderate Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine and George Voinovich of Ohio.
That was the bill’s high point. The political sands soon began to shift.
Another short-term unemployment insurance extension — needed to buy time for negotiations on the bigger bill — came at the end of March. It would be the last. Beginning in June, hundreds of thousands of workers unemployed for more than six months started losing the weekly checks.
More Republicans picked up on Bunning’s position and demanded cuts in other programs, including Obama’s $862 billion stimulus bill passed a year earlier, to pay for the extension.
It was a message the party felt increasingly comfortable with after losing the health care fight, especially as the European debt crisis roiled the markets and the U.S. government’s debt topped $13 trillion. Republicans stressed that with the unemployment rate still near double digits, jobless benefits averaging $300 a week should be extended — but that they should be paid for.
“You never know in politics when that magic moment comes when things really begin to change, but I believe that it has occurred now,” GOP Whip Jon Kyl of Arizona told reporters March 26. “I think you’ll see a much greater commitment now to fiscal responsibility.”
The short-term jobless aid extension passed, but it took until late May for their House and Senate negotiators to agree on a longer-term jobless aid package featuring new business tax increases but still racking up $115 billion in new government debt over the next decade.
This time, conservative House Democrats recoiled. House leaders were forced to sharply pare the measure back, eliminating new aid for state governments as well as a longer-term fix for doctors threatened with a 21 percent cut in Medicare payments.
The House passed the bill on May 28, returning the measure to the Senate, where debate consumed the Senate’s entire June schedule. Democrats still wanted to help governors with their payrolls but ultimately acceded to cutting it by one-third and paying for it partly with cuts from last year’s stimulus bill. Even that measure failed just before Congress recessed for the July 4 holiday.
Reid is now resigned to a stand-alone six-month extension of unemployment benefits at a cost of $33 billion. Aides say he will try to pass it when West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin names a successor to fill the seat of Democratic Sen. Robert C. Byrd, who died two weeks ago. Those who lost benefits will get them retroactively.
Democrats also maintain hopes of passing a $16 billion aid package for governors aimed at preserving the jobs of tens of thousands of state workers through the election. They intend to pay for it in part by cutting food stamp benefits.

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17 thoughts on “$16.00 Per Month…

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  2. Do you all remember back in the beginning of 01 when TWA went out? Thats
    when my personal recession/depression began. Latter that spring, i obtainned a state job, but lost it the following year to personal cuts. Since then, i have had to struggle on a fixed sum of money thst you’ll would say is impossible. I been doint it untill this lattest down turn which began back at the end of 08. Now, im not making it. I don’t know how lonk i can keep going on the income level im at. I have a professional background, 2 actually, but do you think it matters to perspective employers? Hell no. They want stupid people. People too stupid to realize their getting screwed, when these employers screw them over. I got a family member who has an execitive position with the Wallmart corp. Human Resources. Their moto-“hire em stupid” And from what this family member tells me, there is no shortage of stupid out there.None at all.

    In my situation, soon, i may be faced with a hard decision. Face homelessness, or death. I aon’t NEVER gonna sink so low as to live in the streets. So,,,,what choice do you think ill make?

    Look lynda, it’s my understanding that there are one hundred thirty million euemployed people out there. Their jobs are gone,FOREVER! Those jobs are not ever comming back. The service industry is over capicity with employees, and perspective employees. That means the majority of these 130,000,000 displaced people are not going to recover. That means their going to have to come to terms with the same choices im going to be forced to make within the next 12 months. Im gonna do what i know has to be done. I am not going to be forced to resort to criminal activity in order to survive. On the other hand, im not going to be a street dweller. No fuckin way. And don’t grieve for me. Grieve for those other 130,000,000 million lost souls out there. And for yourselves. I will make good my escape off this fucked up planet. Im not afraid. I regret that i would have to be forced off this planet, but i know the score. Those of you that remain, i feel sorry for you. I simply have too much self respect to allow my life to sink to the lowest possible level of human existence. So, when the time comes, ill do what i gotta do.

    Nobody wants to fight the eneamy, everybody just wants to talk. So why the fuck would i want to hang on waiting to hit the fuckin beach? It ain’t gonna happen. This whole country is nothing but a bunch of pussies.
    If Pearl Harbor occured tomorrow, i gurantee you there’ed be no Midway battle in six months. Just a bunch of pussies talkin shit about how they would support a war but not them goin. FUCK THIS SHIT!!! Now a hundred thirty million people lost their jobs, forever, and when they see they are headed for the streets, see if they will wanna fight. And just so you people will know, i been fightin. You all would not beleive who has come knockin on my godamm door. And they didn’t stop me. Here i am right now, talkin the same shit that brought those knocks on my door.

    You NEVER,,,EVER surrender, as long as you possess the will and means to resist! But im running out of means. And now im thinkin like Gen Wainright back in spring of 42. Ill bet half of you don’t even know wo Wainright was. Ill tell you this, he was aboard the USS Missouri for the surrender.

    Ill see ya. Im sorry i vented. I just wanna hit the beach.


    • Sorry for the typos. my eyes were a little watery as i typed the above. This shit just pisses me off. watchin my country fall, and nobody doin ANYTHING to fight back. Can this be the same country that whupped the Japs, the germans, the vichy French, and the Italians all at the same time? It just can’t be.


  3. I have worked hard in Memphis for the last 20 years. Outside in the elements and one day fell and broke my leg! Had surgery and went back to work and got laid off after two pay periods! SOB’s!!!! That is another story, I have had my unemployment benefits on hold since before the 4th. I am waiting on this bill to get a vote also. Who wants to hire an 45yo surveyor with a bum knee? It’s all I know beside playing music and that is not paying the bills! Every app. I fill out…. Have you ever filed for worker’s comp? I am doomed! My wife makes about 1100 a month. We have two boys, 15 & 16. It is tough! And getting tougher.


  4. Don’t worry the democrats care about you the little people. Your check is in the mail don’t forget to vote democrat this November. We’ll send some black panthers around to make sure you vote correctly.



    Im well aware of that Black Panthers at the poling places allegation. But funny thing about that story is, i didn’t hear about that alledged incident untill about a month or so ago. The election was when, year an a half ago? And it’s only now becomming an issue?

    Im on this fucking internet every day. EVERY DAY! And i never heard one word about black Panthers intimidating white voters at poling places until a month or so ago. And im suppose to beleive that this went down the entire day, with untold white voters intimidated to the extent that they turned around and went home,,,,,,and not one of them called the police?

    Lets dismantle this here bullshit story. Black Panthers. At the polling places. Now, what if these alledged voters were hard core Dmocrats ntending to vote for Obama? Was all they had to say to these Black Panthers, “step asside my brother, were votin for the brotha from the Chicago Hood” And then the Panthers would say, OOOOH well excuse us, step right on in my brotha, you can go in peace. Now, on the other hand, if they were Republicans, and as they approached these brothers, i guess they said, “GET OUT THE WAY NIGGA” T h e n, out come the clubs, and the intimidation. “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS” sayeth the brothers. And the perspective voters turn tail and run away.

    And we’e suppose to beleive not one of those intimidated,turned away voters had the notion to call the police? And we’re suppose to beleive these Black Panthers remained there, at the entrance to these polling places all day? Intimidating voters the entire day?

    You must be one of those carpetggers, im sorry, i mean tea baggers, no, actually, don’t you all call yourselves the TP party? Did you read that article that circulated all around the net calling you all “THE LAMEST GENERATION”?

    You should go read that and then decide if you still want to come back here and tell everybody that Obama and the entire democratic party is EXCLUSIVLY responsible for this economic situation that is destroying life as i have known it these last thirty years in this country.

    Now, before i continue, im not an Obama supporter. But nor was i a McCain supporter either.

    Lets face the truth. What wrecked our economy was 9 years of the bullshit war on terror that has accomplished nothing that has changed my life one bit. What wrecked our economy was this government in collusion with industry, and banking, that has allowed all our jobs to be sent to China, Mexico, India, Tiawan, where they only have to pay their labor force two dollars a day! (Or something like that) So you teabagger cocksucker, don’t come in here with your 4 figure retirement telling everybody that the blame for all this restssoley with Obama and trying to push the republican agenda on us as the only solution that will save us all. I’de rather support Red China in Washington that you sell out foot tappin in the airport restrooms assholes.

    Hey,,,,nice talkin to ya


    • What im tryin to say, and im having great difficulity today, cause im pissed off for what their doin to lynda,(and i never met her) is, Fuck both parties! Fuck the Democrats but more so, fuck the republican party, especially. And fuck the libertians too.


  6. I would hope that myself and every one of those unemployed and struggling would unite– gain strength from each other– and make a STAND. Obviously it won’t happen in a voting booth– that actually has turned into a lie ‘they’ allow to ground-swell, so as to stall people; and keep them from ‘assembling’. All I know if it were not for the help of strangers [Bman etc]… I literally would not be making it today.


  7. Lynda,
    I know this may sound crazy, but you still own your house with a bit of land, right? Start planting some shit for fall production. Try to ensure food is available. I have not been able to fill my freezer with fish, but I can make a better effort and try to get you some for your freezer. Same for some deer meat later in the year (hunting and fishing is Doug’s specialty, altho I DID catch more than him last trip… heh heh).

    I have a few seeds that I could send. Greens, potatoes, squash and many other items can still be planted (we put up 3 gallons of squash yesterday).

    I have been seeing this coming for at least a year. And because I am a very lucky individual, I am still somewhat safe from losing my job. I can’t explain how thankful I am. But I am so damned pissed off that my friends aren’t doing as well, especially when it isn’t their fault.

    I’m like B waves in that I don’t think there will come a time when enough Americans will awaken to stop it. We are on our own and must try to help our little networks best as possible.

    I will do whatever I can to help you.


  8. B’man– I have started packing my freezer…. and YES I own my home. PRAISE! PRAISE! I am slso available for do Room-4-Rent. There are tons of folks like myself and I want to help too. You dear sir are the best of the best… and I shall NEVER EVER forget you and your family!!!!!!


  9. Yes… I am a owner… but with that still comes $$ pay-outs to keep it. And what is currently coming in has caused much “being behind’. BUT!!! I have been working on ways to do just that… to help and be helped too. I have space to rent and space to help others if needed.


  10. My buddy was in sandbox war one (Iraq 1991) and they give em ten bucks a month in foodstamps. It is like a debit card now no one in line at the Sack n’ Save knows you are using foodstamps. Get all you can before the whole shithouse goes up in flames.


    • As much as I hate to admit it, I agree. We are being taken for everything we agreed to in our end of the bargain, so one better get what they can back, while they can. Days are numbered to where there isn’t even $16 and that freaks me out (as if 16 means something in the first place).
      Our social network is a weakened shambles but we are the strongest military force in the world. 75% of your tax dollar supports that MIC beast.
      Robin Hood priorities are called for (but our reps are nothing but Nottingham sheriffs and court jesters).


  11. Our Military budget, our Defense dept is so huge due to the fact that we are hired guns. We place our troops in harms way for OTHER COUNTRIES and we become bullies for hire for our own greed and theirs. Meanwhile the American people our the 24/7 laborers providing tax money as well as landscapers for the nation, maintancepersonel;… tenders of bankers houses and lands… WE [in their deal], purchase and consume the OTHER GUYS goods!!! We are part of the pay-back. When was the last time you bought or comsumed any of the USA’s GNP???


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