Real Conservatism Rears Its Head

I have mentioned Bruce Fein here before (mainly because he was one of the very few “conservatives” that was calling out the monstrosity we call the Bush Administration). I, too, have commented many times about how true conservatism has disappeared and has been replaced with some false suggestion that is anything BUT conservative. Neoconservatism is not conservative… it is anything but.

The fact is that most of the congressional leadership and ranking file members are more “right wing” corporatists, funded and indebted to Big Money, with none actually representing what used to be known as the “Left”. Sure, the MSM talking heads still tout some imaginary divide, but truly, where is that line? It is so far right to make true lefties non-existent.

So, thank you, Bruce for being real.

h/t MPP

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One thought on “Real Conservatism Rears Its Head

  1. Its amazing what even this ole redneck will do when he has been bum-fuzzled by tickling words to my ears. Bruce Fein is a neo-con’s neocon (look where he gets his money) who has been able to ride a libertarian coat tail. More bullshit from the peanut gallery.


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