Show Me The Money

The Spending Boom

This congress has had power for thirty one months and has  raised spending by 4.4 trillion dollars.  There has been some big spending bills passed in this time frame.  And two wars to finance in two countries.  With the recent bail outs and talk of a union pension bail out, where does it stop?  People we need to do something and we need to do it quick!  Voting is our only power!  Please stop this corporate ran government now!  Has everybody forgot about the HCB?  We have had a lot of distractions with the Gulf and Mel Gibson grabbing the headlines.

This health care bill over the next decade will tax the American public for 10 years, but we will only see 6 years of benefits. That’s like buying a car and paying it off over four years and then getting your car. Who does that?  They also keep adding lil’ bits and pieces to this bill in just about every other bill that goes to the hill.  Recently they have taxed the tax on most of the major medical services.  They thought the slice of the pie was a little bit too small and squeezed a little more out of it.  Up to 8 million workers could lose their health care and be forced to buy an inferior plan.

In 1950 a dollar was still a dollar and you could buy a lot of bubble gum.  Today you would have to spend $8.91 to buy the exact same amount.  Since 1980 it would cost you $2.60 more to buy the same amount you could then.  This is based on the consumer price index formula with six other formulas you could use.

They say all these union plans are underfunded.  Actually they are missed managed and have been run as a Ponzi scheme in the last twenty years or so.  A whole hella  lots of people are going to retire in the next 10 years and their pensions are broke.  Even back before the recent collapse of the market, only 6% of pension funds were covered 100 percent.  Only 12% of workers are union members and 38% of those are in education.  So congress is going to bail these plans out.  They have bailed out just about every thing else that is in trouble.  165 million to bail out these union plans.  If unions could have switched to some type of 401 k plan in the 80’s they would be better off now, even with the low market.  Most would be up to around 65% funded.  Some major companies have already robbed their funds and told the employees tough shit. Fed EX is one of these major employers.

We keep working and make the other guy rich and we keep getting shit on.  Peons the whole lot of us.  Talk about running something into the ground.  How about a bail out for the American worker?  Throw some real money our way.  Stimulate the economy.  Give us a new deal and a real one.  People have to get up and go to work just to survive.  Over 60% of us work from check to check and that is an old number.  Half that number is one check from being homeless.

Abolish NAFTA and you could stimulate the economy and create jobs.  We don’t make anything anymore!  My county had shoe factories and shirt factories and employed lots of people.  The pay wasn’t the best, but people were working.

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23 thoughts on “Show Me The Money

  1. Usury and fiat currency is a real mofo. Letting a cartel of private banks control monetary policy and corporate personhood are two of the biggest disasters in the country’s history. Career teat sucking trough feeding politicians are a menace. Hopefully it is not too late but it doesn’t look good.


  2. It doesn’t look good. Can we vote enough of these people out to change things? A revolution at the polls kinda deal? I hope so. I am not voting for a D or a R ever again. Both parties are too corrupt to even think about it.
    I understand the bubble gum theory doesn’t work exactly but goods in general does. The other formulas using the GDP ration are even farther off the charts. We are in trouble, but its nothing new!


  3. No it doesnt look good. On the bright side, a year ago when I talked to people about ending the fed and the corporate and bank crooks and the politicians sucking us dry…well…many people looked at me like I was about to pull out a gun and level the place. These days, I get people trying to tell me about things Ive know for few years now. People are starting to get it, but is it too damned late? I dont know, just gotta keep treking.


  4. I agree with the main post and all the comments. I blame the corporatist media for the general ignorance about the conjoined twin problems of debt/deficits and the screwing of the American worker through what is essentially pension fraud by management and directors.

    The underfunded pension problem is so bad that I doubt the government is going to do anything significant to address the problem. The government and the corporations (and military and media) are all in partnership. They´ll end up doing some token thing that will give the unions cover to endorse the Demopublicans in the elections. It won´t amount to one quarter´s supplemental off-book war spending.

    But even if they spent nothing on underfunded pensions the debt and deficits on the fiscal side and the fiat currency policy on the monetary side have placed the US Dollar on the knife´s edge. Only European economic problems and the poison of cheap dollars being the world´s reserve currency have held off a DEPRESS-FLATION scenario of food and water riots and martial law.

    Take a look at gold and yen prices against the dollar and you get a very different story. A huge crisis can happen at any moment which would make the


    • ….USA resemble something worse than Germany between the wars. There are sensible paths which might get the USA out of this bind and preserve something for its labor force which borrow from both classical left and right wing thinking but necessitate PEACE, HUGE CUTS TO THE MILITARY AND DOMESTIC POLICE STATE BUDGET and underfunded pensions to be made whole with some combination of company assets and equity and proportionate director seats.

      The corporations, banks and elites which control the government have a very different plan: global conquest and domestic serfdom. Success in these endeavors would be WORSE than total economic collapse!


      • It is MHO that the time of rule dictators and presidents is over. Throughout history,these have made the people they’SERVE’ as servants and slaves. Rules are not needed . The vote of the people on any and all issuses is all that matters, not what the rich elitist want. Let them(the elitists) eat cake.


        • Vote, It wont matter. It’s not who or how many vote, it’s who counts the votes. And with electronic voting machines, it’ was made even easier for those in control to choose a puppet. Speaking of puppets … Whether Democrat, Republican, or dare I say Independent, the course will remain unchanged. I feel as though, if an Independent were to be chosen the collapse would hasten. Then both Dem and Rep will point the finger at the inexperience of said Independent, with the familiar ‘told you so’.

          What will it take to rebuild CONgress along with the nation ? Collapse of the system. To rebuild one must first demolish. It will be a long painful journey, but it must occur for the future generations.


        • Ya I know ED, it is the ones who do the counting. I guarentee ,if the votes of the people were truely counted, these con men, these little men behind the curtain would be very disappointed. How bout a giant electionic billboard, a stage,two buttons..yes or no, then let everyone watch as we walk up and vote. Screw this secret ballot bullshit , shoot anyone tampering with the vote or voters. Hows that strike ya all?


  5. You all really beleive the next election will bring change? You all really beleive that? COME on!

    Two years from now, it’ll be the big election that you all base your hopes on, after this one comming up lets you all down. Then three years from now, when your dissappointed and let down still again, then what?
    Then what godammit!! Then , and only then, you’ll realize the course of action that should have been undertaken to save your childrens future.

    What ever could i be talkin about when i say the right course of action some of you are asking?

    Heres your answer…….(pick your state) volunteers! TenSUN! Right Shoulder,,,,,,,,ARMS! Foooorward,,,,,MARCH!

    THATS ALL YOU GOT! THATS ALL THATS GONNA MAKE US WHOLE EVER AGAIN. Postpone it all you can, but we ALL GOT A FUTURE APPOINTMENT WITH A CERTAIN DESTINY MOST OF YOU ARE STILL IN DENIAL ABOUT. But its comming boys whether or not we like it. And we can’t run away from it. We can defer it till the tactical advantage is lost, but it ain’t gonna chane nothin. This appointment we all have was set a long time ago.
    the sooner you all come to realize the enevitible, the sooner your get right and get prepared, and i ain’t talkin sweet corn and green beans.

    Elections,,,,,my ass.


    • Gotta agree with ya Bwaves.

      Nothing is gonna change, people,your vote means NOTHING! Your cries,your voice fall on deaf ears! Year after year, decade after freaking decade…we the people get screwed! The money men in this game only see us for one thing…servitude to further thier agendas. I laugh every election, you see the puppets get out there, thier lower jaws move up and down but, the words are not thiers. The same promises/lies , the same hooplaa….oh the excitement..cant you feel it…its so wonderful, change is in the air… GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK! Its like people hit their hands with a hammer thinking thats what they wanted and very shortly there after ,forget the pain and turn around and do it again. Are people really that stupid,that easy to fool?

      Ya…elections my ASS!!!


      • Where i live, all i hear is “get rid of all incumbants”
        then,,,we see that the only people competing for the posts are themselves, big money people, tax evaders and tax cheaters, outright liars, hell, one of the guys runnin for govenors spot is a convicted girlfriend beater, another one has lied about his millitary record, so whats that tell you what is out there to replace the current criminals we already got. We don’t need any more criminals in office, we got plenty already. What we need are statesmen,,,and there are none anywhere. All the candidates running all have big money connections. Whats that tell you? Just another group of criminals to replace the criminals we already got.

        All of them,,,,EVERY LAST MOTHER’S SON OF THEM, they all have nothing but contempt for the rest of us out here. They don’t fear us, they have contempt for us. And that is what we need to change. And theres only one way to ever get back the respect were all entitled to, as tax payers. And voting in fucked up elections is NOT the way to get back our lost respect. But it’s going to take MEN! Men who are willing to set asside creature comforts, and that illusion called SECURITY, and willing to sacrifice. Set asside their fears.
        set asside that perpensity to stay home, and not get involved, and let some elses son do the sacrificing, and take the necessary risks. Men willing to come out of that air conditioning, that hot meal at the end of the day. That soft comfortible bed. Men willing and able to endure the elements because beleive me, it won’t be for a week end, but weeks, months, perhaps years. It’ll take men willing to trudge forward when the chips are down, when the tempiture is zero, and there is no food. No warm place to lay your head down and sleep.

        THATS what it is going to take, to be made nationally and constitutionally whole, ever again. Not any fucked up election.


  6. was very encouraged to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this special read. I definitely savored every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.


  7. I know the vote out shit ain’t gonna work. But I can dream. We are in over our head and just treading water. things are really gonna get bad this winter. real bad. We got a lot more housing notes fixing to sky rocket off the map and more foreclosures coming. Just a lil’ more tail waggin’ with more of the same. We can’t vote em’ out even if the elections weren’t rigged. People are just stuck in how they believe … the left will always balme the right and the right will always blame the left. All the while meet up and have drinks and laugh at us. we are slaves to this system and we have no one to deliver us from it.


  8. Let me bounce this idea past you Dr, we deliver ourselves out of this and not wait for someone else to do it for us. If we wait for someone else, we’ll be waiting forever. It’s our fight. It’s our responsibillity, not someone else. We’re the someone else we got to rely upon to make us whole. Not some corrupt asshole running for some office somewhere.

    Dr, who do you trust? Some corrupt self serving asshole, or yourself?


    • I’ll answer that…myself. No man in office can do for me what I can do for myself…period.They never will. They are there for their own comfort..not ours…and any statesmen that step up will be railroaded.


  9. On the contrary JM, you can’t pass laws, impose taxes etc. Im not refering to people doing personal stuff. I mean government stuff. Bailing out corporations, send our troops in situations based upon lies.
    Conspire with Wall Street to steal money from the treasurey, send 3 billion to Israel. Engadge in illeagal wiretapps on lawfull American citizens, shut down the internet under false pretenses. Cops beating protestors at conventions, i could go on and on. This is a totally fucked up situation and no elections will ever correct these wrongs. for every honest candidate out there running for some office, there is probably 20 that are no better that what we got now. So why vote? And if voting wont get us made whole again, then what? THEN WHAT? Do we just except that this is to be our lot?

    Ill ask the question, one more time. If voting is not the answer, that it wont put us morally and constitutionally where we all know we want to be, then what? What are any of you out there willing and able, to do?
    And remember, Obama is not party bullshit. That ain’t nothin but a BB in a boxcar.



      And remember, Obama is not the source of our problem. This shit started before we ever heard of obama. All that socialist, muslim and what ever else we’ve heard about him, thats all Tea bagger
      subversion met to incite hatred, not to mention their subversion about the ground zero mosque, it’s all subversion met to instill hatred and divide us, and get the republican party back in the saddle.
      I wouldn’t give a plug nickle for either party.


      • Nor will I play their party game, thats the whole point the sheeple miss, I trust myself,I know that what they ‘WANT’ to do for me and ALL AMERICANS is bullshit.I could give a squat whether Obama is black, white,purple poka dots,this didnt start with him and wont end with him unless people stand up.

        When people realise that there is enough in this world for all, that will be it for thier agenda.When people see ‘they’ use scarcity,fear,and hatered to controll us all…then maybe…


        • I know I keep preaching Never Vote R or D again. Funny thing is that I have a dear friend that sneaks a peak here and she still believes that not voting R or D would mean that the D’s win (and we can’t have that, can we, seeing how the last R did such a wonderful job).

          Ppl are still stuck in this bogus two party paradigm of lies. No matter how much evidence supports that they are both corrupt.

          I cannot figure out the objection to my stance or the logic behind their refusal. If No ONE voted R or D, how the hell could an R or D win?


  10. This reminds me of when six of us got jumped by an ole man and his son at the park. I was the only one with a fat lip and black eye. Everybody else ran. Talking a good talk takes a good walk. Walking the walk. People are scared for their jobs and security in this country. They will never stand up as I know you suggest. Never, unless they punch first. We are divided more now than in the sixties. With more reason to be so. It is sad …what we have become. Its’ almost helpless. I’m ready though, any time and place. Without the fear of Islam we could not continue our policy of war. I think RP said something like that. Fear of the boogie man consumes us. Everything is done in this country after the fact. The egg scare is a good example. Airport security and so on.


    • You ever been to a cattle processing plant? You know how they have all those chutes that they direct the certain sized/types of cows thru, to a point that they stall them and put a nail in their head.

      THAT is what is going on with us right now.


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