Distraction Media and Tea Party Jackasses

You may or may not agree with the ultimate stance of this guy in his undying support of Ron Paul, but I find it hard to argue with any of what he presents. I feel very much the same way.

h/t DProgram

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2 thoughts on “Distraction Media and Tea Party Jackasses

  1. Gotta agree with the guy. I was tea party but the Glenn Beck type would attck me for many things I would say, it was their way or no way. Tea party was(and is )how you personally define it, most believe in the liberty idea. It got hijacked..period. Its always about control. A real tea party is NOT controlled.

    Nice how ‘they’ just change the names of policies of various types but do the same as they always do, as if we are too stupid to see it. Ok some are.

    I see it all the time,people play this right /left ,D/R game….Hello…A people divided is a people conquered. Hello America! When are you gonna learn? When will you grow up, After you burn the place down? STOP PLAYING THEIR GAME !!


    • Oh and the fiscal responsablility will only get worse. Those that dont think it wont just dont get it. The war,corporation,banks,government must be “brought in line”.

      He is right on many points of religon…whether you believe or not, It IS like a bunch of childern fighthing. Hate does create more hate. So lets hate til we end up burning this world to a cinder…how fucking idiotic.

      Common sense is dead. Seems like no one can look passed their own little world, where ever in the world you live.

      Can this world unit on peace? LOL ya right. How about compassion for human kind? There are parasites in this world that treat thier cat better than thier human brothers and sisters. How about leaving a world for our kids? Everyone loves their kids right? WE ARE MAKING SLAVES OF THEM!
      What ever it is this world could unit on, it better do it fast!


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