No One Is Safe… 20 Years In

On Monday, I drove to my headquarters to meet with the President, Project Manager/Quotes Guy for about 2.5 hours reviewing the many projects I have in the “funnel”. We discussed one project that will integrate various robotic cells and vision inspection systems at the price of $450K. We discussed a project that I brought to the table that is worth about $350K (we actually received this PO and the equipment is on the floor) that engineering screwed up and is now officially a loss on the books. We discussed several other projects that equal several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We then discussed the $2.3 Million project that will keep the company afloat for quite some time ahead. We are real close to winning this (according to email exchanges I received from the Plant Manager at the company I am working with). Things were great. All parties are extremely happy that I am bringing work in (there isn’t another piece of equipment on the floor from another sales guy… everything is mine).

It was then that the President received a call from the CEO of my parent company. While he took the call, I went out to the floor to review the MANY projects “I” had “brung to the table” of this company. 15 minutes later I went back to finish the engineering review of ALL THE PROJECTS I “BRUNG” TO THE TABLE and I was informed that I no longer had a job.

Apparently, this BIG MONEY shit realizes that they were about to pay me an additional $40K bonus when we received the order for the $2M system. So, after over 2 hours of team working and making the company money, I was fired.

But, itwas not just me. They fired all three sales guys and the project manager.

So, my redneck friends, this high tech asshole just entered the halls of the unemployed.

You MUST understand this. When a guy like me, on the leading edge of technology loses his job, while being told I am a very fine salesman and I have been actually keeping the company afloat with my work, we have a major problem in this country. If I get cut, we are close to total failure. I guarantee this.

You better take whatever money you have available and stock up on some food. You have about 2 or 3 weeks.

NOW: today is my 20th wedding anniversary. Thank you, BuelahLady, for sticking with me thru thick and thin.

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15 thoughts on “No One Is Safe… 20 Years In

  1. Happened to me over 15 years ago at the end of the Cold War when all the contracts were either not being renewed or frozen indefinitely. I was the top technical manager at my company’s Defense and Electronics Division at that time, having brought in millions in both hardware and software-dominated projects (trained at IBM, McDonnell Douglas and CINCOM in the 70’s) and was shown the door (granted, the last manager at my level to be laid off) right after delivering an “impossible to deliver” project to the Navy worth $3M (and getting paid every cent).

    The only good thing about it was I knew my upper management would have kept me if there had been any work at all. There wasn’t. And they said they had no choice from their management’s directives about laying off all the technical people who were the most highly paid in order to “get cheaper” for the upcoming sale of the company.

    And all the assholes who knew nothing stayed, and were on board when the company was sold in pieces (finally), which meant that they delivered a company comprised of incompetents to their buyers – but a very cheap one!

    Screwed up my life terminally as no one would hire anyone at my level then – or later. I just didn’t know anyone at that time who wanted my level of expertise (or education or length of employment – 20 yrs.), and I applied everywhere (even visited all the major companies on the other coast to talk to their people about the events on the ground – anyone I spoke with personally said they’d love to have me, except that that they were laying off and were worried about their jobs too).

    I’m very sad for you, but these are the wages of capitalism, and I do not believe otherwise today – it’s always been cheaper to just not hire me (to any HR people I’ve since come into contact with – I’ve been made offers by technical leads who were told “No” by their HR folk). I’ve had my own consulting company for many years but in this economy, contract jobs, etc., have been nonexistent for the last years already. Not for everyone, of course, but you’ve got to have the right connections – and you know that and are undoubtedly working on developing even more now.

    Love and luck to you and yours and please, let me hear from you about what’s going on with you,



  2. But Joe “Biteme” Biden said this was the recovery summer. They must’ve found Habib in New Delhi to do the job cheaper. That globalism is a boon for all isn’t it.


  3. god dam it. I’m sorry if that offends many of you, including yourself B’man. But damit .. I have moisture in my eyes as I read this. I am so sorry B’man. I don’t have much, but if there is anything I can do, just ask.

    This brings up bad memories. I went through something similar 10 years ago. It was a time when I trusted. It was a time when I learned loyalty means nothing to corporate assholes. The only thing that matters to them is top dollar. Even when they tell you, like yourself, how good you are, how much money you’ve made them.

    Basically: The company instituted a bonus system. When it was time for the bonus’ to be given, I was informed that they decided to cancel them. Not before or during, but the very day they were to be given.I busted my ass before this, during, and continued to do so after this. I did quit a year later. I learned I wanted nothing to do with corporations, and lies. I told them square, if this is what it would take to continue climbing the ladder of success, lying, cheating and stealing, I’m not the man you’re looking for.

    This is another reason I am the way I am, and live a life today which is comfortable to me, but what some consider not normal or unacceptable. Why conform when you end up unemployed through no fault of your own ? Fuck the system of norm.

    Again B’man …. anything.

    sorry for the rant


  4. You know how I feel about this with my lay-off after an injury with all the awards and contracts I DID make a huge profit on. I stuck it to my company to the tune of a whopping 17k after years of dedication. They said I was burning a bridge and I would be sorry. Well you know I am sorry that I settled out of court with the greedy son of a bitcin’ fuck wad, candy ass, mother fucking skumbags! I could have got more, lots more, but you know I would still be in court and I had never sued anybody in my life, but don’t regret it. Lets go fishing and adjust our B’waves!


  5. Happy Anniversary, B’Man! Best to you and Lynda and hang in there on your job search.

    Isn’t it high time we start convicting these greedy US job killing sociopaths for ASSHOLISM? (I’ve been clipping a few of my favorite Pink Flamingos scenes of late…)


  6. Your anniversary celebrates the fiber that the two of you wove through times like this. You are strong– you are loved…. Naomi proves it all! Congrats! and Hugs!


    • I am so sorry. She and Naomi love them. Naomi decided she wanted it on her bedroom wall, so we obliged.

      Thank you. I can’t believe I forgot to tell you that.


  7. Sorry to hear the bad news.

    The greedy bastards are so dedicated to making money at any costs, they’re cutting their own throats by letting a good man like you go.

    And that 40K will probably be used to throw a big party with drugs and hookers to celebrate how clever they are.


    • Thanks, Greg.

      This isn’t over by a long shot. For I have a contract that states if they terminate me without cause (doing something wrong) and the fact that the President finally sent me a letter of termination (instead of JUST the verbal head removal) that states unequivocally that I was terminated to “restructure the sales department”. Which is “without cause”. This means that they are fools who didn’t even read their own Contract they forced me to sign (which includes a non-compete).

      So, they not only screwed me by simply cutting my head off, they are also telling me that I have to honor the non-compete clause.

      My contract states that they owe me salaries and all benefits until the end of my initial term of agreement which is until July 2011.

      In other words, I have a case against them that should pay off.

      However, they have very deep pockets and when they realize how they fucked up, they will fight it.

      So, even tho I feel like I have a very good leg to stand on (and three lawyers and a judge agree with me), it will likely take a long time to recoup it.

      But I promise you that I will fight these callous, heartless, criminal, thieving bastards to the end.


  8. Oh, shit! As I was reading the beginning and first third of your post I thought some great job news was coming, then holy crap! Jesus, you do your job well, keep them profitable and productive and boom! Let us know how everything goes! Good luck fighting these motherfuckers! I’m sorry that news like that had to coincide with the happiness of your anniversary! Congratulations on 20 happy years of marriage, and many more! Joan


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