The Demon – The Dumbass

Jesus, what a Zionist Hack.

Did you ever notice how the Jewish people find it necessary to change their names? Have you ever wondered “why” they do this? Think it may be because they basically run this country, from virtually every asect, including Hollywood? Think that the tired old story that Jews know money is the reason they own and run the Big Banks (which, in turn, mean they run the US government) is true?

Just look at all the Jewish folks that run things and then ask yourself why in the hell do they feel it important to change their name? Think it may be because “Chaim” sounds like a foreigner? Or that with a name like that, people might want to know more about someone’s history and what a great way to hide significant issues like your dad being a Irgun Terrorist machine gun toting killer?

Chaim Witz Israeli born, Muslim hating, Bush supporting “liberal” who wants to give up all his rights to protect the rest of us REAL Americans.

“His Hungarian-born father, Feri Witz, did not accompany them to the U.S. After arriving in the U.S.”

Presumably to stay and take over Haifa (Sorry, now called Tirat Carmel)? From “Kiss and Makeup” (an excerpt from ChaimGene’s book):

Israel was a new country, only a year older than I was, and its existence was still very much in question. But I was unaware of all that. It was always such a part of my daily routine that I wasn’t able to separate it from any other aspect of my experience. For example, I remember that my dad, Yechiel (or Feri)Witz – who was physically imposing, at least six foot five – would come in on the weekends with his machine gun and put it on the kitchen table. The front lines were fifty miles away, and everybody, every male and most females, was in the army. There were no exemptions. If you lived there, you were in the army.

The gun on the table was one of the few things I remember about my father, because he wasn’t around very much…


Or was he simply a “carpenter“?

When old ChaimGene was born, HaifaTirat had a population makeup quite different than today:

According to CBS, in 2001 the ethnic makeup of the city was 99.6% Jewish and other non-Arab, with no significant Arab population.

For Wayyy back in the day of ChaimGene’s birth, Zionism was rearing its murderous Irgun head:

The 1947 UN Partition Plan designated Haifa as part of the proposed Jewish state. When the Arab leadership rejected the UN’s plan, Haifa did not escape the violence that spread throughout the country. On December 30, 1947, members of the Irgun, a Jewish underground militia, threw bombs into a crowd of Arabs outside the gates of the Consolidated Refineries in Haifa, killing six and injuring 42. In response Arab employees of the company killed 39 Jewish employees in what became known as the Haifa Oil Refinery massacre.[40] The Jewish Haganah militia retaliated with a raid on the Arab village of Balad al-Shaykh, where many of the Arab refinery workers lived, in what became known as the Balad al-Shaykh massacre.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Haifa emerged as an industrial port city and growing population center. The Hejaz railway and the Technion were built at this time.[32] Haifa District was then home to approximately 20,000 inhabitants, 96 percent of them Arabs (82 percent Muslim and 14 percent Christian), and four percent Jews. Over the next few decades the number of Jews increased steadily, due to immigration, especially from Europe. By 1945 the population had shifted to 53 percent Arab (33 percent Muslim, 20 percent Christian) and 47 percent Jewish.[38] In 1947 about 70,910 Arabs (41,000 Muslims, 29,910 Christians) and 74,230 Jews were living there.

I bet there is no animosity, racism or hatred involved with the tongue wagging clown, either:

In 2004, during an interview in Melbourne, Australia, Simmons described Islam as a “vile culture” wherein women had fewer rights than dogs. He described Islam as a threat, claiming that Muslims wanted to leave the Middle East and supplant non-Muslims in other parts of the world by force. The Muslim community took offense, with Australian Muslim of the Year, Susan Carland, asserting that Simmons’ stereotyping of Muslims was inaccurate and that she never walked behind her husband as Simmons stated all Muslim women were required to do.[10] Simmons later said on his website that he was talking specifically about Muslim extremists.

No, no hatred, bigotry or ignorance at all. Just a neocon Zionist asshole who “lived thru the vietnam era”, but couldn’t find it within himself to join up and serve. But REAL Americans serve and give him the ability to change his name and take the young people’s money and then, decades after his descent into irrelevancy, he shows what he is really about. Hatred and genocidal murder against an entire religion.

I never liked the damned music, either.

Piece of shit.

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13 thoughts on “The Demon – The Dumbass

  1. I came home from the Army in May-72, KISS was very popular. I never especially cared for their music, or their style. I thought it was strange how they dressed. They were very popular with the high school crowd in 72.


  2. Kiss played the state fair recently with the fake Ace and Peter in tow. They must be 70 years old. Don’t they have enough fucking money by now. Gene and Paul are joos so Ace the guitarist bought a bunch of Nazi-SS gear to agitate them. In Germany their albums have different covers the lightning bolt SS sign is verboten.

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  3. To me,,to be quite honest, the appearence of simmons and the others, like how simmons is in the above photo, suggests something sinister about his (simmons) personality. I always felt that there was something more than what was ever appearrent on the surface. That they’re still around, trying to get a little more millage out of their weirdness, is rather odd in and of itself. And i never ever knew Simmons was Jewish. Never gave it any thought. Then,,,,or now. But it may explain a few things.


    • Until I happened upon this video, I had no idea of his political stance, religion (or much of anything about him). I only jammed to a few of their songs, but never thought of them as a REAL rock band (al a Pink Floyd, etc). I always thought of them as a gimmick band that had the teenie crowd.

      But now that I listen to this weird asshole speak and then start making the connections to his old man and changing his name, etc, etc, etc, it makes me sick (about like listening to the Nuge now). At least with the Nuge, I liked a few of his songs.


  4. One song Detroit Rock City. One of the fastest bass licks in rock is in that song. I never really liked KISS either. KISS, the name was rumored to be Knights in Satan’s Service. When in reality it means Keep it simple & stupid (according to Paul Stanley). The only good thing IMO they did was discover Van Halen. Not that they wouldn’t have been discovered ….Gene got them first. Ed never mentions Gene now. Something went amiss in the relationship. Greed is the only reason Ed gives about why they don’t talk anymore. They have sold more merchandise than most bands ever thought about. Ace was a sloppy guitarist also. Paul is rumored to be gay. I don’t really care about them. Shock & Awe rock only works when the OZ man does it. just saying…


  5. KISS was a shitty, juke joint freak act that got some powerful money behind them and then sold the KISS dream to many willing fools.

    And their goddamn music is painful to listen to. All those decades together and they never progressed as a band or musicians.

    Looks like TPTB are getting very nervous, wondering how in the hell are they going to sell us a decades long planned war against Israel’s ‘existential’ enemies while the USA vanishes into the dustbin of history, so the morons drag out some T Rex type from the Cretaceous Period and we’re supposed to look up at ‘Chaim’ in awe?


  6. Another odd Simmons story is when he sued King Diamond vocalist of Danish satanic death metal band Mercyful Fate for wearing kabuki or “corpsepaint” make up. Diamonds’ facepaint looked nothing at all like the Kiss demon makeup. That is like the guy trying to copyright the word book for the sole use of facebook.

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    • First I had heard of that story, but it doesn’t surprise me. It seems that Chaim thinks he is something special, while in reality, listening to him is equivalent to listening to the Monkeys or Shaun Cassidy, in my opinion.

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  7. That dickhead copyrighted the term orange juice too. And he has some nerve talking about Muslim women, Mr. I’ve-fucked-over-2,000-women-but-would-never-think-of-marrying-Shannon-Tweed-even-though-she’s-the-mother-of-two-of-my-kids. I mean, maybe it’s better Shannon isn’t married to him, but when she asks him if he’d marry her, he acts like such a dick about it.


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  10. Irgun? That’s one of the very first and one of the most violent terrorist organizations, ever. It was founded and run, for many years, by Menachem Begin, a future Prime Minister. Irgun, Hagganah, and the Stern Gang, were the three OG zionist terror groups. They waged a constant propaganda war against each other, for the hearts and minds of the other jooz. They even went so far as to KIDNAP members of the other groups, holding them for MONTHS, and each group would rat-out members of the other groups, to the British authorities, to gain some political advantage. All of those joo terrorists were a ‘piece of work.’

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