Max Keiser Is Right: We’re A Bunch Of Pussies

h/t Max

Originally found at Travinyle1 Youtube Channel

We get what we deserve (and the french get what they deserve, which is more than us). America Number 1? Yes. In pussies.

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13 thoughts on “Max Keiser Is Right: We’re A Bunch Of Pussies

  1. AHHH FFS !!! I was just discussing this thing with the French ! Have any of you read some of the post on the web about it? I see many of the ones ,that are obviously American, putting down the french for standing up to their government . It pisses me off that fellow Americans dont understand That nothing has or WILL change here . Sure maybe not the change you want (and no thats not a slam a Obama). Its all government ,not just an ‘ADMINISTRATION’.

    Maybe a collapse is the only thing That will wake up, WE THE PEOPLE, to the fact french people know.
    You can talk till your blue in the face but , they just keep ignoring YOU ! Your just one of the ‘Little people’ . Stand and do something about it and you are a criminal. Humm… funny…if I remember right…criminals founded this country.

    The more the laws, the more corrupt the government.


      • He reminds me of me (except he knows what he is talking about).
        Alex Jones is dreaming if he believes that Americans will ever step up to the plate.
        And anyone dogging the French for standing up to their rights is a treasonous ignorant bastard that deserves the time in the camp they have set aside for them.


  2. I got in a discussion with a co worker . He ws excited about the up coming elections. Hes a tea partier. Im glad he has the ‘we can change it attitude’ but, I told him, nothing is going to change. Not until all these crooks are removed, not until we remove corporate interests, not until we separate and controll this military industial complex, prison indstrial complex. All of these things have replaced “we the people” with “we the greedy,the powerful corrupt” . …and all the multitude of laws that no one could possibly know or follow. This country is no longer a melting pot…it is a frankenstien. We have let this monster run loose, keeping us in fear. Whether those in government or the people want to admit it or not, this thing must stop. We must go back to the core structure of this country and hopefully build something benevolent. Something good that SERVES the people, not enslaving them and the world around it.


    • Yeah. I have a friend that made a comment about this new guy from our home town that was running and shre was going to make sure he did what he says he will do.

      I told her that IF he has anything to do with an R or D, she could forget the change part.

      She argued a bit and I reissued the warning.

      So be it.

      The lesser of two evils is idiotic and I simply do not understand how any thinking person could believe an R or D will do anything other than what the R’s and D’s want them to do.

      As I put it, “That is what they do. Period.”

      Trying to correct this shit from inside the system will fail miserably. The system needs fixing.


  3. And add that we’re probably the most ignorant race of beings on the planet.

    But we’ve been conditioned to be that way and if not for the Internet, I expect a lot more of us would be happy as hogs eating hot cow shit, which is what hogs that are in the same lot as cattle do.
    The corn that is fed to the cows comes out partially digested and the hogs will damn near fight over that steaming pile of shit to be the one who gets to eat the most pieces of shit covered corn.

    “hopelessness, fear and hate and a case of world class “stupid” has made the world’s greatest military power, not only a threat to world stability but an outright embarrassment”


    • I hear ya Greg. Im just so tired of telling people the things we discuss here just to have these people treat me as if Im the one who is ignorant. Its really disheartening , I mean there are lots of us that know, but we are outnumbered by those that just dont get it.

      I get the feeling many times that people tune out because Im messing with their version of ‘reality’. I guess i can understand their unwanting to know. It wasnt too long ago that I didnt know what the situation was. I guess I was in a state of…well..shock for sometime. Ive known for many years there just wasnt something right with this government , this country. Once you see it and understand it….life isnt so enjoyable sometimes. I believe this is why some just dont get it…or wont.

      The thing is, if these people dont face it now…down the road they wont have a choice. Then it will be much harder to take.


      • Dave Eriqat said it best. He said knowing all that we discover about our government, 9-11, the bogus wars, the hate, the likely colapse comming, he said, “this all just takes the zest out of life.”

        In dealing with the people i encounter, to whom i try to enlighten, usually to no avail, i get the attitude of, “gee i can’t wait for the colapse just to see all these who rejected the truth, suffer as a result of their refusal to open their minds. I know thats not the right attitude to have reguarding the suffering people will endure in the near possible future.
        But i confess here, that i do think in those terms.


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