Still defining what IS, IS

Israel’s proposed new Terrorism Law significantly extends definition of terrorism
A new version of Israel’s Terrorism Law recently proposed by the Israeli government introduces a very broad definition of terrorism and terrorist organizations. Legal experts believe it is liable to endanger organizations and activities that are currently defined as legal in Israel.
By JNews
London, UK
Source: Israel Ministry of Justice, IDI, @ygurvitz
A new Terrorism Law was recently drafted by Israel’s Attorney General, the State Attorney and senior officials from the shabac (Israel’s secret police, also called the Israel Security Agency), and approved by the Minister of Justice. It is scheduled to be introduced to the Knesset for a vote shortly, but has received little coverage in Israeli media so far.
The Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) has criticized the proposed new law in a recent publication. According to the IDI, “the basic problem with the draft memorandum bill lies in its overly broad definitions …. As a result of the breadth of these definitions, legal tools that raise the level of punishment, compromise due process, and violate rights of suspects and defendants are deployed in far too many cases, causing serious violations of rights.”
The proposed law seeks to replace other pieces of legislation including the current Israeli law for prevention of terrorism and the law prohibiting funding of terrorism, as well as modifying various existing laws such as the Public Defense Law and extending the provisions of others.
The proposed law significantly extends the definitions of terrorist acts and organisations, for example by introducing the concept of “envelope organisations.” According to Israeli authorities these are groups that provide socio-economic services to the public but are also linked to or support terrorist organisations and should therefore also be defined as “terrorist organisations.”
The explanatory notes to the new version specify explicitly that the new definition of “terrorist acts” does not distinguish between crimes committed against soldiers and those committed against civilians, because “terrorism is an illegitimate method of attaining political, ideological or religious ends irrespective of the identity of its victims.”
The proposed version permits a suspect to be held for up to 96 hours before being brought before a judge, and revises the period of detention of terrorist suspects without charge up to 30 days.
It also enables court hearings to be held in the absence of the suspect and denial of legal counsel for prolonged periods.
The proposed law details three different methods of seizure of property and freezing of assets of suspected organizations and individuals without recourse to fair process. To this end, secret evidence and “inadmissible evidence” may be presented to the court in order to demonstrate connection between the assets and the perpetrator of the act, even if the organization involved is not a declared “terrorist organisation.” The law also grants the authorities extensive search and confiscation rights for purposes of seizure, and the right to close premises.
As an example of the possible impact of these extensive seizure authorities, the IDI cites a situation in which an Israeli medical charity donates money or medical services to another medical charity that provides free health services to Palestinian civilians, but is partly linked to or recognized by the Hamas de-facto Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip. Under the new law, that Israeli charity can be immediately closed down, its property seized and its assets frozen under the new law, all without the possibility of due process, due to “links to a terrorist organization.”
On 3 October the IDI initiated a round-table discussion of the proposed law, seeking to arouse public debate on the subject.
IDI experts warn that “when legislation of this nature is enacted with regard to terrorism, there is the danger of radiation to other areas. Practices for dealing with terrorism that become routine are liable to spill over to other areas…. Israel must be careful not to overstep the boundaries of criminal law, both in terms of substantive criminal law and criminal procedure.”
In the opinion of the IDI, the law “relies too heavily on pre-existing local legislation that is archaic in nature, as well as on new legislation from other countries, which was adopted in the post 9/11 hysteria.”
Below is a non-exhaustive summary outlining selected aspects of the 105-page proposed law, as published in a memorandum by the Israeli Justice Ministry.
Definition of “terrorism”:
A “terrorist act” means the use or threat of action where-
(a) the use or threat is made from political, ideological or religious motives or out of hostility to the public,
(b) the use or threat is designed to intimidate the public or to persuade a government or governmental organization, including international governmental organizations or public organizations, to act or to refrain from acting in a certain way; in this paragraph, a prior reasonable assumption that the use or threat of such an action will intimidate the public shall be the same as design to intimidate the public,
(c) the use or threat involves one of the following, or poses an actual risk of one of the following:
(1) actual damage to the body or liberty of a person, or danger to a person’s life or risk of serious injury to a person
(2) serious damage to state security or to the health or safety of the public
(3) serious damage to property or damage to property that involves or may involve damage to government institutions or symbols
(4) damage or serious interference with essential infrastructure, systems or services, or serious damage to the state economy or the environment, or damage to the environment that could cause serious financial damage.
Definition of “terrorist organizations”:
The proposed law extends the definition of a “terrorist organization” to include so-called “envelope organizations” – organizations promoting, encouraging, supporting, cooperating or enabling the activities of “terrorist organizations.” Its explanatory notes specify that terrorist organizations are accompanied by support organizations engaged in socio-economic activities, as well as sympathizing organizations, without which they could not function.
The law also extends the definition of a member of a “terrorist organization” to persons participating in meetings or other activities of organizations defined as terrorist, or agreeing in principle to join a “terrorist organization,” even without acting on its behalf. Membership is assumed to remain in place until proven otherwise, and the burden of proof is on the alleged member.
Under the new law, if any crime is committed by a “terrorist organization” or by a member of one, it is assumed that this crime was committed with the intentions of a terrorist act. Crimes by a member of a “terrorist organization” are therefore assumed to be terrorist acts unless proven otherwise.
The Minister of Defense shall be authorized to declare an organization as a “terrorist organization,” but suspects and organizations can be convicted of terrorism or of membership even if the organizations involved have not been officially declared “terrorist organisations.”
The law grants the Minister of Defense the authority to declare organizations or individuals as terrorist, based on similar declarations by authorities overseas.
Suspects’ and detainees’ rights:
The proposed law permits a suspect to be held for up to 96 hours before being brought before a judge, and revises the period of detention of terrorist suspects without charge up to 30 days.
It also enables court hearings to be held in the absence of the suspect and denial of counsel for prolonged periods.
The law extends scope of the law permitting Administrative Detention (internment without trial), enabling the Minister of Defense to also impose “control orders” prohibiting the suspect from leaving a place or area, to impose exit bans from the country, and to ban suspects’ access to certain places, for a period of up to one year. It also enables police and army extensive authority to search persons and premises or carry out “any reasonable act” for the enforcement of these limitations.
Penalties are significantly stricter than in current anti-terrorist legislation. Those convicted of terrorism will serve 40-year minimum prison sentences, instead of 30.
According to the proposed law, criminal offenses should be punished more strictly if by intention, aim and circumstances they fulfill the definition of terrorist acts. Criminal offenses made with the intention of terrorism shall receive a double prison sentence, or 30 years.
In addition the law includes newly defined terrorism-related crimes with severe penalties, such as:
Directing a terrorist organization (25 years); employment by a terrorist organization (15 years); membership in an organization, whether it is an officially declared terrorist organization or not, and without proven participation in its activities (5 years); public expression of sympathy with a terrorist organization (3 years); Incitement to terrorism, including publicly encouraging, lauding or supporting terrorist acts or organizations; holding forbidden publications for dissemination or providing services for preparation, dissemination or publication or forbidden publications (minimum 3 years); providing means or services that can assist terrorist acts (2 years); harboring after terrorist acts (3 years); non-prevention of terrorism (3 years); threatening terrorism (half the sentence of the threatened act or 5 years); training for terrorist acts, for prevention of their discovery or for disruption of their investigation, or for the use or manufacture of weapons (7 years); receiving such training (5 years); trading in arms for terrorism (20-25 years); trading or holding goods belonging to a terrorist organization in order to pre-empt freezing of assets or confiscation (3 years); failing to report assets (1 year); vandalism to property for terrorist ends (7 years); or violation of control orders (2 years).
Freezing of assets:
The proposed law includes a comprehensive chapter detailing extensive authority for three different methods of seizure of property and freezing of assets of suspected organizations and individuals without recourse to fair process. To this end, secret evidence and inadmissible evidence may be presented to the court in order to demonstrate connection between the assets and the perpetrator of the act, even if the organization involved is not a declared “terrorist organisation.” The law also grants the authorities extensive search and confiscation rights for purposes of seizure, and the right to close premises.
Cached version of the public memorandum issued by the Israeli Justice Ministry on the proposed law (Hebrew):…
Israeli Democracy Institute overview and summary of its critique of the law (English):……
This article may be reproduced on condition that JNews is cited as its source
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B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: And Guess Who Paid The 30 Pieces Of Silver?

I am pretty well-studied in the Bible (I have about 50 English versions and several Concordances and other etymological reference books). I have spent thousands of hours studying the book (and original languages) and have come to my own conclusions of “Christianity” and what it ended up being (corrupt and just a facade of what the Anointed was about). What I pride myself on is not defending the religion (or the Book), but to say that I feel I have a very good understanding of much of the New Testament (my main focus) and can debate with the best of them about what the word meanings are (not about whether or not Christianity is true). As a matter of fact, mainstream Christianity has totally missed the boat on understanding the very nature of God and Jesus, as portrayed in the Bible. The very mass of Christian Churches, imo, teach an erroneous Gospel (which is actually devoid of any “Good News”), yet try their damnedest to convince people who there is something good about their God torturing them endlessly for all eternity. Somehow, their minds have allowed them to think of this as “good” and in some way “glorifies” God.

It is my opinion that hellfire and damnation vain imaginations are exactly why the Church is devoid of spirituality and discernment. I know this, something is amiss for the mass of them to consider W a “man of God”.

That being said, I had brain rumblings about a long overdue Sabbath Watch post and since I have been on Zionism and its corrupt and evil influence on our lives, I started thinking about Jesus being a Jew (WHAT? You Gawd-awful Redneck, He was a “Christian!”). I was thinking about what happened to Him and when, exactly, was it that the shit hit the fan for Him. It occurred to me that it was His own clan that done him in and it was right after He messed with the money folks that they got pissed enough to do away with Him.

I other words, Jesus interrupted the banksters and it was THAT that finally pissed them off. It wasn’t all the other shit He said that was the catalyst, but the fact that He called out the Banksters. It seems that Abe Lincoln and JFK both did pretty much the same thing with the same outcome.

Max addresses this a bit in videos 1 & 2. Another show well worth the time (imo). Sorry if some of you don’t dig this as much as I do. I am still trying to figure out how to implement this Energy/Fear thing into my life. I can almost see it and it makes sense, but it seems TOO easy. (But I thought my sharing my observations here would make things easier, too)

I do have to say that a mass of folks who simply stop participating in the system would shut it down completely. I, however, have no idea how to get a mass of people to do it. Hell, I can’t get a mass of people to see the obvious demolitions of 911. But Max is correct, once the world realizes that the monetary system is all imaginary, that nothing backs those little green rectangles, then it does become a bit easier to see that the system COULD easily be broken, then fixed. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough people, nor do enough trust my abilities to lead them in this endeavor.

By the way: Do you know who it was who paid the silver? You think it was the banksters? Yeah, when you consider that the Chief Priests were also getting mega wealthy from this “den of thieves”. My point? Nothing has changed within the Church even after the Man whipped up a frenzy. Today’s Church never learned the lesson. It is STILL all about kingdom (a man-made one) and MONEY.

Stealing The World With Paper – Part 1

Stealing The World With Paper – Part 2

Stealing The World With Paper – Part 3

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality”

–Michael Ellner

Stealing The World With Paper – Part 4

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. –That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. —Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government.”

— The Declaration of Independence

Zionism: Satan Hijacking Our Jewish Religion

OK, Wow! Greg has a great post up today at the Goon Squad and it speaks about a little ditty running around in my head and I need to spew my rhetoric about it while its hot. He first discusses how history is found (AGAIN) to have been manipulated into bald-faced lies for us gullible and Sheople-like Americans. Please read the entire thing and watch the video to see how propaganda and government sponsored lies are the general rule in how we are communicated with by our “leaders”.

In the example of this title I used, Greg was quoting the response from Rose Rabbinovich’s answer to inquires about how to find a speech that her grandfather, Rabbi Rabbinovich, had written long before. This correlates with something that I have not been able to fully get my head around, the arguably “forged” The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion.

I have read thru much of this in various places and I must say that I was never able to fully determine if it was real or not, but I did determine that if it is, those people who wrote and now the ones that now follow it like a recipe from Martha Stewart, are nutcases. And even if it is not real, there are still maniacs that seem to follow the protocols like a “T”. But perhaps you should read more on the intro note from Rose:

One question which was repeated in many of the emails to me was: ‘How can we find the full Rabbinovich speech?’

I searched the Internet, but all websites with Rabbi Rabbinovich speech have been ‘cleaned up’ or blocked (I assume by the Zionists, as usual). Since I remember hearing from my grandfather about this speech already in the fifties, I decided to contact my Rabbi. He searched his favourite website and found the full article. I am enclosing here the full speech by Rabbi Rabbinovich (Rabinovich).
Some of the email I received claimed that The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion are a forgery.

To this I have five comments:

1. If it is a ‘forgery’, it implies that there is an original somewhere, WHERE IS IT? WHO WROTE IT?

2. Whether it is a forgery or not IS IRRELEVANT for the simple reason that our Zionist ‘Jewish’ ‘brothers’ have already implemented most, if not all of it. That is a fact. Every Jew who reads the Protocols knows that it was written by Jews, NO ONE ELSE could have written them.

3. The gentiles are really stupid (sorry), until now, they did not realise yet that the Zionists essentially control them.

4. It is VERY sad that most honest and honorable Jewish thinkers and intellectuals’ articles are posted today on Moslem websites only.

5. As a person who grew up on Jewish ethics, I am at a great loss and shame to see our Zionist Rabbis justifying the present Moslem holocaust in the name of God and our Jewish religion. One thing I am sure of, if there is God, he is NOT ‘Zionistically’ Jewish. After reading many non-Zionists Jewish websites, I started believing as do many Rabbis in New York, that Zionism is: Satan hijacking our Jewish religion.

(The last highlight is mine for effect)

The Rabbi’s entire speech can be read here.

Greg goes on the highlight how Zionism has basically hijacked much of the world’s governments at one time or another and have implemented steps to bring us precisely to the point of turmoil we find ourselves in today. A case in point is this video that references Australia and how apparently, Zionism has infiltrated their government, as well:

Besides the fact that those people seemed to be going out of their way to demonize the very same questions that any thinking person whould have about 9/11, is it just me, or are they actively protecting someone? I mean, what if these people knew who did it (and, of course, they do KNOW exactly who did it)? It is no secret that that several Jews were arrested after they were seen celebrating the plane crashes into the WTC buildings (High 5’s and all). You will see down in a video below that these very same people were detained, then released after being “cleared”. But listen to them inthe second part of the video series below to see what they were doing there that fateful day. Then get back to me about how I am imagining this shit, ok?

Greg also explains that Zionistic Jews are some of the world’s most ruthless killers and are hell-bent on dominion of the planet. He shares with us how it was Zionist Jews that infiltrated the Soviet Union and were the main killers (which makes the Nazi Holocaust look pale in comparison of the number of people massacred). You probably have never even heard of such a thing, which simply goes to show how much control of media and history Zionists have had over the years.

But it didn’t stop there. They now also own and control every aspect of our day-to-day lives (you just haven’t figured that out Mr Redneck). I recently watched the following video clips (Parts 1 & 2) which is great for showing just how deeply imbedded AIPAC and Israel’s lobby efforts are within our own American system:

(This last video, coincidentally, also contains Cicero’s quote that Greg uses in his post, but Boy does it have meaning. It speaks of “traitors” and how they infiltrate and destroy the body politic and should be more feared than a murderer. It is my contention that ANYONE who subscribes to the Zionist policies are TRAITORS, plain and simple. For sure, anyone who continually touts Zionism and Israel’s agenda over America’s is certainly a traitor. I would have to say that we have Washington DC full of stinking traitors, as I write this sentence.)

Now, before the cries of Antisemitism begin, I want to say that I don’t really know many Jewish people. I live in the Bible Belt of America and Synagogues are far and few between. I don’t hold some “Jews killed Jesus” hatred like a Mel Gibson. I don’t care that they wear little beanie hats. I don’t care who or what the worship. I don’t care that they stand in front of an old brick wall and rock back and forth as if they are actually speaking with some God. I don’t care what they eat. I really don’t give a damn one way or another about Judaism (which is about the way I feel about Islam or Christianity). I don’t “hate” any of these religious systems, but I do think they are all crazy as a shit house mouse eating arsenic.

Seriously, I really don’t give a damn, except when it comes to that religion (or fake religion, in the case of Zionism) or ANY religion trying to control and/or manipulate me, my family, my community or my country.

But let us get this straight: Zionism Does NOT Equate to Judaism. No matter how much our complicit and AIPAC owned government claim otherwise (just follow the money to see that these Zionist Jews do, in fact, control virtually EVERYTHING our government officials do). It doesn’t matter how many times Biden claims he is a Zionist. It doesn’t matter how much money my country spews on this murderous country. It doesn’t matter how many weapons of mass destruction we give them. NONE of that means that Zionism is any sensible religion or belief practice.

It is what it is: murder, empire and total domination of the Middle East (with the entire globe as the final prize). I don’t know about you, but THAT does ruffle my feathers.

My friend and fellow contributor here (even tho it has been a while since he posted), Kelso’s Nuts, noticed that I was subject to the tired old claims of “anti-Semitism”, etc, and decided to write the little disclaimer you see to the right of this page. I didn’t ask for this, but he felt it necessary.

Kelso is a Jew, but he hates Zionism. He is not religious and I don’t think that Judaism has any real significant hold over his viewpoint. He is a brilliant thinker and offers a perspective that few offer in the USA, especially on S American issues (especially focused on the hegemony of America). His words mean a lot to me because I think he knows that my disdain for Zionism is nowhere related to religious hatred or some unspoken attack on their religion. Seriously, I couldn’t give a damn about that religion, if my life depended upon it. For I believe that ALL religions are a farce and little more than a way to control the masses.

Case in point: I recently chastised several friends on Facebook for having ever made the claim (or agreed with that stupid assed preacher who kept saying the lie over and over again) that Bush was a “man of God”. Like I told them, if they said it or thought it, they have ZERO spiritual discernment (I also said in the same paragraph that I knew a bunch of preachers who made this claim, which means the Sheople’s own “Shepherds” are Spiritually dead and unable to discern the very basic idea of shunning even the appearance of evil.

You see, Judaism, Islam, Christianity: ALL OF THEM are just a method of divide and control. And when it comes to Christians, you are the most gullible, easy-to-brainwash Sheep: who can be brought to virtually any level of foolish flag-waving, God-fearing acquiescence of any of the main religions. You can be convinced with almost no real backlash to suit up your children to fight in wars of aggression that a mere 50 years ago we, as NOBEL Americans, tried and executed others for the same stuff we relish in today. That history means nothing and you can’t seem to find a real moral compass, especially one that Jesus used.

For the fact of the matter is that not only has Zionism hijacked the Jewish religion, but they nabbed the Zionist shills and ass-munchers (government officials and many of the mainstream Christian leaders, as well) who get their campaign financing, or extra paper in their offering plate, (and let us never forget the media that gets their MONEY from these corrupt assholes). In other words, Zionism has also hijacked Christianity and our American government.

All I can say is that you are a bunch of ignorant hypocrites if you defend Zionist Israel and want to continue the assault on Muslim people. My old “friend” John Otto (a guy I once worked with many years ago) is one of these idiot ass-kissing sycophants who couldn’t tell the difference between Zionism and an easy bake oven. It is fools like him that perpetuate our demise and it is simply because he has been brain-washed to believe shit that normal people simply can NOT believe. In our last interaction, all he could do was basically call me names, but when I asked very poignant, specific questions, he could not answer.

And this is the rub. Do NOT spout a bunch of shit here without expecting to get a valid question in retort. If I do offer that question and you REFUSE to answer (like my old “friend” John, then you will be ushered out of here… knowing that you at least read the piece and your only recourse is the deflection and ignoring of pertinent questions). This is the most common attribute to Zionist shills, they can’t answer legitimately, so they are forced into using sleight of hand techniques to divert the question and then accuse one of bigotry or whatever. Sorry, it won’t work here and I control the keys. Be respectful and please, answer intelligently and in truth, if you have something to say or question.

In other words, I will not allow any straw man arguments and if I address you with a question, you damn well answer it or be gone. You have been advised.

Look, the problem is NOT Islam. The problem is not Judaism. The problem is not Christianity. The problem is all the fools who follow those tainted, corrupt versions of these religions that have no resemblance to the very ones who started those religions in the first place.

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Dim Memories or Just Batshit Crazy?

“Paula put it in the jar, and I was shocked when she gave it to him to — but, you know, memories dim a little bit.” – Barbara Bush

“She says to her teenage kid, ‘Here’s a fetus.” “There’s no question that it affected me.” – George W Bush

Bush also wrote in his book, Decision Points: “I never expected to see the remains of the fetus, which she had saved in a jar to bring to the hospital.”  “There was a human life, a little brother or sister.”

So, who is telling the truth? Whose memory is dimmed, the ancient hag’s or the maniac bastard child’s?

It looks to me that the man’s memory is quite sound. He holds up the fetus jar the way it was shown to him. So, did Mr Dim forget it was Paula (and just who is Paula, anyway) or his freaky old Mama?

Now, would it be too far a stretch for any thinking American to understand that this man (and woman) lie with abandon? I mean, seriously, is there anyone that peruses these pages that has the audacity to defend that manaic and his family ever again?

Is it too far a stretch to think that this sum bitch is a bat shit crazy person and that you, in your foolish and gullible “He is a Man of God” horseshit, allowed a maniac to rule over this country and that you have supported mass murder and total world-wide mayhem due to this Nazi supporting family and their ability to hijack and rule this country by dictate and presidential signing statements? Or appointing lawyers to give a prescribed opinion about torture, then be able to blame the ones that you appointed. THEN go out into the world and BRAG about the torture?

Goodbye, Dollar: Hello Hell

China and Russia finally did it. They let the world know that they are telling the American Dollar to go to hell. They have had enough and even tho they also say it isn’t an attack on us, the end result will be horrific.

Chinese experts said the move reflected closer relations between Beijing and Moscow and is not aimed at challenging the dollar, but to protect their domestic economies.

“About trade settlement, we have decided to use our own currencies,” Putin said at a joint news conference with Wen in St. Petersburg.

The yuan has now started trading against the Russian rouble in the Chinese interbank market, while the renminbi will soon be allowed to trade against the rouble in Russia, Putin said.

To show what a slow-moving, but unstoppable tragedy this is, look back to July of 2009 to see where I mentioned the fact that India was questioning the Dollar as reserve currency (also pointing out that China and Russia were evaluating the dump, as well).

We already know that China and Russia are pushing for the same.

But now we have India, who is a huge trading ally (and military ally), questioning the US Dollar Dominance:

In Sept of 2009 I wrote:

The Dollar value thingy means so little to me personally because I don’t have any to worry about. But as a nation, we better be very concerned about what the next steps are after Iran drops the Dollar. It is only a matter of time before China, Russia and, yes, even Europe dumps it, as well.

It will be that moment that the true nightmare begins in this country. Why? Because we are unable to produce our way out of it since we have lost so much of our manufacturing base.

In June of 2009, I wrote:

But, after the next couple of days we will see the tide turn. When these people from Russia and China (bolstered by the other 4 member countries, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan), we will see them begin the one thing economists said couldn’t and wouldn’t happen: removing the US Dollar as the reserve currency. The reason why I believe this is going to happen is multi-fold: first, there are “observing” countries at this summit: namely,  Pakistan, India, Mongolia and Iran along with others trying to get in.

On Sept 26, 2009, I asked:

What if Japan, China, Russia, Iran (and any host of other Asian or Middle Eastern countries) say, “We have had enough of America’s bullying and world domination.”? What if these countries decide that America IS too big and that she needs to be taken down a notch (financially or militarily)? Please do not think that American Exceptional-ism will save our collective asses. It won’t.

In Feb of this year, I wrote about China started selling off its US Securities, which was the first real effort to rid itself of America’s dominance (under the guise of punishing us for our cozy relationship with Taiwan). That was one of the first “attacks” on our economic hegemony. In the same month I wrote about how they were beginning to purchase a shit load of gold, hedging against their Dollar investments. I also shared a video that I need to re-share:

The Creditor and the Plastic Duck Junkie

I wrote within that same blog post:

I have been warning about the consequences of the status quo and have said time and time again, we are on the precipice of disaster. I have gone so far to inquire of my economic friends, ways to purchase silver and/or gold coinage (just as a safety net when the SHTF). But until today, I have not been able to close the circle of logic to “how” the demise will take place, but the following video should shed much more light on the subject. Sure, thee are many variables, such as how will our military react or what false flag event can they muster to take us into war with China (and Russia, Iran and Venezuela, cause they will ban together to fight us… mark my words). But, from a financial standpoint, they have us by the short curlies.

I am no financial genius, but I read a tremendous amount about it. All I have is my thought process (erroneous or not) and I keep coming to the same logical conclusion: this is all orchestrated and being implemented to bring about a somewhat controlled demise of our currency. We are so over-indebted that there is no way that the bill could ever be paid. And the other countries know this. They are doing what they must to survive the doom that our great country brought upon the rest of the world. That being said, I guess as insouciant Americans, we deserve exactly what we get.

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Distractions and Synchronicities by Max Igan

In follow up to my Food Nazis post, I find that Max Igan gives us the only viable response to the S510 Food Modernization Act, which is for everyone to grow their garden in open defiance of this bogus “law”. Just ignore it and grow your food, which is a natural right. This won’t be much of a stretch for many of my older southern friends who grew up and likely still grow their own gardens. But for those city folk who have forgotten about self sufficiency, you should pay particular attention to what is transpiring and what it means to folks.

They are trying to control your food. All of it. They don’t want you to provide for yourself as the prices for their corporately run factory farm foods skyrocket, ensuring their profits are kept and you are poisoned.

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