Obama Is Hiring Food Tasters

Strike that, he is hiring guinea pigs to make sure someone in India doesn’t poison him is more likely. I mean, you don’t really think that he has people taste his food to see if it suits his palette, do you?

“This job is often annoying because we are not professionals and are used as guinea pigs. However, it is exciting to work for Obama,” one anonymous doctor told the Mirror. “We have already started doing our homework on what he will be eating. We will be meeting the hotel chefs tomorrow.”

“We taste samples and also store some for the cops,” explained one doctor on the assignment. “If anything goes wrong, we can use these samples for investigation.”

I wonder if that particular taster, after he figures out that “something went wrong”, will have the mouse in his pocket warn the rest? Or will his collapse and death be enough of a warning?

Now since I am unemployed and need a job, I wonder if they would consider taking me. Something tells me that the risk in that job is far too great.

Well, I think we can rest assured because the entourage is only costing us American tax payers $200M per DAY. If they promised me $1M per day to taste his food, I might go. But that might not leave enough for them to adequately rip us tax payers off.

Oh, and in case you are wondering if they actually have people check their food and utensils before eating, read here:

What seems clear is that when the president eats somewhere other than 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., tasters — in the form of Secret Service agents or military personnel — are likely to be involved. According to a Washington Post article from July 1990, George H.W. Bush ate out at Washington restaurants a lot by presidential standards, about once a month, and when he did he brought along his own condiments, bottled water, and a taster. On at least one occasion the taster was seen to personally wash all of George and Barbara’s tableware before use and subsequently monitor its whereabouts, sample the food, supervise its service, and uncork and taste the first couple’s wine.

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