Goodbye, Dollar: Hello Hell

China and Russia finally did it. They let the world know that they are telling the American Dollar to go to hell. They have had enough and even tho they also say it isn’t an attack on us, the end result will be horrific.

Chinese experts said the move reflected closer relations between Beijing and Moscow and is not aimed at challenging the dollar, but to protect their domestic economies.

“About trade settlement, we have decided to use our own currencies,” Putin said at a joint news conference with Wen in St. Petersburg.

The yuan has now started trading against the Russian rouble in the Chinese interbank market, while the renminbi will soon be allowed to trade against the rouble in Russia, Putin said.

To show what a slow-moving, but unstoppable tragedy this is, look back to July of 2009 to see where I mentioned the fact that India was questioning the Dollar as reserve currency (also pointing out that China and Russia were evaluating the dump, as well).

We already know that China and Russia are pushing for the same.

But now we have India, who is a huge trading ally (and military ally), questioning the US Dollar Dominance:

In Sept of 2009 I wrote:

The Dollar value thingy means so little to me personally because I don’t have any to worry about. But as a nation, we better be very concerned about what the next steps are after Iran drops the Dollar. It is only a matter of time before China, Russia and, yes, even Europe dumps it, as well.

It will be that moment that the true nightmare begins in this country. Why? Because we are unable to produce our way out of it since we have lost so much of our manufacturing base.

In June of 2009, I wrote:

But, after the next couple of days we will see the tide turn. When these people from Russia and China (bolstered by the other 4 member countries, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan), we will see them begin the one thing economists said couldn’t and wouldn’t happen: removing the US Dollar as the reserve currency. The reason why I believe this is going to happen is multi-fold: first, there are “observing” countries at this summit: namely,  Pakistan, India, Mongolia and Iran along with others trying to get in.

On Sept 26, 2009, I asked:

What if Japan, China, Russia, Iran (and any host of other Asian or Middle Eastern countries) say, “We have had enough of America’s bullying and world domination.”? What if these countries decide that America IS too big and that she needs to be taken down a notch (financially or militarily)? Please do not think that American Exceptional-ism will save our collective asses. It won’t.

In Feb of this year, I wrote about China started selling off its US Securities, which was the first real effort to rid itself of America’s dominance (under the guise of punishing us for our cozy relationship with Taiwan). That was one of the first “attacks” on our economic hegemony. In the same month I wrote about how they were beginning to purchase a shit load of gold, hedging against their Dollar investments. I also shared a video that I need to re-share:

The Creditor and the Plastic Duck Junkie

I wrote within that same blog post:

I have been warning about the consequences of the status quo and have said time and time again, we are on the precipice of disaster. I have gone so far to inquire of my economic friends, ways to purchase silver and/or gold coinage (just as a safety net when the SHTF). But until today, I have not been able to close the circle of logic to “how” the demise will take place, but the following video should shed much more light on the subject. Sure, thee are many variables, such as how will our military react or what false flag event can they muster to take us into war with China (and Russia, Iran and Venezuela, cause they will ban together to fight us… mark my words). But, from a financial standpoint, they have us by the short curlies.

I am no financial genius, but I read a tremendous amount about it. All I have is my thought process (erroneous or not) and I keep coming to the same logical conclusion: this is all orchestrated and being implemented to bring about a somewhat controlled demise of our currency. We are so over-indebted that there is no way that the bill could ever be paid. And the other countries know this. They are doing what they must to survive the doom that our great country brought upon the rest of the world. That being said, I guess as insouciant Americans, we deserve exactly what we get.

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12 thoughts on “Goodbye, Dollar: Hello Hell

  1. Humm… So how thinks this country has bought one too many plastic ducks? I was saying dont buy the danmed ducks from the start,,but no walmart had to walk away from the ‘Buy American’ slogan. Maybe thats all it ever was to many. Just a them. I said grow hemp like mad , use it as fuel. How bout the many other uses….no.. greed ,pride and obediance has that bottled up. How bout investing in America, do we really do that anymore? We spend multi billions on the rest of the world, we owe interest on debt that takes a huge chunk out of OUR wealth(what ever that is), and a majority of the rest is spent on fear. YES FEAR.Wasnt it the Talinban that said yesterday they were aiming for a death by a thousand cuts where we are concerned. Yes Fear. Billions on military, we are enforcing stupid laws that do nothing but grow personal wealth for government and criminal, how bout security from enemies created by government over the many years. Airport security? What are we gonna do secure ourselves right out of freedom and economic trade? How bout stop being polite and profiling, enough of this PC crap.If my accountant did this to me ,he’d be fired or worse in court.

    No they called it protectionism…and it was ‘BAD’. Hello ! the word protect isnt in there for looks ! So how made this word? A greedy bueacrate or a chinamen or others? Protecting isnt a bad thing , now we have all most no economy to protect if our currency is worthless.

    If all comes to pass…we can say greed and apathy killed freedom.
    Ronald Reagan said” America is the last bastien of freedom, if she falls, there is NO WHERE to run.”
    Whether you liked him or not, he is right.

    NOW ! Those of you in government better get off your asses and start learning what protect and protectionism means and why we need it ! NOW!

    On a side note: Koreas are rattling swords, China is the norths allie. That could be an explosive lil’ firecracker.


  2. Well, tommorrow is the day we are all suppose to give thanks, for, i guess, what we have. And i don’t think innitially the thanks was for materialistic things. I think it was for a bountifull harvest (of crops)
    and a desire to celibrate that bounty, along with a desire to felloship with the indiginious natives and break bread with them in celibration of peacefull cohabitation.

    So, tomorrow, let each of us think of each other in fellowship and unity as we celibrate a bountifull harvest, in our repective locations.

    I am truly, from my heart, thankfull, for all i have had in my life. And what have i had, in this life, to be thankfull for? First off, i have never known a day where i suffered from chronic hunger. I had the benifit to live relitivly free (relitivly speaking) and i have lived free of fear (if you don’t factor in those Soviet ICBM MIRV”S)(or certain anti-drug laws)you know,,,,,,,,we’ve had it pretty good here. I would have liked to have had more sex,,but what the fuck you gonna do when theres only seven days in a week? I’ve met a lot of interresting people in my life. Some of them ofcourse, were assholes. And some of those assholes are dead now. Might actually be something to KARMA. I don’t know.

    One revolation i’ve come to, over an issue in my personal life that i didn’t see comming, untill lattly. And that is, I think South Vietnam is much better off today than they would have been if we had prevailed in our involvement there. (All things considered) I don’t know why im even thinkin about them right now when i should be thinkin bout how far out on a limb all our collective asses are, actually, as charicterized by this new article (GOOD BY DOLLAR-HELLO HELL) Most of us here have lived in the best days of the United States but i think it’s true, that what we have had, that we should give thanks for, tomorrow, I think what we have had, the life we have known,,,it’s all going to go away. Something different is going to take it’s place. What, exactly,,,I know not.

    On Sunday June 25th, 1876, standing beside the Little Bighorn river, chief indian scout Bloody knife said to his friend Lt Col George custer,
    “friend,,,,,,today,,,, we go home,,down a road we do not know”

    As i sit down tomorrow, among family, my thoughts will be on you all, there, with your families, in your respective locations.


        • Thanks for what I have right now. I try give thanks for things often. Like enjoying your meal today, food maybe scarce tomorrow . Enjoying friends and family when you can, Savoring a sunset or Mountain veiw, you could be blind the next minute. People dont need to wait for a holiday to do that.


        • RESPONSE TO BELOW: Alright,,,,i see what chour sayin.
          We shouldn’t just be thankfull one day out of the year,,but everyday,,,,we should be thankfull. Because, any minute, a life changing event could occur effecting us that may be a negitive. Right?

          I think,,,,,for the most part, i am that way.


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