Another Name On The Wall

My Dad, the “Old Soldier” wasted much of his life in the tours he did in Vietnam. It rendered him incapable of clear thought and propagandized him into believing that America’s leaders could and would do no harm (unless, of course, they were Democrats). When I pointedly asked him if he thought that George W Bush would lie (in regards to the Iraq War), he relied, “I do not believe my Commander-in-Chief would ever lie to me.”

It was one of the most idiotic things this seemingly smart man could have ever said. It showed me that intelligence can be thwarted and that some people would desperately do or say ANYTHING to keep from thinking logically or make it impossible for some to see the obviousness of his delusion. Does he even know that the Gulf of Tomkin incident NEVER happened. That the one thing that dragged us into that war that turned his brain into mush was a bald faced lie?

I have been to The Wall in DC with him and witnessed him sob over the ones that didn’t come home. I have been in the theater with him when he saw “We Were Soldiers” and hugged him as the atrocities played out in what he called the most real portrayal he had ever imagined. How we spent the trip home discussing the movie and how it helped him open up and tell many of the horror stories he had lived while in country.

I have been very cautious about blaming the grunts and calling them out for their participation in these latest illegal and immoral wars. Many are hoodwinked into believing the lies… many others see no other way to support their families and are forced to do so, just to make it. But, I have a personal stake in this that transcends all the others who have been duped or forced into conscription.

Old man, it is YOU that could make a difference. It is YOUR type that could stand up and begin to tell the truth.

Until you do, you are nothing but a contributer to the ongoing killings. Until you do, you are instrumental in the never-ending wars and the deaths of those that followed in your footsteps.

Old Soldier, it is time you and the rest of you brain-washed assholes start to raise your voices in anger and hold the cabal in account. It is time.

Until you do, you are a coward and a fool who will never obtain my respect.

Captain Nivens, I call you out for your insouciance, lack of character and your drunken stupor that has kept you from saying what you know is true and has allowed you to keep silent as those brave young men fight and die in bogus and corrupt wars of profit and Empire.