B’Man’s Redneck Watch: Rep Steve Cohen

Have you ever seen someone struggle so hard to not look like a total, lying tool when they know how obvious it is that they look like a total, lying tool?

When he was asked about this, he said, “I dont know who got everybody’s panties in a wad over this statement.”

Altho a jew, he is a 4th generation Memphian and can obviously be called a redneck.

5 thoughts on “B’Man’s Redneck Watch: Rep Steve Cohen

  1. I had the terrible misfortune of meeting this scumbag at a book store in Memphis a few years back. The minorities love this guy especially in Memphis. I like when Jesse V. got a hold of him on his show. He acts like a rat to me. Just saying.


    • Yeah. He is a Zionist scumbag protecting his money. The minorities like him (liked) but they don’t have the moolah. It is the ADL and other Zionist groups that fund him and just because they are smiting him a bit right now, that is for show. A PsyOp.

      He will say and do anything they so desire, because I bet you a dollar to a donut he is unliked right now in Memphis. Besides being an asshole.


      • I think he needs to be sorted out by his lanzmann, Kelso.

        (Please look at my declaration of the total absence of anti-Semitism in any of the anti-ZIONIST rants here on B´MAN´s REVOLT.)

        Congressman Cohen is definitely a Zionist and his playing of the Holocaust and Pogrom cards here to defend a wretched Corporatist/Police State/Nazi (yes!) health INSURANCE giveaway to be enforced with authority of civil and criminal law, makes my blood, the same as his, just fucking boil. How the fuck can this Zionist cunt, this COMPANY man, fuck around with nitro-glycerine like misplaced Gentile guilt about the Holocaust and Pogroms to serve BIG INSURANCE and BIG PHARMA?

        And it´s not like he doesn´t know better and hasn´t been on the other side of this like in his penultimate primary when an even worse Black Democrat lady tried to play the race card on him. This was before Obama, of course, so he did the right thing an explained that White culture in Memphis is no less valid than anyone else´s and to focus on issues of poverty and SYSTEMIC racism instead of a tiny plaque in a park. That was before the EHUD BARAK OBAMA decade though, when there was still a shred of human decency, when not even Bush would be so insanely Zionist as Obama.

        Only Rahm Emanuel, not even Netanyahu, is more grotesquely Zionist as Obama, who is a shrieking school-girl cheerleader for ethnic-cleansing and oppression of Palestinians.

        And the Obama Crime Family rules the Democrat Party so Zionism and playing on political correctness at the same time are the law. Just like Kucinich´s cave-in, no depth is too low to sink to to “save” Obama´s stinking bullshit presidency.

        My Jewishness INFORMS my anti-Zionism because how can I be an unwilling passive accomplice to the genocide of my own pan-Semitic brothers and sisters in Gaza, the “Territories,” and 1/3 of “Jerusalem.” I take the Holocaust, Pogroms, La Reconquista, Los Autos-de-Fé, and the “Guerras Sucias” very seriously because constantly over the centuries because of genocide, we´ve had to replace half our world number. You realize what that is? It´s always genocide just like Zionism. I can´t imagine using those events to SELL an inhumane, sadistic, greedy and fascist law. I almost can´t imagine using the tragedies of my ancestry (and the other Semites of the Levant, the Arabs)to SELL a JUST law. I won´t get a tat because that would dishonor those who had one forced on them as way of standardizing their incineration.

        Steve Cohen is a TRAITOR in English. He´s a MESHUMED in Jewish (Yiddish). He´s a KAPO in German. He´s a MALDITO CONVERSO in Spanish. He´s a MALDICHO DESKARÁDO in Djudeo (Ladino).

        There are good anti-Zionist Jewish men of peace like Noam Chomsky, Ed Herman, Jeff Halper, Greg Pa and Uri Avnery, but there´s only one NORMAN (well, two…my dad´s the other!)

        B´Man gives the asshole Cohen too much credit in calling him a “redneck.” Here at the REVOLT we honor all heroes and true Gentlemen and women. When I think “redneck” around here I think B´Man, Joe Bageant, and Bill Hicks.


        • Cohen is pitiful because he doesn’t even pretend to hide it. They all feel emboldened and will say or do anything for that ADL money.

          Comparing me to Joe and Bill is one of the best compliments ever given to me. Thank you, kind Sir.


  2. I had a freeze while I was mentioning some anti-Zionist Jewish people of peace and left out two of many notables: Greg Palast and Glenn Greenwald


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