Naked, You Clothed Me: Sick, You Visited Me: In Prison, You Asked The Cops To Beat The Pee Out Of Me

A friend from my hometown now lives in Texas and posted the following on Facebook. The discussion ensued and there were several people who felt like this was a crime by the police (as I do). I won’t bother you with all of their MANY posts, but wanted to concentrate on the two individuals (they MUST be cops) that argued with me and others (you can see by Jimmy The Weasel’s commentary that he started off in a disagreement with the majority of those who added their thoughts).

But first, watch the video of Chad Holly being beaten after running him over with the cruiser:

My Hometown Friend: Watching the weather this morning and they show the video of the Houston PD beating the Chad Holly boy…absolutely horrible!

B’Man: It is happening all over America. They call it a “police state”. Quick to beat. Quick to taze. Quick to shoot. And no repercussions or accountability, in the most cases.

Bubba Pea Shooter: All i have to say is that if it were my place that he had burglarized, he better be thanking God that that beating was all he got whether he’s black,white,or any other race, because if i would have caught him, i’d a shot his ass!!

Jimmy The Weasel: For all you folks that care so much for piece of crap burglsr, why dont you go down and make his bail, then bring him home to YOUR HOUSE.

B’Man: Jimmy, Why do you not care for the rule of law?

Bubba Pea Shooter: ‎@ James Agreed!! Apparently they’re not even thinking about the “WORKING MAN” who worked his ass off to get what he has just to let some low life punk come and take it!! And the Rule of the Law is gonna let him back out on the streets to do again!

B’Man: Fortunately, Chief McClelland did the “lawful” thing and isn’t listening to the few criminally minded citizens demanding that a 15 year old be killed for a burglary charge.

B’Man: “The woman whose home was burglarized told Eyewitness News in a phone interview that she hopes Holley learns his lesson and learns to respect people’s properties.” Seems like she would have asked that he be shot in the head or something. Maybe she also cares about the rule of law.

Jimmy “Annie Get Your Gun”: Well, gee, B’Man why dont you just lay down and give everything you own to the crooks. They would love you since our liberal courts and legislators seem to think more of them than an honest working man.Whay Rule of law are talking about? Get a job , B’Man andlet someone steal all you have worked for then tell me about the RULE OF LAW!

B’Man: Jimbo 50 Cal,

You don’t know me or my work situation or how rich I might be. You may think that your idiotic belief that murder for burglary is some sensible action, but it just shows what a foolish thought pattern is going on in that little noggin of yours. 

I wonder: do you believe that a 9mm to the skull ought to be the punishment for not wearing your seat belt? It wouldn’t surprise me.

Bubba Slayer: the rule of law (SECOND AMENDMENT) clearly states you have the right keep and bear arms and to protect your property as well as your family!! And if he were to have been shot in the head by this woman in the act of his crime that it’s NOT murder and has nothing to do with a criminally minded citizen,but just a citizen who was protecting their property!!

B’Man: But she didn’t shoot him. Case closed.

Now the cops feel like they need 4 Big Men to beat a 15 year old boy senseless? Then the Chief acknowledges their wrong-doing by firing them and ensuring they get their day in court. THEN, the very woman who was ripped off has a very different take than the criminal minds you and Dirty Harry James have… 

I’ll ask you, do you think you deserve a bullet to your head when you don’t wear a seat belt? You broke the law.

Or should you have a day in court like any law-abiding country offers?

Nevermind, Bubba. People without hearts and minds cannot answer without looking like a criminal thug, themselves.

Have a good day and I hope they never decide to beat you senseless for not putting the quarter in the parking meter.

Bubba Boo Hoo Can’t think of anything intelligent to say: LMFAO!!..YOUR FUNNY!! Very Very ignorant,but funny!!

Jim The Rambo: B’Man, you dont have to be rich to have your things stolen. Now I ask again,would you bring the little thievin crook to live with you?

B’Man: James,

What does that have to do with anything? Are you as clueless as it appears? Are you simply evil? 

Do you seriously believe that cops should beat ppl? What, unless they are you, then not?

Bubba, Id rather be “ignorant” than a twisted idiot without a decent, Christian thought.

“Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye asked the cops to beat the pee out of me”

Praise God?

Bubba Found Jesus in the last 20 minutes: Raymond i’m not an evil man at all!! This is why everyone is entitled to their own opinion!! It’s been a pleasure my friends and hope you and your families stay safe and warm!!

B’Man: What? You “found” Jesus since all that garbage you spewed?

Now here’s the thing with me. If a person comes into my home with the intention to steal my stuff, he is likely to face a very difficult circumstance. Because I don’t play and if I think someone is here to harm my family, I shoot for the head or heart. This is no argument against protecting oneself, like James The Wannabe Dirty Harry tries to set up with his strawman argument and diversion.

But after the fact (this video was not taken in the act of the crime), when police are supposed to apprehend and legally take the criminal into custody, do you feel like that criminal should be treated in this way? And the fact is that he, at this point in time, was not prosecuted. You know, that “innocent until proven guilty” fairy tale?

Is it ok for the cops to beat people like this when they arrest them? After they are cuffed and he was NEVER armed?

You can read more here.

But allow me to at least give the Chief of police deserved appreciation for doing his job correctly and firing the criminals with badges. I hope they do time and never get that job back. Monsters like that should never be given guns and badges.

Also, notice that Federal Judges and almost everyone complicit worked hard to keep this video from being seen by the public. That, in and of itself, should tell you that corruption and protecting the maniacs is the normal agenda. Also, from what I could see, it looks like at least one of these criminals with badges was trying his damndest to KILL this 15-year-old.

Yes. 15

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All posts are opinions meant to foster comment, reporting, teaching & study under the “fair use doctrine” in Sec. 107 of U.S. Code Title 17. No statement of fact is made or should be implied. Ads appearing on this blog are solely the product of the advertiser and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of BuehlahMan’s Revolt or