Merry Christmas

Christmas morning 2010. I love to hunt! I pursue deer and turkey. Hunting season begins here in October with an archery season. So I am usually in the woods on the first of October with my bow. 15 to 20 feet above the ground in a tree. (Not bad for someone who is afraid of heights). I hunted mainly out of one stand this year. I call it my “honey hole” so to speak. Most hunters have their favorite spot. The lock on stand, which I have on a red oak is in my favorite spot. It is close to where four different properties come to a corner with four different types of forest growth. I am located about 75 yards from this corner.

Rub Near My Stand

On opening morning I am in the stand a lil’ before daylight.  Leaves are still on the trees and it is still green.  It was cool that morning around 50 degrees with a slight north wind.  I am facing north and looking at the intersection of these four tracts of land.  There is a trail intersection that I have seen a lot of tracks and there are a few trees rubbed.  After about an hour I turned to look back behind me and three does busted me.  I guess they saw me move and the ran off.  I waited another hour or so and called it a day.  I like the early morning hunt as opposed to the evening. There is something about watching the world wake up in the woods.  The birds are the first, then the squirrels start to move around.  Sometimes I get to see a coyote or hear a pack of them in the distance.  Three days later it was colder and the wind was right for me to ambush a deer coming through this funnel like area where the properties meet.  I looked down under this big white oak (deer favorite fall food) and those three doe from opening morning were feeding on these acorns.  I watched as they used their hooves to rake the leaves back and could hear them chomping on the white oak acorns.  They looked to be close to the same age and were around 80 to 90 pounds I would guess.  Before I raised my bow I heard a twig snap to my right and looked and saw two more sneaking in.  I slowly raised my bow and had one at 20 yards directly in front of me.  She was  broad sided to me and I put my 20 yard pin on her front shoulder.  I hit my release and I heard the arrow hit its mark.  She jumped and mule kicked backwards and ran straight under my tree.  She stopped behind me and just stood there.  The three eating the acorns were still there and were getting nervous.  Time seems to slow down when this happens.  I reached in my quiver and the injured doe ran.  She fell about forty yards from me and didn’t move.  It was nine o’clock and I had my first deer of the season on the third day of the season.  A hunter could not take a doe in Mississippi a few years ago, now it is encouraged to take a few to help the herd and get the buck to doe ratio closer to where it needs to be.  You can take five deer in MS with three bucks included in your yearly quota.

My Bow, Truck, & Stand

I took two more does from the “honey hole” before gun season started.  You can hunt with a gun on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  During bow season I saw a lot of deer from this spot and let a few small bucks walk on through without taking a shot.  I try not to take a small buck under 8 points.  I have and I may in the future, but I try to take larger buck if I can.  Now I am afraid of heights and it is funny that I will climb a tree and get higher than corn to hunt deer.  Deer have the best senses it the woods and are  a nervous sort.  This helps them  to survive the hunt.  Their sense of smell is amazing.  Better than a tracking hound dog.  I use the wind to give me a better chance of seeing deer in this area.  A north or northwest wind is really the only way you can hunt this corner stand.  However, if it is too windy, I can’t hunt up in a tree.  I feel like I’m falling and I can’t be comfortable in the stand.  I generally use a harness when I’m up in a stand and highly recommend everyone use all the safety devices one can employ.

As December approaches,  the rut starts.  The bucks start to chase doe and become overcome with the desire to mate.  They kinda let their defenses down and move more during the day time.  Deer are mostly nocturnal, especially bucks.  I hadn’t seen a shooter buck all year,  and was thinking I would get shut-out as I did last year.  I am hunting on sixty acres that has been in my family since the 1940’s.  Finding land one can hunt on is becoming scarce around these parts.  Without the money for a big lease for some hunting property, I am stuck with the family land.

Christmas morning has come and I am going hunting with a co-worker of my wife’s.  He is 20 years old and I have taken him a couple of times this year already.  He did see a six point earlier in the year and I was proud of him for letting it walk to get bigger.  It was cold this morning and I have a half a mile walk to the “honey hole” stand.  I got up in the lock-on and got situated.  I am now hunting with my 700 Remington .270 caliber.  I can drive a tack at 250 yards with this rifle but I only have a hundred yards or so that I can see from this stand.  I guess thirty minutes went by and I started to see better as first light was breaking.  There is a time when the shadows give way even before the sun comes up.  Its getting active.  Birds start chirping and the now fallen leaves are rustling with squirrels.  Over on the property next to me I see a doe trotting my way.  She is moving pretty quick and is 50 yards from me before I knew it.  I shouldered my rifle to look at her through the scope.  I could see her very well and she looked to be about 100 pounds.  Then over the hill behind her I see a set of horns,  then the body of a nice deer.  He is not a monster, but a shooter.  Especially since I hadn’t taken a buck in two years.  The doe turns and runs back towards him, then one eighties back to me and runs right under my stand in full trot.  As if to draw him right to me ….she did as he trotted with his nose to the ground within 30 yards of me.  Then he turned broad sided as if to say “here you go” !  I took the shot and he hit the ground like a sack of sand and didn’t move!  Hey it was Christmas morning and by 7 am I had a buck on the ground.  It was a nice present.  He was an eight pointer.  Not the biggest I had ever taken but he would do.  My freezer is full now and I have enjoyed some nice back strap dinners and hind quarter roasts.  Turkey season starts in just a few weeks!

Merry Christmas



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Raw Dawg Calls Out US Hypocrisy

Raw Dawg Buffalo (Professor Torrance Stephens) is a friend I made on-line due to the very similar views we hold about this country and how it is experiencing its demise. He and I are an unlikely friendship on its face, but he has shown that no matter what physical differences or sociological differences, we are very similar in a lot of ways.

It was this that attracted me to him (and the fact that he is an excellent writer and well worth subscribing to). I have been saying for quite some time that we need to shirk the black vs white false divide and to come together to take back this country from the Corptocracy. The original article is found at his website, but I wanted to Post it in its entirety here:

The Two face Hypocrisy of US Foreign Policy

I have been writing and expounding on US foreign policy since the early 1980s. My first or one of my earliest essays was called “Israel’s fascist Penumbra” which was published in the Black Students Association Journal at Memphis State University in 1985. 

It addressed the “do anything” for Israel mentality and our traditionally mistaken monolithic conviction of Arabs and Africans worldwide, that we often dissemble under the shadow of peace and agoraphobia. What is common regarding now and then and even times prior is the “do as I say and not as I do” legacy of colonialist and imperial belief orientations that place all European in origin at the summit of rational behavior and what is deemed to be acceptable.

On the one hand we vilify the Arab and African States for their desire for governments to run as theocracies, yet we do the same here. Promulgating policies based on religious beliefs and biblical guidance. Our own founding as a nation saw the assertion that Africans were less valuable and more akin to live stock than human beings. An edict that presented itself in policies from slavery to Jim Crow and segregation. In Oklahoma, a law was recently passed that bars courts from considering Shariah law when deciding cases was put on hold. And we are well aware of the tense debate facilitated via the discussion of abortion.

We condemn terrorist for their no holds barred attacks on America, yet we support going to Somalia and just killing everyone in sight as if their lives are less important than ours to avenge the deaths of four Christian Missionaries who were not asked to come to their country in the first place. We support invading and occupying Afghanistan and Iraq and manufacture policy and war to remove leaders we label tyrants and dictators and autocrats yet give similar men billions in aid annually and historically and invite them to the Whitehouse for dinner pretending as if their blood is not on our hands from the tanks and fighter we give them.

We supported Chiang Kai-Shek’s ROC government from the 1930s to 1949 in a civil war that saw the murder of tens of thousands. In Chilie we funded General Augusto Pinochet who murdered and tortured thousands from 1973 to 1990. Then there was Suharto in Indonesia and Papa and baby Doc in Haiti.

But it is to only be expected for unfortunately we too are a nation of terrorist and celebrate such resonantly. In Mississippi, there is an attempt to venerate Nathan Bedford Forrest, a man whose image on horseback I road past almost daily in my home town of Memphis, Tennessee. Yes, 150 years after the start of the Civil War people want to celebrate a murderer who founded a terrorist organization called the Ku Klux Klan. An organization from its inception main goal was to conduct inordinate acts of violence solely on African Americans in the South eventually including the bombing deaths of four girls attending Sunday school in a Church in 1963.

This man was also known for what he did on April 12, 1864 at Fort Pillow, Tennessee, when General Nathan Bedford Forrest captured the fort with his 1,500. In the process, according to eyewitness accounts like General Kilpatrick (USA), Forrest “nailed Negroes to the fences, set fire to the fences, and burned the Negroes to death.” More than 300 African American Union troops were massacred then.

But let me not digress, the point is that US foreign policy is the result of constructs that are two-faced. For if other did to us what we did to them we would be extremely upset and throwing hissy fits. We are so shallow, self-centered and heedless. Yes we are hypocrites and this hypocrisy may be what destroys us, just as it leads to behaviors that spoliated ancient Rome.

Posted by Torrance Stephens – All-Mi-T

All posts are opinions meant to foster comment, reporting, teaching & study under the “fair use doctrine” in Sec. 107 of U.S. Code Title 17. No statement of fact is made or should be implied. Ads appearing on this blog are solely the product of the advertiser and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of BuehlahMan’s Revolt or