The Fast and Furious ATF Gun-Runners Perpetuate The Drug War Lie

I’m sure most of you that have been following and/or debating America’s Drug War have heard about the recent expose’ by CBS where a new hero has stepped up to admit that the US ATF dictated that they allow guns to be sent from complicit American gun shops across the border. If not watch this:

March 3, 2011. CBS Evening News. Gun Walking. Interview with ATF Federal agent John Dodson. ATF was intentionally sending heavy weaponry to Mexican drug cartels. The secret operation was called Fast and Furious.

Some suggest that this is simply being used to make a case for a gun ban in the US. You can see that argument here and see how the government propaganda machine does lie to propagate this attempt:

I am not suggesting there is no truth, whatsoever in that claim (for I believe that many in our government would love to strip us of our second amendment to be able to control us completely). What I am suggesting is that this latest ATF sponsored gun-running has another agenda. The perpetuation of the lie that is the War on Drugs (especially marijuana).

There have been more than 35,000 people who have been killed since President Felipe Calderón began following his puppet master’s directive to bolster Mexico’s version of the War on Drugs. But to assume that it is America’s fault or the lie that “90% of those guns come from America” is not seeing the picture and simply believing the attempts to continue what is a totally failed policy.

Sane voices understand that the militarization of the drug war in Mexico is a key reason for “extortions, kidnappings, and murders“. To me this seems obvious.

But not to America’s puppets. It takes decency and truth. It takes leaders who refuse to be our puppet; People like Bolivia’s President Evo Morales to discuss “The Big White Lie” openly.

But let me ask you, why would the ATF not only condone the gun-running, but also try to cover up their own participation?

It’s not like Americans aren’t waking up to the outright lies and it is crucial to note that Americans are more and more convinced that marijuana legalization is what we need to do. The Pew Research Center For The People and the Press polls prove this:

None of this even speaks to the corruption and blatant murder on America’s soil by those that are supposed to “serve and protect”. See this reminder:

During a Sept. 16 raid by the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force, Todd Blair was shot and killed in his home. The Weber County District Attorney’s Office has ruled the shooting justified under Utah law. Blair’s family believes he was shot unnecessarily. Read the entire story at or

Justified? These criminals with badges didn’t adequately plan this invasion, didn’t warn this man to “put down your weapon” (which was a freaking golf club) and then murdered him in cold blood. Not even a slap on the wrist. Condoned murder, plain and simple.

There are several states that are awakening to this. MPP (Marijuana Policy Project: of which I am a member) tells us that Hawaii has a bill to decriminalize marijuana possession.

In addition to two medical marijuana regulation bills being considered in Hawaii, a separate bill that would remove criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana is moving through the state Senate. Last week, it passed through two Senate committees and is now headed to the full Senate for a vote before advancing further. Considering that 20 of 25 members of the Senate are co-sponsors, it should be a breeze.

Even other countries are seeing the light. The UK’s former Drug Czar, Bob Ainsworth, is advocating the only sane pursuit, which is legalization (and mind you, he is talking about legalizing ALL drugs). The Transform Drug Policy Foundation explains and shares Mr Ainsworth’s position:

However, prohibition has failed to protect us. Leaving the drugs market in the hands of criminals causes huge and unnecessary harms to individuals, communities and entire countries, with the poor the hardest hit. We spend billions of pounds without preventing the wide availability of drugs. It is time to replace our failed war on drugs with a strict system of legal regulation, to make the world a safer, healthier place, especially for our children. We must take the trade away from organised criminals and hand it to the control of doctors and pharmacists.

Wow! Isn’t that amazing? But it takes a “former” Drug Czar to make this kind of sensible statement. Can you imagine “why” that is? To the contrary, for some reason, any current Drug Czar (like the US’s Gil Kerlikowske) cannot be allowed to say such a thing (even tho the predecessor of his previous position as chief of police in Seattle, Norm Stamper, has come out in favor of a more sensible and sane policy of total drug legalization):

Retired Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper thinks we should legalize drugs after what he witnessed fighting on the front lines of the “war on drugs.” Norm is a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, which any citizen can join at

Even a former US Surgeon General, Dr Joycelyn Elders, has called for legalization of marijuana:

“What I think is horrible about all of this, is that we criminalize young people. And we use so many of our excellent resources … for things that aren’t really causing any problems,” said Elders. “It’s not a toxic substance.”

The fact is that once these guys leave their job, they are able to pronounce the dismal failure of the Drug War. They are able to admit that it is all a lie. But not the current internal puppets. Maybe that is why it angers Gil that his hometown paper, The Seattle Times ran an article that is pro-legalization. Thank God they aren’t intimidated and are sticking to their guns.

So, what is he forced to do? Lie, of course (that is his only recourse):
Gil Kerlikowske, Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, discusses legalizing marijuana, the epidemic of prescription drug abuse, and comments on recent problems within the Seattle Police Department.

To put it simply, it is time to stop listening to those that are paid to keep Americans in bondage and listen to the sane ones; the ones that speak truth and understand the very nature of this bogus affront to our liberties (not to mention keeping miracle drugs from doing their miracles). It is time for Americans to understand the “why’s” (Big Meds, Big Prison and Big Money) and to call for an end. The truth is out there, but you won’t get it from those, like Kerlikowske, whose very livelihood depend upon the lies (and this includes small time cops and legislators). They gain from this corrupt and evil system.

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