How Was Your Florida Spring Break?

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I have a few young family members that just had Spring Break. I called them personally and asked them to not go to Florida (or anywhere on the Gulf Coast). I explained to them that I believe that swimming, eating the seafood (maybe some people don’t mind their fish with lesions on it), or even frollicking in the sand could be hazardous to their health.

As far as I know, only one relative went (after telling me on the phone that she wasn’t going). I have yet to speak with her about it (and probably won’t). Young people have priorities very different than an old guy like me, I understand that. But had one of my uncles ever personally called me and asked me to not do something, I would have evaluated sources and information shared with me and made my own decision. I hope she did this.

Would she have seen the news that shrimpers keep pulling up nets full of oil (found in the Courthouse News Service link above):

At a scoping meeting last week in Biloxi, Miss., Vietnamese shrimpers said they have pulled up nets full of oil from the seafloor and have had to decide whether to report the oil to the Coast Guard, which would mean dumping their day’s catch, or pretend they don’t see the oil.

John Lliff, a supervisor with NOAA’s Damage Assessment Remediation and Restoration Program, said no one knows how much of the seafloor is covered in oil. …

Shrimpers in Biloxi also said that in places where shrimp have been plentiful, there are no shrimp now. …

If she had been investigating my claims, she may have found one such article that caught my attention where I was informed that Mississippi’s Attorney General, Jim Hood, attended various Town Hall meetings in South Mississippi to find that the biggest complaint was not the slow financial payouts by BP’s hired hand, Feinberg, (I covered him here) but more related to how many people are getting sick:

[Waveland resident Laurie] Lambert said, “I mean there’s people getting sick everywhere and nobody realized how bad it is.”

“It makes me sick to see little kids swimming out there in that water. There’s dead fish everywhere. I mean, that alone is nasty. That’s just a cause right there for health problems,” said Lambert.

While others were a bit more poignant describing their ailments:

“When they started burning the dispersants out there, my lungs caught on fire. I have emphysema and COPD,” Martin Rehbein said.

He is now beginning to see skin problems. He wants Hood to know he’s convinced it’s caused from the spill.

“These things just started coming out and this has gotten a lot worse,” said Rehbein.

I wonder if she saw any of the 136 dead bottlenose dolphins that seem to be washing up all over the coast during her visit? From MSNBC:

As of Monday night, scientists counted 136 bottlenose dolphin carcasses found since mid-January along the shores of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, almost half of them newly born or stillborn infants.

And [Blair Mase, NOAA’s stranding coordinator for the Southeast] noted that “we’re still in the response phase” since carcasses are washing up daily, including at least two on Tuesday in Louisiana.

Or the new rash of sea turtles dying in droves?

“In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen an increase” in turtle deaths in the northern Gulf, Connie Barclay, a spokeswoman for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, told

Since March 15, she noted, 39 deaths were confirmed in Mississippi, 4 in Alabama and 3 in Louisiana.

I will admit that when I read at Digital Journal (via Activist Post) that the Obama Administration decided to restrict finding on these dead dolphins referenced above, it causes me to consider that we have just another lie and cover-up in the making. But what else is new with the Fascist State?

And like everything else I bitch about here, surely any thinking person will admit the huge possibility that things are far worse in this situation than officials will ever admit to. Just consider that for every dead animal that washes ashore, there is likely many more that don’t make it to be seen:

The death toll from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill goes far beyond the animal corpses washing ashore, says a report that warns that whale and dolphin deaths may be 50 times higher than believed.

The report, by an international team of marine mammal specialists, estimates that for every corpse that washes ashore another 50 may never be found.


Speaking of some way to stir this mess up even more and then dump it further inland. One of the early fears about this poison dump was “what if” a big storm hit? It appears we may see what happens. My prayers and hopes for the safety of those citizens go out.

Now, I don’t think that my young niece has any immediate health effect to deal with, but from what I have read it doesn’t necessarily happen immediately. I also understand that most that have had ill effects are full time residents, by and large.

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5 thoughts on “How Was Your Florida Spring Break?

  1. Hmmm. Guess we will have to wait and see B’man. Wait and see if Florida residents start getting sick(or are they already) from anything that may have been picked up from this storm. It worries me to hear people are getting sick in the gulf area and I dont hear any report on the news. Nor have I heard much about dead fish and such washing ashore. I heard one report of oil surfacing there last week, that was it. Im worried about this weekend. My GF wants to go to a popular seafood place for my birthday. I worry where the fish/lobster/shrimp comes from. If I will be the last time. With the gulf and now the nuclear meltdown in japan…..

    There is much the public isnt being told about these disaters.

    So they want the population below 500,000,000….well looks like they are working on that.


  2. I’ve quit “preaching” about the oil to my friends. Not that I don’t care. It is just they get mad at me and call me names. It is unbelievable how people react when you tell them not to go there. It is their money that they are spending. However it is their own lives they are taking into their own hands. This is serious shit down there. Look up the research that surfrider did all along the beaches. It is amazing what was left behind. They just buried the oil on the beach and put “clean” sand on top of it. I hope no harm comes to these folks. I will not go. Nor will I eat seafood right now and don’t know when I will. Reports of “clean” seafood from around the TX border is the only highlight I have found. The EPA allowed BP to “clean” the beaches to within a 10% tolerance. That is visible sand on the beaches.
    When this was happening we talked about it being years …if ever this would be cleaned up. Your going to see on the tube that all is ok. Again money overrides safety of the human being. Now every state in the union has elevated radiation levels. As with the oil spill if they tell you 5 …its ten. We’re fucked enjoy what you can while you can!


    • Ya its becoming evident that we are all in danger and our leaders could careless, or they are just so stupid they dont understand the danger. Its easy when you live in a bubble and your every need is given to you.

      I have been thinking,oh thats dangerous lol, if satan really does exist…he has this world by the balls. Everything is second to greed and deception. I ve heard it said his greatest feat was convincing the world he doesnt exist. Who knows. The thing is , everything is second to greed and the deceptions that enable greed to flourish.

      I will go have my birthday dinner, the last seafood one I will have. Hopefully it wont be my last. One thing, if I get to the restarunt and the parking lot is Isnt busy as it usually is or empty…I aint eatin…


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