Radioactive Richard Noggins

Does it take an ignorant old redneck, like myself, to explain how stupid that the nay-sayers are regarding this disaster? I have deleted my feeds to some sites that I once considered information sources because they are STILL lying (either bald-face or due to ineptness and ignorance) about how bad this situation is. I personally think that many are little more than disinformation specialists, but you can make your own determination. You won’t find any more links to those pages from here, tho. I am cleaning house, slowly but surely.

It doesn’t take an expert to understand the seriousness of the Fukushima incident. One can be a person who has studied history, to understand that this was far worse than the media lets on. But for those ass-wipes that still minimize what is occurring, well, all I can say is that you deserve what you get for being so damned clueless AND, at the same time, jeopardizing your reader’s lives by not giving the full, if any, facts about this disaster.

This HAS been far worse than Chernobyl since the day that the MOX fuel pool blew, spewing Cesium and plutonium (and who knows what else) into the air. But the Noggins will STILL say that this isn’t as bad as Chernobyl, even tho now the officials are being forced to admit it. Some are even suggesting that we have NOTHING to worry about, but I say you are a fool if you are not concerned over this.

But sickness from the fallout is just the beginning. Japanese business is suffering (and so is American business that needs product made in Japan to build product here). We are set for a major worldwide financial crash and I expect that the dollar will crash sometime very soon. Then we will have to live with fall-out on top of that.

The fact is that they lie to you and have their ass-kissers ready, willing and able to perpetuate those lies, no matter what truth is available. Oh, and BTW, the officials didn’t tell you the truth initially because they didn’t want to “scare” you.

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6 thoughts on “Radioactive Richard Noggins

  1. There are many things we agree on, DM. But that isn’t why I cut some and keep others. Disagreements are only that. But when I suspect someone of purposefully DISinforming people, I have a problem and don’t want to be associated with them or be the cause that someone was deceived by linking from my place.

    There are many things you get in to that I simply don’t know, but that doesn’t mean you are trying to bullshit anyone.

    I won’t even eat shrimp in Chinese or Mexican food, when I am not confident that it comes from the Gulf, just to be safe. My days of Sushi are over, as well (sushi was my favorite food).


  2. Fan, meet Shit.

    It’s starting, just as anyone with three brain cells to click together could have predicted:

    <a href=
    High levels of radiation detected in Japanese fish, vegetables

    “Radiation above the legal limit has been detected in fish and vegetables in the Fukushima Prefecture, according to Japan’s health ministry.

    Radiation 25 times the limit of radioactive cesium was found in lances, a small fish. Six times the legal limit of radioactive iodine was also found.

    The health ministry detected high levels of radiation in 11 kinds of vegetables.”

    And it’s just starting. Given the circular nature of ocean currents, expect to see cancerous lesions on fish and shellfish caught off the Aleutians within 3 months, and on seafood harvested off the West Coasts of Canada and the US within 5-8 months.

    And that’s just the visible flaws; seafood could be ‘infected’ with a dangerously high degree of radioisotopes and not show any outward signs of degeneration. And how many harvester ships are currently equipped with Geiger counters? How many ‘infected’ fish and other seafood will make it into the human food chain before enough hue and cry takes place to demand such measures?

    Even if each harvesting nation in the area instituted crash programs for radiation detection onboard their ships were begun today, it may take 2-3 years before an efficient system to detect and separate the damaged ‘product’ from the normal catch takes place. And each fish would have to be checked. The likelihood of that happening, given the nature of ‘factory fishing’ conducted by nations such as Japan, which have already depleted the world’s supply, that’s not bloody likely. By the time such a program is implemented, you can expect thousands, maybe tens of thousands of deaths area-wide from ingesting isotope-tainted fish.

    As has already been remarked upon, the economic aspects of this continually exponentially worsening catastrophe are only being dimly perceived – if at all – within media sources…whose corp-rat underwriting will no doubt be guided by ‘cost/benefit analysis’, like how many lawsuits can a company afford to be buffeted with courtesy of selling tainted seafood.

    Expect to see huge investment opportunities grow soon in inland fish-farming a la catfish and tilapia, as that will probably be the only safe seafood available for many years to come…


    • Thanks for the info. Been a bit busy lately, so I apologize for such a slow response. I have a feeling that far more than 400,000 will contract some sort of cancer from this. They just announced it would take 6-9 months to stop the spewing radiation. 9 months of continual release and a huge effort to minimize the significance until as many of the 400,000 are dead or dying to make any real difference.

      Somehow or another, Americans are too far gone to realize that they are being lied to on virtually every facet of what affects their lives the most. Until it is too late and then it is hidden in plain sight so to not allow citizens to get pissed.


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