Are You Scared Yet?

I hadn’t planned on writing about a guy that was killed around 8 to 10 years ago, but now I can’t help myself. Everywhere that I have been in the past several days that has a TV on has been showing little more than the Fear Narrative driven by OBL’s 9th death. It is EVERYWHERE.

What does that tell me? Not that I have to worry about the constructed Bogeyman Reprisal, but that something big is being planned and the rhetoric is shifting to warp-speed. They want you scared, people. And there are very few people who have not taken the tainted Koolaid. Watch the following I saw at The Intel Hub (the entire piece is good):

Listen to those mindless assholes.

“Better safe than sorry” the Brutha tells us. Then the next person interviewed tells us that we need to use our millions of eyes and ears to keep a vigilant watch out (as IF people don’t, already).

Let me tell you something, I trust very few people already, not because of terrorism, but because people are already getting hungry where I am from. Crime is skyrocketing around here. Break-ins, shoplifting, home invasions on elderly, murder…

People are already losing it, but it has NOTHING to do with any terrorism, it has EVERYTHING to do with survival in a country where decent jobs have disappeared and the ones left don’t pay enough even for the basics. I know several people personally that are facing charges as I write this. These are good people at their heart, but have become desperate enough to do anything because they can’t get a job or have been screwed over by the Law.

But beyond this, listen to the security apparatus’ new digs being setup at malls, train stations, and other “soft” targets. In other words, EVERYWHERE else that people mingle.

Please watch each other. Be suspicious of everyone as a terrorist.

BE LIKE ISRAEL: with a search of every person at every “soft” target area in their country. God, doesn’t that make you wonder just how much of a real outside terrorist problem they have? Does it make you consider that maybe there are many mini false flag events that happened there, which is now expanding here? Hell, it’s all the same people running the show, or their paid and manipulated puppets that run things here (think Chertoff, as a single example).

I just gotta say that being like Israel is NOT what is best for me or my country. However, I cannot deny that it is happening right before our eyes.

Isn’t it amazing how much intel we have gleamed from the documents, pc’s, thumb drives, etc found at OBL’s $1M Estate, er, $250K house? Is it just me, but how much more intel could have been gotten from OBL himself, seeing how now that he could have easily been taken since the lies have been demolished about his armed confrontation and using his wife as a human shield. Do you think that a kidney failed, diabetes infested towel head could have kept from spilling ALL the beans by their favorite torture device, the Water Board?

More insane is the fact that Obama claims that releasing any photos could cause reprisals, yet EVERYTHING insists that we are going to get reprisals without releasing them. But does that stop them from releasing OTHER gruesome photos from that “firefight”? Or did it stop the Saddam Hussein or his sons images from being splattered everywhere?

Seriously, on the face of this, it is evident that all of this is a lie. But even if it isn’t, why do things the way they were done? Check BrassCheckTV for their hypothesis.

I, on the other hand, believe there are a variety of motives behind this. It’s like a massive attempt to go for all the marbles, as it were. Read SteveLendmanBlog post on the subject and catch this:

Issues and Answers

After years of using bin Laden simultaneously as a CIA asset and “Enemy Number One,” why the shift now? Aside from eliminating the alleged top terror threat, major events like this are always strategically timed for political reasons.

At least several stand out now, including:

(1) Boosting Obama’s sagging image. It worked according to a New York Times poll showing an approval bump from 46% in April to an early May 57%, even though the euphoria will soon fade in hard times.

(2) Diverting attention from eroding domestic needs, notably growing angst over a deepening Main Street depression.

(3) Hyping fear for intensified, not less, imperial war, and perhaps preparing the ground for a major false flag attack to advance America’s grand scheme for unchallengeable global dominance.

I pointed out many of the same issues on FB and elsewhere, including the fact that the media whores have stopped talking about Fukushima, where they are nowhere near fixing the spewing radiation that is now found here and elsewhere in the world. Notice how we barely hear that Feds Abandon Extra Radiation Monitoring of Milk, Water. We also have forgotten about Libya, in many ways, especially the fact that our magnificent bombing raids have killed many innocent children and that we are now in cahoots with the very same Al Qaeda in that endeavor (shit, didn’t we just hear that they were our enemy????).

This whole thing is comical in its attempt to form a narrative and when facts are shown to be lies (like the fact that the staged photo-op with Hillary and the boys aghast watching the killings happen live actually could not be true since they lost the video feed for over 20 minutes as it was happening). I told a friend on Facebook that the picture of Clinton looking so freaked out might have just as easily been them watching a bunch of dead babies, except for the fact that I doubt that even THAT would illicit such an image and response from that evil bitch.

Have we simply hired a bunch of actors who play parts on behalf of the Zionists? Just look at how the narrative was setup by Obama not allowing pictures taken of his announcement, then going to set up a photo-op right afterwards so the pictures of his concern could be printed.

Let me ask you a couple of things about this farce and how it makes little sense, even from the players in the play. How can POTUS Obama and Sec Clinton come out and tell us that “justice has been served”, that “the world is a safer place”, and that the “world is better off”, but at the same time that we need to “redouble our efforts”. Redouble? As in spending another $TRILLION on bogus Imperialism of the Middle East? It will never end and the contradictions seemingly escape the mass of Americans.

Look. It is evident that Obama is the lead role in this production, but he didn’t write it, nor direct any of it. This comes from elsewhere up the production food chain. It’s all a production to scare the shit out of you. And the other long-dead actor was paid, not only by our CIA early on, but by British Intelligence AND Mossad.

I saw this at the aangirfan blog (and subsequently watched the rest of the interview at DProgram). If you don’t have time for the entire interview, at least watch this one:

(I would suggest that this man hide, for I see an untimely death for him if they get their hands on him.)

Here is what we need to remember: these people are not incompetent. Of course there are some that are stupid as rocks, but by and large there are very bright people doing this. But it is very difficult to construct such a production when the main actor has been dead for a very long time. Yet the majority of American people are too brainwashed, scared and full of American Exceptionalism to understand that we are watching a play/movie unfold before our eyes.

But what could possibly be their rationale for this production? Especially if he was unarmed.

No, it’s a lie to do something else. And there are surely several goals to be attained due to the lie.

You think its simply to raise Obama’s poll numbers? In the scheme of things, those who control this all don’t give a shit about that (even tho Obama might). There is more to it.

How about the latest news from those thumb drives that tell us of the plot of Al Qaeda to attack rail lines in the USA? Think that might be an excuse to implement scanners and dick touching at railway terminals and other “soft” targets? Isn’t that amazing? Or maybe the fact that the Dollar is crashing and several countries like China, Japan and S Korea are now considering dumping the use of the US Dollar? Or that the Eurozone is quickly falling apart and that Greece wants out?

Or simply think about this post here that I shared a couple of days ago that is getting so much attention lately. Think that any of this, not to mention that almost every source has since shut down any viewing or tracking of Elenin, might be keeping truly IMPORTANT things from being understood?

What else do you think are the motives, besides Obama’s lagging poll numbers that really doesn’t mean shit?

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