BuelahMan Sits In His Front Row Seat With His Notebook

When you are born in this world, you are given a ticket to this freak show.

When you are born in America, you are given a front row seat.

Kelso shared this video below on Facebook a few weeks ago and it stuck with me, for it sort of explains my transition lately. When I started this blog in 2007, I was one of the people who thought I might be able to make a difference, especially towards reaching Southern Folk. I endearingly call us all “rednecks”, in such a way NOT to offend, but to try to bring humor to what many take offensively (or perhaps better yet, what many others use AGAINST southern folks offensively). I splattered around some funny stuff every now and then, hoping this might also attract a few folks whose work and over-burdened lives was causing them great distress.

Drafting out culled sheep.

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As I read and learned and as I experienced my own many problems (bankruptcy, medical issues in my family, deaths, loss of job and basically the falling apart of everything I ever worked for), I began to realize that there was something afoot that was beyond my ability to make change or improve (or even slow or stop the demise I was personally experiencing). So, I evolved and this blog evolved. She (the blog) and I both became angry. We both saw that something was purposefully being done to change our lives in America and the rest of the world.

I began researching and then sharing what I found in commentary. I began asking others to join me and share their thoughts, because I want to hear others’ progression thru their change/evolution and be able to share that here. Linda put up with a lot of my assholeness, but still loves me. Kelso joined up in an attempt to share a very different perspective (and he truly has a gift for writing, among many other gifts). Then I reached out to an old friend when I saw him on Facebook (Dr Doug).

Dr Doug was one of those staunch Republicans, at one time. He has shared with me that thru things he and I discussed, he started seeing some truths as I do (I am not suggesting that we see everything eye to eye). He is one of those folks that gave me hope that maybe there was something I could do to make a change in American perception and attitude (especially among “rednecks”). He proved to me that people are not beyond reach and if they simply open their minds, things like 911 suddenly become “not so clearly” the official story (not to mention how bogus the D vs R false political paradigm is). I was very glad when he agreed to share things here and he brings a different take to a lot of issues and has many alternate skills that The Revolt needed.

There are quite a few excellent regulars that share in comments and the wealth of information I learn from them is amazing. I have also set up a very nice, but evolving set of reference blog links. They generally all have different strengths and even purposes. I have made a lot of online friends and recently one of these fine folks wrote me, noticing that my family and I are going thru some rough times, and offered to send me some money to help us. That particular person may never understand what such a thought means to me (don’t worry, everybody, I ain’t asking for money and turned him down, too, with much gratitude).

In many cases, some of these blogs have changed in some way and end up writing shit that causes me to re-question their motives. When and IF I see that something is looking dubious or peculiar, I cull them much like I recently culled over 125 Facebook “friends” (and then I de-activated the account, no longer considering that the network is a means to reach people). Sure, several of them enjoyed what I would share, but if I were a fly on the wall in the majority’s homes as they looked at their FB wall, I bet 1/2 or more had blocked my feed (and I understand that a lot of what I shared rubbed them and their comfort zones in a really bad way). Such is life and such is blogging (sometimes you just got to cull the baggage or the wolf that is dressed in sheep’s clothing or simply the dumbasses).

I had mentioned leaving FB several times before on my wall and inevitably, several people would write and ask me not to, but I was still only preaching to an ever-shrinking choir. I had shared enough links from here that if they want to know what I think, they can come read (and would be welcome). Many have recently joined by subscribing, as a matter of fact (thank you all). I like to think that these people, who are mostly folks that I have known for a very long time (many going to highschool with), know I am genuine and that I ain’t stupid. I believe they know that I try my best to study, evaluate, and take time to form an educated opinion, altho I am an expert in only a couple of things (and I NEVER write about those things).

I guess what I am saying is that I have (in Carlin’s words) become one of those people who sit back in my front row seat and take notes. I wish I had his gift for humor and insight, for he was an amazing individual, but I am what I am, lacking in many ways.

Listen to a genius describe what I am trying to say:

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15 thoughts on “BuelahMan Sits In His Front Row Seat With His Notebook

  1. I am the one who will miss you on FB the most. Our cell phones since the storms the other day have took out six cell towers. I have to drive over to the edge of Alabama for some reason to get a signal to talk. So I can’t use my cell. I don’t have a house phone. Cell may work or it may not. I have missed some important calls recently. Yes I was a staunch R. Although I had left the party before we re-connected, you made me see some things I was still not seeing. I still hold my conservative values. Mainly the bill of rights. Since I thought of becoming a Libertarian. As I read their mailings and see the shit they try and push on me, I don’t see them as any different than the GOP. Yes we are fucked in this country. I’m not one to hit the beach unless I have to. This politico situation we are under in “home” is mind boggling. It will always be a R or D in the white house leading us. There were only a couple or three issues that separated the two for me. My GOP buddies always told me how the D’s would spend us into unthinkable debt when it was them that did this with not proper regs on the banking and the bogus wars they put us in. We will never see peace again in my lifetime and I am only 45yo. I have learned about fascism from you and how corporations are running our country and making our policy. I have also been called a “left wing” nut now. Pretty funny if you knew how I used to think. I still hold some conservative values and always will. I’m ready for the USD to collapse any day, but I am thinking it’s too “big” to fail. I didn’t just take your word on a lot of this stuff, I too did research and found out something is terribly wrong with the American people in general. I think nature and her disasters will take care of a lot of this in the coming years. Look at the Mississippi river and what it is doing right now and we haven’t seen that ever in our lifetime. Look at the strong storms we have had. Also, most of all, look at what is coming this way in your telescopes from space. Look at our magnetic poles. I can’t get a signal on my phone so I hope to see you this week-end.


    • Hey Man,

      I already DON’T miss FB. Seriously. But if anyone ever asks, send them here, if you like. I will likely not be back.

      Unless something really bad happens, I’ll be there this weekend (been looking forward that that get together).

      And I want to note that I didn’t mean that you just believe anything and everything that I say, but that I lit a match that you used to start the fire to learn more about certain subjects. Open mind. Many others lack this.

      At this point, I could care less if the dollar fails, for prolonging it just makes the misery last longer.

      I also lean towards the small “l” libertarian view and see the Big “L” party wannabe as much like the reTHUGlicans.

      And like you, I hold many conservative views but I can’t be painted with the Big “C”, which is just a synonym for Republican side of what is really the Fascist Party. All that shit is a lie and anyone paying attention has seen it. On the other hand, the Dem Party is not liberal, but Big “L”, which is another synonym for the Democratic side of the Fascist Party. For truly, neither of these are different in any meaningful way.

      Big L, Big C… Repub, Demo

      Its all the same with just enough nuance to fool the masses.

      I always come down to this: I want my tax dollar going to take care of Americans (my liberal side) and I DON’T want it going to the war machine or corporate welfare (my conservative side).

      So, basically, no one can put me firmly into a “side”, nor should any of us want to go to their prescribed sides. That is what I (and Max Igan) calls breaking the matrix.

      I hope we get to talk this week.


      • I for one lookforward to reading the ideas and such that you all have. i hang out here hoping B’man, that you dont let the revolt die. Yes this country is screwed and I dont mind sitting one the front row with you all and taking notes. I think at some point though, we’ll have to move to the back row , away from the chaos coming,and enjoy the show.


        • Please check your email.

          After re-evaluating (and dumping) Facebook, I ain’t going anywhere. I appreciate you very much and hope you seriously consider my request.


          • Hey Hoss, I was a wonderin’ why I didn’t have my ‘ole buddy on FB anymore. I have been busier than a cat on a steep tin roof and ain’t had a chance to get back to you. Holler at me….


            • Hey!

              Yeah. I am thru with Facebook. Going to focus on this blog and other shit.

              Been to the gym (the father-in-law asked us to join with him and he’s paying for it), working the garden, mowed the yard and took BuelahGirl to her ballgame tonight (her team won 17 – 10). Got another one on Thursday evening at 5:30 in Adamsville if ya’ll might want to go.

              I’ll call tomorrow morning and find out when we can put parts on the truck (or go fishing), whichever comes first.


    • God Bless AmeriKKKa!

      I noticed that the guy pulled from the vehicle spoke better English than the BP dude. He did a good job, but I wonder if he got the hell whipped out of him for asking the questions, like many Police State Officers do, when they are questioned.

      Sometimes, I want to puke when I know what has happened here to MY country.

      But at least they finally caught this little terrorist:



      • A baby patdown. We are all suspects and our rights have been suspended.

        Now after the statement I just made comes the idiots that say”if you have nothing to hide you shouldnt have a problem ”


        These type of people have no clue of what is happening to them or thier country!


    • And if you said hell no you cant search my car get a warrant? I ‘ll yell ya what would happen. 1) they would drag you out claiming they had reason to believe you were hiding something. 2)They would have used the dogs as a we we alert by the dogs there maybe drugs in this vehicle. Or combo of the two.

      We have no rights in this country anymore except those they give to us and of which they can remove at anytime.

      God Bless Amerikkka indeed!


  2. Yes indeed George, the pile of shit is too deep. My father loved George, as I do. I miss both of them. Yes my friends, Im right on the precipise of that very same divorce. Ill give you and example why.

    Something happened yesterday, something that Ive seen online but never thought would happen to me in conversation…

    I was sitting talking to some’friends’ , jury duty came up and how to get out of it. As the discussion progressed , it lead to drug policies. OHH boy , wrong discussion to get me in,as many of you here know. The topic came to a point where three of th four disagreed and attacked me on my views or how stupid our drug laws are. How corruption is caused by them on and on. At one point, one of my attackers dropped my jaw by saying all drug users should be lined up and shot. Mind you , this person has history of drug use/abuse. I was shocked. I have seen this idea fro m people online…never from people in my area of existance. I asked” Are you serious?” Yes was the answer. “Even if your adult children or grandchildren are drug users/consumers?” the answer came as yes. Three of the four agreed. The fourth was just as shocked as I. I said” You people are seriously wrong in the head.” the conversation ended abruptly there.

    This just one of many things of late that has seriously shaken my ability to have faith in humanity. I have in last few manths stopped visiting may web sites because of such narrow minded inside the box parroting. I have decided to unsubscribe from quite a few more(this jewel of a site not included).

    Yes george, we are circling the drain. I also think I would like to sit back , take notes and watch the show .


    • I get this all the time. Nazi like responses to any question of what is going on. Shut up and do what you are told. I am really taken aback from it all. Fuck em! all of em. They have no idea what is going on. It is all good to them. Dissenion is the best Patriot act of all. Now it is considered grounds to be arrested and held with out any rights at all. The vid above is an amazing example of our 4th amendment being violated. So for our better “good” we need to give up a few rights. Ha not for me and not my America!!! We are and have been conditioned to except this from people in charge. So when it really gets to the point we really won’t know what rights we have left and will not question when they come in our home and take our guns and excess food.
      For someone to think that all drug users should be lined up and shot just lets you know what has happened to the people in this country. I try not to hang with folks like that. The drug war has killed more people than drugs by a large margin. Take notes for sure and we are all on the front row. It happens every day right in front of us. Every time you go through a road block or get pulled over for not having a seat belt on. Again rights are given to the government and are God given to men. somewhere a long the line this has been reversed and needs to change. Thanks again to B man for the friendship and especially these past couple of years! I know your not going anywhere and I wish you the best! Things are tough all over!


      • The sad thing about my conversation, the one who said it was the last person I would have expected to say it. It really bummed me. Its funny, people so easily follow when they think they are leading. These folks also have the attitude of “if you have nothing to hide , why fight searches”…. I just dont know, dont know if its worth talking to people , dont know if its worth my stress level.

        B’man put Carlin up there. It made me remember why Im here. My father died of lung cancer. After , I found out how cannabis can relieve symptoms of chemo , help with appetite and such. It got me searching the web. I was new to the web then. Stubbled alot, but most of all, learned alot. Didnt really know the extent of our governments sickness til then.That one search lead me to many other searches. Well here I am.

        Ya dad loved Carlin. I really didnt know truly why(other than he was funnier than shit). Dad knew things werent right either….as did George, as do I now know.

        The story of stuff comes to mind. It (in my mind ) was George’s way of describing what is wrong with peoples lives, why they are so stressed out, why they have no time for more important things, why the world has taken a wrong turn. WE MUST HAVE STUFF! MORE STUFF! ITS NEVER ENOUGH STUFF!

        If god created the angles,the animals and us. What makes us think he wont wipe the slate clean and create something much better than all of that.

        Lets hope he dont, lets hope we are given an opportunity to change. We may just need a push in the right direction.


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