Bin Laden, Beltane & the Rituals of the Matrix by Max Igan


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I have not studied the Occult and its many adherents/practitioners. I always sort of thought about this stuff as mumbo-jumbo and people who practice the stuff as shit-house mouse crazy. Maybe my disinterest comes from long ago religious teachings (which would seem contradictory, since the occult is mentioned many times in the Bible).

This isn’t to confirm that practicing any such thing actually produces results. But, I cannot deny that there are people in this world over the millennium that HAVE, indeed, practiced such stuff. I have read about various practices from Royal Families and the such and even from lone crazies who go so far as to mutilate and/or kill animals (and humans) in some sort of ritualistic offerings. But, I will admit I know very little about this stuff and generally don’t add anything here unless it is to make fun of the freak show.

So, when This Is Not My America (long time regular here) broached the subject of how the elite are manipulating us, it made me think of the latest Max Igan’s “Surviving The Matrix”  radio show (from last Friday), where he addresses the Bin Laden “death”, the Occult and how the latest Royal Wedding is seemingly based upon rituals, such as Beltane.

Like I said, I don’t know about that, but what I do know is that I do NOT believe all the miraculous coincidences that seem to occur with these various occultist festivals and rituals of old.

So, watch the following, especially videos 1 & 2 (altho I enjoyed it all, video 3 got in to some water issues that I must think further through to get a good grasp of what Max is trying to convey (if you take the time, maybe you can help explain in the comments section below). No matter what, I cannot deny that there are many odd issues that mirror long-standing rituals and this type of coincidence is simply too much to believe as happenstance in my mind.

What do you think?

Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

On a side note: I don’t know if this request is “occult” or not, but I am having a difficult time right now and need positive energy sent my way. I can’t explain the details, but my family is going through some hardships that is trying to tear us apart. Thanks!

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10 thoughts on “Bin Laden, Beltane & the Rituals of the Matrix by Max Igan

  1. I watched this entire series this morning over my coffee. Interesting stuff. I’m not educated on the occult either but the Beltane ritual was real interesting. For some reason this made me think of when I left this small town and moved to Memphis to work. I remember one day a plane went over head and I looked up. Someone made a joke of me being a small town redneck and never seeing a plane before. I just shook it off and did my job. Yes I had seen planes before but I always am aware of my surrounding.
    I know what it means when Max was talking about water. I love being on the water in a boat. I like the wake my boat makes and how is splashes out to the side as I cut through it. There is a peace on the water, especially at dawn and dusk. Without experiencing this I would be crazy. I call it river therapy. As I call it woods therapy when I am up a tree hunting. Buelah I know what you are going through right now is tough. You know I care and am thinking positive thoughts for you.


  2. Ah, you gotta love Max. Heres something to ponder. He spoke of these rituals and gathering. Made me think of how our lives, energy from our lives are turned into something government ,or those who pull their strings, can use…..taxes. Taxes =your life force…your time spent.

    Rituals all have one thing in common, a state of mind during those rituals, yes even water therapy Dr.Duhglie(been there many times, same as campfire therapy). Whether it be christanity,satanism,budaism…what have you. Its a state of mind . For what purpose? It is to effect reality. Max is right,you can change your reality the answer is simple,the methods are many. Visualization is one method. I try to visualize myself doing things. Whether it be getting a job, building a house, getting to a finacial path to buy a car or motorcycle. Its all a state of mind, that state of mind can effect your reality. where am I going with this?

    Collecting energy, our energy. It can be fear, joy what ever. Why/ to effect reality. Hows this possible you say. check out the vid on a little thing called quantum mechanics:

    Now , as you see, by observation, a state of mind, you can effect matter.This matter is everywhere.Even in water.

    Collecting energy as Max said….humm…now I got you thinking…..

    What would you do with reality if you could effect it?


    • Heres another little vid I’d like to share. If you havent seen it, you will enjoy it.

      Humanity needs to grow up.


  3. Well, I don’t know much about the occult and voodoo type shit. But, from my experience, it seems like to this Northeast Mississippi Redneck, lots of people are practicing some sort of weird ass juju shit. Hell, it’s got to where I have to kill a chicken and use the blood and intestines in a expulsion rites ceremony at least once a week to keep the voodoo dumbasses from attacking me!….


      • Oh yeah sure do! That is why I only use the blood and intestines. No use wasting a perfectly good chicken on voodoo shit when just the blood and guts will work fine. Sometimes, if the juju ain’t too bad, I only use the blood and I go fishing with the intestines….lol


  4. but I am having a difficult time right now and need positive energy sent my way

    That happens when you fight the good fight and don’t bend over.

    If you would toss your soul, brain and heart into the nearest dumpster and start cheering wildly anytime you see a report of the USA murdering some peasants in Afghanistan, Iraq or Pakistan, you’d get some energy, but not the kind you’re seeking.


  5. I went to one of them “snake handling” churches once out of curiosity. They all got mad at me when I told them that I don’t think them rattlers and copperheads have read in the Bible where they ain’t supposed to bite a person. They told me that you got to have faith or they will bite you. They really got pissed when I asked them if they had enough faith to hold a cottonmouth like that! They asked me to leave….lol


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