Mississippi Moon Wontcha Keep On Shining On Me

Delta blues are named for the Mississippi Delt...

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This old country boy loves Mississippi. Until the last 5 years, the majority of my life was spent there. Of course I know about all the stereotypes (and many times, “truths”) that are used against us MS Folk. But generally, I used this as a way to keep the very wonderful things about the place my little hidden secret. I have taken pride in being from the “50th State”, because I never really believed that it was last.

Sure, we are the poorest state… have the highest obesity rates… one of the highest number teen pregnancy rates… one of the least educated… one of the highest unemployment rates… one of the highest rates of gonorrhea… and many other negative stats which make us “winners”. But I also know that most of these people are the nicest, most inviting and loving people in this country. That is a fact that I believe and have witnessed in my world travels.

There is also beauty in the country-side, especially in NE MS (where I grew up). There is ample wildlife and open spaces, not to mention the river therapy that Dr Doug talks about.

But, we are experiencing some devastation right now that includes the recent tornado event and perhaps worse, the Mississippi River is over-flowing, endangering the lives of many thousands of people on the west side.

One Georgia country boy informed me of the SF Gate article which discusses the flood event and there is one paragraph that catches my attention in a very scary way:

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour urged people to get out if they think there is even a chance their homes will flood. He said there is no reason to believe a levee on the Yazoo River would fail, but if it did, 107 feet of water would flow over small towns.

One Hundred and Seven Feet???

You need to understand that the very highest point in Mississippi is near my hometown and that is 806 feet (Woodall “Mountain”). But to the far west, in the Delta, it is far lower, especially near the river. 106 feet would totally cover virtually the entire area, likely killing many of the 465,000 or so people who live there in their squalor. To think that the Gov is saying that “IF” the citizens “think” there is a problem for flooding to move out. Well, tell me, you sanctimonious clown, where will these poverty-stricken people go?

A Natural News article explains even more detail about what is going on and that many places have already seen the high water mark record broken:

Flood waters continue to rise all along the Mississippi, including in Natchez, Miss., which today saw its portion of the river rise to 58.3 feet, breaking the all-time 1937 record of 53.04 feet. Vicksburg, Miss., Baton Rouge, La., and New Orleans, La. are all expected to see record-breaking crests late next week, some far exceeding previous record flood levels.

Tunica is under water. Massive crop failures already have occurred.

According to the above article, the “Black Water” is also tainted and I wonder what this might mean for the future of the region (not to mention America).

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One thought on “Mississippi Moon Wontcha Keep On Shining On Me

  1. 107ft ! Ya thats scary. The flooding there could mean serious economic problems for the whloe nation. From crops being flooded to refineries being shut down…

    Think about it. Food prices will go up ..MORE. Fuel prices will go up …MORE!

    I was doing ok,finacially. Was able to save alittle money, then the food and gas prices started going up. Some days Im in the negitive. Now what. Now with the floods down south, the probalble devisation of food crops,cotton crops and such. The refineries in threat of shut down. Now what.

    IM not sure I can withstand the extra cost, may even have to not go anywhere, get rid of my basic cable(which I hardly watch anyway), internet? No ‘luxuries’. How bout these folks around the country that are less fortunate than myself?

    I just paid 700$ for insurance for my two vehicles,500$ for rent on this little hole I live in , food everyweek, utilies, student loan (which turned out to be a joke that Im stuck with)…and I live in a place where cost of living isnt so bad as the rest of the country. Yet my paycheck gets eaten up everyweek by federal, state and local taxes…for what. So they can waste that money for me?For you?

    How about the rest of America…how are you doing? Couldnt you use those taxes that they waste for you?

    How about fuel. There are oil well here in the US that are capped. Why dont they open them and start pumping?

    How about farm subsidies that federal gov pays farmers to not grow food? Why are we not growing more food? There are always people who need to eat.

    Yet they sit back and watch these disasters ruin peoples lives and drive prices higher. Why do they do this?

    GREED !


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