Question Everything?

I’ve been called a contrarian. I have been called a tin foil hat wearer. I’ve been called a nutcase.

Why? Because I don’t believe the vast majority of the propaganda and lies that our officials and their MSM mouthpieces’ tell us.

Its been said here on several occasions to “question everything“. And that is what I do. I always have.

But when I saw Dog Poet’s link at Reflections In A Petri Dish to the following documentary, it was even hard for me to question what has been so thoroughly engrained into my head my entire lifetime. My Mother, who is German (born and raised there) and lived through the last few years of WWII, probably doesn’t question this. Cousins and other family members would likely not question this. As a matter of fact, I know few people that I have ever had any discussion on this subject that would question any of the official story. I certainly don’t know any Jewish people that question the story, so this may come as a sore subject to my Jewish friends that frequent here (and Kelso, who is an author here).

I am not trying to start crap, but after seeing this I must question even this. And since I find it impossible to believe ANYTHING from those who have been brainwashing us for decades, how can I NOT question this?

If you have the time, watch this film and let me know what you think. Over the top?

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7 thoughts on “Question Everything?

  1. There will always be lies and propaganda to justify wars. Afterward lies and propaganda are continued for justification.

    As far as the video, it showed people will lie. It showed that people can become delusional and believe there on imaginations. I’m not going to sit hear and say that nothing happened to justify any of the wars in the video, or that many people didn’t die before, during or after these or any wars since. But as we know from more recent years, the means to war is the sell. And to repeat the sell [propaganda] until people believe it afteward.

    I wouldn’t say this video was over the top. Looks like it exposed some lies still being propagated today. We can dig and dig and never know the truth. Thats why some of us question everything.


    I like your tin foil hat. Just this past Thursday I was over with the nephews and jokingly made one. They ask what it was for. I told them to block out all the BS.


    • The hat: I was trying to wrap a little plastic play blue dog to my head, but I couldn’t make it work. So, I did the best I can.

      I am hoping Kelso adds his input to this post, but it doesn’t look like he has been around in a while. He has a distinct Jewish background and hates Zionism.


  2. I have no doublt people were killed, jews were slain, during this time.

    Now, with that said, people are people. Jews, Speilberg, they are all just like you and I. Imperfect. Some could justify lying about what happened there, or maybe not lying but inflate a story in order to make money off thier experiences. Why not, they have been through hell. I would probably even think I deserve something after all I had been through if I were one who was there. I wouldnt fault someone for doing so, yet , those who would’lie’ about what happened there must know how a lie can diminish the truth of it all. Cry wolf in the woods too many times and one will listen to you.

    As far a Spielberg goes….he’s a Hollywods film director with dollar signs in his eyes and looking for further fame.The same could be said for the makers of this film.

    The world is full of liars.


    • Neither do I doubt that people were killed. But to what extent has it been over-propagandized and for what reason? Why don’t other atrocities get the amount of attention (some many times worse)?

      Money? Only in Hollywood? Doubtful.

      There are many articles/videos of the number discrepancy floating around. The official number changes and has been as high as 6,000,000, while others say far less.

      But the purpose is what I want to know. Money doesn’t explain it all. Could it be to build mega sympathy to support the establishment of an independent Israel? A new homeland?

      Here is where the video rubs me wrong (and I assume you watched the entire film): the black guys near the end. At one point, the video suggests that NO black regiments were a part of the liberation, yet there are three who say they were part of it. I understand the first guy, who had been caught in the lie, but all three?

      Then, we have all the witness statements about the amenities (canteen, plays, orchestra).

      In more recent times with Spielberg, money surely is a factor, but could a renewal of support for the zionist regime of Israel and its expansion and/or world control be a part?

      Brother: I DO question everything. Not to be a dickhead, but to understand the truth about our world and why we think like we do.

      When are you going to sign up???????

      Conspiracydude (this is the guy that had Not Another Conspiracy blog, now defunct, that I have linked to many times) joined us and I hope you will still do so. You could be like our Drug War guy, if that floats your boat, but anything would be awesome.


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