Meanwhile, In Fukushima… We Have The China Syndrome

You Have Nothing To worry About. The China Syndrome was only a movie:

Possible effects of a catastrophic meltdown

The term “China Syndrome” refers to a possible result of a catastrophic meltdown of a nuclear reactor. Also called a loss of coolant accident, the scenario begins when something causes the coolant level in a reactor vessel to drop, uncovering part—or all—of the fuel element assemblies. Even if the nuclear chain reaction has been stopped through use of control rods or other devices, the fuel continues to produce significant residual heat for a number of days due to further decay of fission products. If not properly cooled, the fuel assemblies may soften and melt, falling to the bottom of the reactor vessel. There, without neutron-absorbing control rods to prevent it, nuclear fission could resume but, in the absence of a neutron moderator, might not. Regardless, without adequate cooling, the temperature of the molten fuel could increase to the point where it melts through the structures containing it. Although many feel the radioactive slag would stop at or before the underlying soil, such a series of events could release radioactive material into the atmosphere and ground, potentially causing damage to the local environment’s plant and animal life.

If you haven’t been paying attention, this thing is far worse than what “officials” are telling us. Its not just this crazy conspiracy theorist making stuff up, either. It is to a point now that we can no longer discount, by using the description above, it is clear that we do, in fact, have a China Syndrome event unfolding. Of course, the solution is a polyester circus tent.

Are you feeling safer now?

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3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Fukushima… We Have The China Syndrome

  1. Below is a comment left on the tent link you provided.

    “The concrete containment buildings are just that, “containment” structures. They are built to protect the reactor and to contain the pressure of a steam explosion should the reactor overheat. It does not take 8 to 10 feet of concrete to contain radiation. Nuclear weapons contain some of the most highly radioactive materials known to man, yet they ae contained in fairly thin metal cases. The tents are probably intended to prevent wind and rain from spreading radioactive debris.”

    This person has no idea of the danger. It does take thick concrete to contain radioactivity. The weapons this person is refering to isnt in a state of detonation or meltdown.

    People dont seem to get it.. ..this a serious situation.

    The statement by US regulatory officials that containment breach is impossible is just assanine. Anything is possible. They said the Titanic couldnt be sunk either. Man doesnt know as much as he thinks . Man is arrogant. I feel that arrogance will change this world forever.

    I live near a nuclear plant. They are doing drills and putting out PR like mad. It is on a quake fault. Large quakes such a the one at fukashima have happened here. Make me worry. That just keeps cameras out. They would have to be thick lead tents to do any good. If they do this to keep in material…little late dont ya think.

    No I dont feel safer.


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