Drduhgylie’s Wicked Garden

This is my first year growing a garden.  My wife and I have a flower garden and I decided to grow something I could eat instead of look at this year.  I have years experience growing a garden in helping my grandparents on both sides of my family.  It was just a way of life and survival back then.  I remember a lot about it so I am putting that experience to good use this year.  If you don’t use it you lose it… I guess kinda thing.


I have panted butter beans, okra, squash, tomatoes, peppers, and carrots.  All but the tomatoes are from seed in starter cups.  My wife Beckie has a nice flower garden also.   I am fortunate to have some very rich soil.  This is located in my backyard right in the middle of town.  I mean right in the middle … I am a rock throws from the only red light in town, in the whole county for that matter.  In a county with 400+ square miles we have only one red light.  Life is a far cry different from that of the big city of Memphis where I lived for nearly twenty years.  This life is  much better here.

One of Beckie’s Lillies

I am about 80% finished with the vegetable garden and Beckie is never finished with the flower garden.  In the pic above you can see the blue tarp laid down to kill the grass.  Tilling green grass is a chore if you have never tried it.  I am going to add a few more rows of okra then I’ll be finished with the planting.  I should have tomatoes around the 4th of July which around here is something to brag about.  I have another friend that I am helping with watermelons and cantaloupes too.  We have about 100 “hills” of each and another 300 or so tomato plants.  I am hoping to be over run with squash because I have about 18 “hills” of it growing with three plants per hill.  Now I just need to wait till harvest time and take a hind 1/4 out of the freezer and have a feast!

Update pic June 21st

I will be keeping updates of the garden here.  Updates

5 thoughts on “Drduhgylie’s Wicked Garden

  1. I was going to wait till after the rain. What the hell I’m fixing to till the rest of this ground and get it over with! Old timer once said you can lose a crop waiting on the rain. Later!


  2. I finished the tilling and planted four more rows of okra. I thought I was through. I forgot about the cucumbers I need to put next to the fence. I promise that is it after that. BTW it never rained today.


  3. Great garden, dude.
    I worked in mine most of the day yesterday, too. Until I harvest the cabbage and onions (and few potato plants) I don’t have room to plant more.

    Gotta go out in a few and put up my fence for the Giant Speckled Butter Beans (two rows). I drove all the poles yesterday, but got to hot to finish.

    All my peas are coming up, finally.

    Oops, I do need to plant my okra seeds I have been soaking over night. That won’t take long.


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