A message from Adam Gadahn for the sheeple of Amerika

Hello Amerika,

This is to let you know that I support the ‘Gun Control’ agenda in your country. In my latest video release this past Friday put together with the help of the CIA and Mossad, I said many many scary things. Since the death of Osama Bin Laden, various agencies have taken a renewed interest in what I can do for them.

In a report released to various news outlets in Amerika they failed to do their homework on the facts. Then again, this story was intended and targeted at those of you with your heads in the sand, or those of you who have no idea what goes on in your country.

You see my friends, many of you know that it is impossible to purchase a ‘Fully Automatic Weapon’ at a gun show. However, my handlers put this in the story in hopes of furthering their agenda of Gun CONtol in your great country. Don’t believe me ? Check for yourself Here, or read it in this snapshot I took to preserve history in the making.

The CONtrollers of news in Amerkia also included some more propaganda for you sheeple. They said .. well let me show you in this snapshot I took….

Isn’t it a good thing that so many of you have no idea of the real restrictions in your county in regards to acquiring a firearm. There are some of you who caught on rather quickly. I first saw this from a person that goes by the name ‘Conspiracydude’ @Buelahman in a tweet he made on Saturday at 12:26 pm his local time. He tweeted, "Adam Gadahn supports / furthers GUN CONTROL agenda". Others have since seen this tweet and are spreading the word.

I must say that word of this isn’t spreading, and thats a good thing. If more people realized how much disinformation and propaganda their news agencies spread, our job would be impossible.

Well Amerika, thats about all I have time for at the moment. My handlers are waiting for me to make more videos. Long live the bogeyman… uh.. Osama.

Yours truly,

Adam Pearlman aka Adam Gadahn, new head of al qaeda.

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14 thoughts on “A message from Adam Gadahn for the sheeple of Amerika

  1. Adam Gadahn…grandson of the former head of ADL and now super extreme Moslem…lol, what a joke. Double agent if I ever saw one.


    • Double agent .. you are correct, per my mention of the CIA and Mossad. Of course anyone with half a brain knows this.


  2. It is interesting though that a normally “nice” woman known for proselytizing the Quran outside of Minnesota library would suddenly stab 2 people within hours of the release of Gadahn’s videos


  3. I have been to dozens of gun shows in several states and not one of them could I buy a fully automatic weapon and there was a background check. Also I had to have one I purchased shipped to a local gun store because I was not from that state. I live in MS and cannot buy a weapon in TN or AL or any other state for that matter. I don’t know what goes on out west but I have heard it is even harder to purhase at these shows.


  4. Fully automatic weapons are EXPENSIVE, costing anywhere from $7-12,000 dollars and more, plus you have to have a FFL to buy one and that leaves a paper trail.

    Why go to all that trouble of spending that kind of cash when all one needs to scare the hell out of American sheeple is a high-powered deer rifle and some armor piercing bullets.

    Use those to pop rounds into some of those large propane tankers you see on interstate highways, creating one helluva of an explosion and making many Americans shit in their undies, plus, it would basically stop traffic on those highways, which would stop delivery of store items being delivered by OTR drivers and really fuck up what’s left of our trashed economy.

    That hasn’t happened and probably won’t, since it would be difficult for Adam PEARLMAN to shoot one of those tankers from Tel Aviv, his home base.

    Of course, the video was ‘found’ by MOSSAD agent Rita Katz, of SITE, who always seems to ‘find’ these videos.

    Maybe all that money that Rita gets from the FBI helps in the production of those psyop videos?

    Self-styled ‘terrorist hunter’ Rita Katz, who was paid $272,000 for her advice by the federal government and has made much more in a book deal and as a consultant for news organizations. According to federal investigators, Katz ‘lost the trust of some investigators from the FBI and Justice Department’ as a result in part of the ‘reckless conclusions’ she drew in her book,” Edgar said. And she received another large sum of cash from the FBI, close to $150,000 for ‘consulting.’



  5. And another ‘al CIA Duh’ video comes out, that just happens to appear on the anniversary of the savage, brutal and unprovoked Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, by AQ’s 2nd in command, Al-Zawahri.

    You might remember him as being the one who issued ominous warnings to us Americans while sitting in front of a curtain filled with Star of David icons…;you can see the pic on my blog posting of today.


    Who wants to bet it that it was ‘found’ by either MOSSAD agent Rita Katz of SITE, or Ben Venzl of IntelCenter or the MOSSAD froont, MEMRI?

    “What’s the world’s ‘most dangerous terrorist’ doing spending time in Switzerland?”

    Following the 1994 execution of the sons of Ahmad Salama Mabruk and Mohammed Sharaf for betraying Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the militants were ordered to leave the Sudan.
    At this time he is said to have “become a phantom” but is thought to have traveled widely to “Switzerland and Sarajevo. A fake passport he was using shows that he traveled to Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.”

    Now what would ‘crazed’ jihadist’ Al-Zawahri be doing hiding out in one of the Rothschilds bankster gangster nations, Switzerland?

    Plus, this ‘Terror Master’ has a bank account in St. Louis, MO?

    Maybe he keeps a bank account in St. Louis so he can visit his friends, a family you might recognize, the Bushes.

    The same Bush family that gave us two of the shittiest presidents in American history, George Bush Sr, and his bastard offspring, GW Bush, one of mass murderers behind the 9/11 FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB.

    These sleazy fucks will make deals with anyone for a buck, whether it’s Israel to help set off 9/11 or dealing with the Nazis during WWII.

    Time to WAKE UP AMERICA, before it’s too late and our country implodes and we’ll be left fighting over food scraps left by the wealthy elite in dumpsters.


    • I can’t argue with a thing you write. Especially the last sentence, except to say that it is already too late. I am getting everything ready for the Fall is nigh. But I won’t be going to any dumpsters.


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