Damn, Dylan

My hero for a day…

… only problem is that the president is in on the “extraction”. He has no plans, whatsoever, to come out and tell the American citizenry that they are being robbed. He is one of the robbers.

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7 thoughts on “Damn, Dylan

  1. “… only problem is that the president is in on the “extraction”. He has no plans, whatsoever, to come out and tell the American citizenry that they are being robbed. He is one of the robbers.”

    I totally agree, B’Man, although I, too, enjoyed the clip and thought Ratigan was on point. Of the two “off the reservation” guys in the MSM, Ratigan and Judge Napolitano, I tend to prefer the latter because he’s better acquainted with the issues, has more experience outside the media and is better-educated. Not as a “credential” but as in putting that scholarship to work to make his points.

    Here’s something I wrote in a new FASCISTBOOK group Dr Duhgylie and I belong to and enjoy — PPPP (Peace, Pot, Poker & Paul) — regarding a similarly frustrating situation Napolitano ran into.

    We very occasionally get Napolitano’s show on Fox International here. Napolitano is a more placid guy than Ratigan is but there was one show he did I managed to catch in full which reminded me of this Ratigan clip in that Napolitano was making a very important point over and over again and could absolutely not get a straight answer on it.

    Goes without saying that Napolitano’s point while on a topic smaller in nature than the massive debt and deficits was still related to imperial corporatism. The issue was Obamacare and the two state nullification efforts and the federal disqualification lawsuit. I don’t know what the state of play is right now on that stuff, although I assumed both the Virginia Attorney General (the Democrat) and the the Missouri state representative (the Republican) both failed on the nullification bid and the disqualification failed in federal court for reasons that were germane to that epidose of Freedom Watch.

    First, Napolitano had on the politicians who were trying to nullify Obamacare and let them make their cases as he played devil’s advocate in spots and was encouraging in spots. The second half of the show was what resembled this video in nature. He had on two law professors (one from Boalt and the other from Hastings) whom he dubbed “my two favorite liberals.” They had obviously seen the first half from the green room and were well-prepared for a defense of the constitutionality of Obamacare, but they were not prepared for Napolitano.

    He didn’t say anything about nullification or disqualification at all. He asked quite simply, using a metaphor for Obamacare, “do you believe that the federal government has the right to tell me to buy a baseball cap of a specific brand and style for a specific price from a specific private company if the temperature rises above 65 degrees and the NWS rates the cloud cover as anywhere from ‘broken’ to clear?'”

    This completely threw them. They responded thusly: “it doesn’t matter because health care reform went through the legislative process and was signed into law by President Obama.” Napolitano goes “I agree with you and I understand exactly that’s what happened but I’m asking you a different question.” Which he repeated.

    They responded “and even if there were any constitutional questions related to nullification or disqualification, they would fail because Health Care reform is covered by the Interstate Commerce Clause.” Napolitano goes “I understand that, too, and I’m not arguing with you. But would AT LEAST ONE OF YOU ANSWER MY HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION ABOUT THE BASEBALL CAP? I won’t argue with you. I just want to know your personal beliefs about my obligation to purchase that cap under those rules because of the weather conditions prevailing.”

    They respond: “Besides, Judge, even if the Interstate Commerce Clause didn’t apply, it is the opinion of the White House counsel and the bipartisan commission that President Obama’s ground-breaking Health Care reform legislation is a tax as well which was approved by Congress and as such is absolutely constitutional.” Napolitano says “I was a federal judge. I understand all that and am not disputing your reasoning although I don’t particularly agree with the interpretation on that one. But that is not what I’m asking. I’m only asking your personal opinions about the baseball cap.”

    They say some gobbledygook about it being the most important peoples’ legislation since some fuckin thing FDR did or whatever and the show peters out without the simple, hypothetical, question about their beliefs about a law regard the baseball cap!

    Now, I have seen some fucked up constitutional shenanigans in the Panamanian legislative and executive order process in my life, but I cannot imagine any law professor at the National University not answering that question if Lucy Molinar asked it on her law and politics show!


    • Ratigan is a bit of an anomaly. I do like the Judge and the way he addresses things. But this clip excited me because it was asking the right questions (or suggesting that they be asked). I hate these shills that come on and can only divert the question. When I see this, it is evident that they are hiding something (not that they are stupid).

      Ratigan nailed it and yes, in a perfect world, the POTUS would be a patriot and do the right thing. Obama is no patriot. He is a face… a personality used to sway, confuse and mislead the American public (especially black folk). Like I have said all along, just look to the money to see whose agenda he is pursuing. This is not a hard subject to figure out, but somehow, Americans can’t connect the dots.


      • Did he go far enough ? No. Yet Just by him ranting like that might stir some souls. Its improtant for those not aware to be exposed, even thought he didnt mention things like the IMF and the reserve….or our little prison we cant see… rant or not, sometimes you have to find different ways to get into peoples heads.

        Coming out and screaming about enslavement,IMF,federal reserve, police state and such shuts people down…we’ve all seen it. So using the word ‘extraction’ is a …softer blow to the newbees.

        This part of the post on cryptogon was a subject of discussion for me today. Something Ratigan should ‘rant’ about.

        “I would say to get to a place with abundant clean water, decent soil and relatively few people. Produce your own food and participate in local food economies. There will probably be pockets of survivors, and the place that you pick to go might contain to some of them.”

        I mean really, where can your hide from this thing?

        If you buy property…its not really yours. so moving to the wilderness, while and improvement, doesnt get you away from the system. everything else is public or ‘federal’ land. Try just pullling up a piece of dirt of your own without paying.

        They want you in their system and will try keeping you there…even if it means a cage.

        I’d like to see someone like Ratigan rant to millions about taxes equaling your life, life that is being stolen from your by these vampires. Isnt that what they do? Suck the life from you…slowly….8 hours a day 52 weeks a year?

        No hiding isnt the answer….this beast must die or be tamed to serve us.

        Ratigans rants serves its purpose in my eyes.

        Ya even if it is a show.


    • …gotta get rid of the profit made in government. It should be an honor…to serve. And be done in a…short amount of time… then your gone.

      Where theres big money to be made..there will be criminals,theives, and those with ill intend.


  2. only problem is that the president is in on the “extraction”. He has no plans, whatsoever, to come out and tell the American citizenry that they are being robbed. He is one of the robbers

    Obama is what’s called an ‘inside man,’ usually needed to pull off the really big heists. He makes people feel good about feeling good and they don’t notice that hand in their pocket, stealing whatever’s left.

    To say he’s traitor would be an understatement. When he’s not helping his Wall Street buds ransack your home–if you still have one–he’s murdering our troops, like those SEAL team members who were part of the ‘WE KILLED OSAMA’ Bullshit.

    Some probably actually had a conscience, thought they were serving their country, and got caught up in that psyops and aura surround the Bin Laden myth. They were probably getting ready to talk to the media, so they had to be eliminated.

    P.S. Tried to post this once, and it didn’t take. So if two pop up, sorry about the duplication.


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