Is The Moon Shifting Its Poles?

Since we have gotten into the kinda weird stuff around here, I thought this means SOMETHING, so I wanted to share my initial thoughts and observations. I saw a video at Intel Hub where they suggest that the moon is shifting its poles. So I went out and looked at way over 1 hundred pics. I selected three to show below which will highlight what I see.

March 2011

June 2011

August 2011

I will admit that as many times as I have looked at the moon, I have never taken time enough to see if she was shifting. I do know that one of the biggest arguments I ever got into was about whether or not the moon rotates on its axis (it does). It takes approximately 1 month for the rotation to occur (precisely the same amount of time that it takes the moon to rotate around Earth). Hence, this is why we always see the same ‘face’ or side of the moon.

Now tell me what you see above in the time progression photos. Do you see Tycho move from the bottom left around to the bottom right (in an almost clockwise fashion)? Did you notice the ‘eyes” doing the same thing?

There are those that believe your position on Earth can cause this to happen. Wiki has a link up about lunar libration which is interesting and may explain this:

Oct 2007 Lunar Libration model

OK, it does something similar in the model to what I see in the time progression pictures (I can’t be certain where those pics were taken ‘from’, so that may be at issue here, as well).

There is another theory: that the Earth is polar shifting (I have addressed this here before).

Some indicate that this is simply the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

What do you think?

Have you noticed all the volcanic uprisings, especially along the west coast of the USA (these were all “dormant” volcanoes, now coming to life after millions of years of silence)? There are 6.0 earthquakes around the ‘rim of fire’ on an almost daily basis. The closer we get to our interaction with Elenin, it seems that stuff is heating up and getting more active. Is it just me?

And, (this is probably JUST me) doesn’t it seem like there is this perfect storm brewing on virtually all fronts of human existence, especially politically and the nature of world economics? Wouldn’t some strange, devastating celestial occurrence really be all they need to take the minds of the sheople from the massive theft and oppression they are carrying out?

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2 thoughts on “Is The Moon Shifting Its Poles?

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  2. Dutchsinse has a lot of interesting things to say about the earthquakes and volcanos. As for the moon. I’m a gazer. ..not even an amateur astronomer. If anyone out there is, the input would be great. But I do have to say that going by my intermittent observations of the moon over the past few years , it does appear to look different to me. And I have read the Earth reverses polarity every 11,000 years or so. The last was in 10,900 B.C. So we are due. I’ve also read the magnetic north pole is moving again as it has many times in the past. All in all, I’d agree that something appears to be happening. Perhaps the ancients were right when they said the Earth is a sentient being. If that’s true, maybe she’s had enough of humans attempting to harm her and she’s about to shrug us off like the surface nuisance we have become.


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