2012 Was A Miscalculation: The End Of Our Civilization Is December 24, 2011

Has anyone else noticed all the uptick in earthquakes and volcanic activity? I mean, in all my life, I don’t remember hearing so much about earthquakes happening so frequently. Until I started following this stuff, I really didn’t think about frequency, or the average size of earthquakes. It was a weird phenomena that I had only experienced in a very minor way (firsthand), having been awakened from a nap in northeast Mississippi back in ’76 or ’77, and then had seen the damage (firsthand) in San Fransisco in the early 90’s. Sure, I saw TV coverage of those far away exotic destinations that were ‘stupid to build’ there, but it was sporadic and only when it was horrible.

So, maybe with technology advancements and access to the internet, I just have access to more info and all things are the same between then and now.

Yeah. Right.

The severity is “highly unusual” (at least the latest in Virginia).

I have been mentioning this here for the past several months (especially since Fukushima). Either I am brainwashed to believe there is an increase in frequency and magnitude, OR, it is really happening. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments section.

Either way, I saw an interesting blog post containing an old “In search of…” video which tells us we ain’t got much time left.

Mr Spock informs us that the cataclysmic event is closer than we think (go to the segment starting at 4:27 or the direct quote at 4:45):

Click here to see the video

So, what if the 2012 date is wrong? What if we have but a few months left?

On December 24, 2011 a cataclysmic earthquake will terminate their cycle of  civilization

And did you catch this part?

“…And lead the people to create a world government

Personally, I really don’t know if there is going to be some event that ends our civilization, but from what I am seeing in the greed and desperate thievery going on, it would not surprise me that certain people know something is about to take place in a big way and are preparing to come out on top when it’s over. And to me, it also wouldn’t be a stretch that somehow, someway, there are those who have technology that causes some of this to happen on purpose (which would suggest that this is all scripted, even the Mayan prophecies). OK, ok. I may be pushing the envelope there. How about reports that it might have been a nuke in Virginia?

And think of this: its not like our own gubmint ain’t been planning for something bad.

I do know one thing: Friends of mine have told me they feel like something big is about to happen. One is suggesting that he feels like he is about to experience what he has felt much of his life… that he would experience the end of the world in his lifetime (and he is far from sort of religious nutcase holding an “end is nigh” sign).

I admit that I have this weird feeling of some major disruption and possible devastation coming to America, but that may just be the regular B’Man paranoia or something I am experiencing. As far as that matters, maybe I am imagining everything I discuss here? All is truly well and I am dreaming a nightmare… soon to wake up and laugh off such a silly thing.

Look. Does it matter if civilization is about to end? Really? Not in my life. No matter what happens, I will prepare in ways that I can feed, house and protect my family. If the civilization ends (which doesn’t mean that all life on earth is wiped out), and my family and I survive the initial event (earthquake, Elenin, Dollar collapse, tornado, nuke, etc) I will STILL do the best I can to feed, house and protect my family. What else is there? The fact is that in many ways, I am watching the current civilization dying a slow, painful death, anyway. Isn’t the “civilized” thing to do is to put it to a quick end and stop the suffering?

So bring it on. Then I will still be trying to feed, house and protect my family. Because the truth of the matter is that there really is nothing else.

h/t Dutchsinse blog for the video link

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23 thoughts on “2012 Was A Miscalculation: The End Of Our Civilization Is December 24, 2011

  1. Has anyone else noticed all the uptick in earthquakes and volcanic activity?

    A few years back, I did some research on the earthquake activity and found a USGS page that listed earthquakes that went back several hundred years.

    And yes, there has definitely been an increase in earthquakes since 2000.

    Man-made or maybe Mother Nature warning us she’s tired of us fucking over her creation?


    • Its pretty obvious, even tho using the USGS site may not be the best source (they have been manipulating size data lately, when the European (and others) sources have not). In other words, there have been a number of 6’s that were graded down by the USGS so they would not set off alarms for people looking (this is something dutchsinse ran in to a week or so ago).

      I don’t have any figures to back my intuition, but I would bet a dollar to a donut that the frequency and severity is up even over three or four years ago.

      Manmade? Maybe. My bet is that it is more related to solar system and happenings there. Perhaps the Mayans were on to something, just don’t know exactly what that something is.

      I would certainly think that Mother Nature is ready for a reset.


  2. “…And lead the people to create a world government“
    So who is right. How did spock get that date? The network screw up or …..

    Humm christmas huh? Always wondered why that day. Its not Christs birthday, as I understand it.


  3. hey B’man…Ive been watching the USGS EQ’s page out here in Kaliforina, everyday since 95′ and we are for sure having many more out here…hunders more everyday…
    I get what ya mean, the gov is spending LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW!!!
    The sooner the better, as far as I concered…can wait to see the sheeples’s faces…or maybe we should call them victims!!
    Revelation 14:10
    The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
    By the way, I hate wine! what a waste of good grape juice…


    • Interesting choice for a Bible verse to share. In my studies of ‘fire and brimstone’ (the Greek) I came away more assured than frightened.

      But conventional theology uses this to try to scare the bejesus out of people. When considering the scary aspect, it does not escape me that the thought conveyed is that someone awful is going to be forced to drink of this indignant cup of wine, which will ‘torment’ them in a burning hell. But, oddly, the angels and even Jesus will sit by and watch (and maybe enjoy the show???).

      To me, this totally destroys most of Christianity’s “Jesus is a nice guy” stuff and makes Him little more than a sadist (along wit those torture-loving angels).

      Somehow or another, I know in my heart that this is not the meaning (and I had to see for myself). So, if someone feels the same way, I advise you to study this closely and determine for yourself whether or not you believe conventional theology.

      It is this bogus theology that has so-called Christians ready, willing and able to torment, kill, maim and destroy other “evil-doers” with little remorse of sympathy. All in the name of the King of Peace.


        • It is truly a unexplainable dichotomy… that, strangely, many Christians believe makes total sense. I have never understood how two totally different paradigms could be true, much less those who can’t see how opposite the thought is.

          Christianity is full of these conundrums, yet believers can’t seem to see them.

          Very strange, indeed.


          • Ive always had the idea that a being so great came here. A being that is a creator of life,yet if angered, could be a destroyer of life.

            It gets one a thinking .


      • Thou shalt love the Christian god of ‘Crazy Michelle’ of Minnesota and ‘Sick Rick’ Perry from Texas or he’ll kick your ass.

        And if he doesn’t, we will….. as soon as we steal the WH.

        Funny how these modern day Christians like the OT better than the NT, which is based on loving thy neighbor; feeding the hungry; sheltering the homeless and tending to the sick.

        That’s too damned pussified for today’s Bible-Thumping Christians.


        • Greg,

          You hit the nail on the head. It is this incessant judeo-Christian BS, which takes its largest focus on the OT, instead of the NT (much less the actual words of the One they portend to follow).

          But they will say, “God is the same today and yesterday. He never changes.” So, since He was some torturing monster in the OT who called upon His “chosen” (AKA “favorites”) to maim, kill, and destroy many other peoples and nations (as per the Book), then surely He is the same today. Hence, America’s incessant desire to maim, kill and destroy anyone and everyone else.

          Hell, they might as well throw away the NT, put on a little beanie hat and grab a menora. What’s the difference?


  4. Christmas Eve this year? You have to really appreciate the Mayan culture and their ability to read the stars. The Hopi prophecy is another favorite of mine. It resembles the Mayans timeline of events. I got real caught up in this when I first got on the interweb and all the data that is out there. I am the friend that has felt all my life that I would see the destruction of the world in my lifetime. I don’t know why I feel this way … I just do. regardless of how it happens. I dreamed when I was younger about the sun “falling” to earth which is pretty spooky as a teenager. This was before I had tried any pot or anything… just saying I had this dream several times over a few years. It finally stopped. I don’t think that is the reason I believe the world will end… I just have a feeling in my life time the world will end. By natural means if any. This is far different than the Y2K shit we went through that just came up on us and nothing happened. This has been around for hundreds of years. The Hopi saw we can prevent this …if we change… Like the War of the worlds kinda thing.

    Earthquakes are on the upswing and you don’t have to follow any website to know that. I was in a car when the one hit in 76′ and didn’t get to feel it. The first one I felt was in 93′ or 94′ and was with a girl in a trailer (mobile home). We had went back to her place after going to a bar and I was pretty lit up and was sitting on her couch. She came walking back from the fridge and almost fell down and then it felt as if someone tried to flip the couch over and I stood up and lost my balance. It left me with a weird feeling. Then a couple of years later I felt one in my home in Memphis. It just vibrated the dishes in the cupboard. I don’t know the date of anything fixing to happen and don’t know when it will … It is a when not an if … You have commet Elenin and a lot of speculation about the coming next 18 months. At least I will get in one good week of the rut during deer season before the 24th of Dec. Nice post B man … Very interesting.


    • Well, I didn’t want to share names… but I was talking about what you told me (and I didn’t want it to come off as some religious crazy-talk). As we discussed, I have a weird feeling, not necessarily that the world will end, but that devastation and mayhem will visit us.

      There was a short period of time, the 6 weeks that I was in the Transient Personnel Unit at Great lakes, awaiting my release from the navy, that I experienced a dream (nightmare) that always culminated with me sitting up in bed as a humungous blast (I assumed it was nuclear) wave swept over me (killing me???). I always woke up as the blast hit me. This was over and over again.

      Granted, I hated every moment that I spent in the Navy, but why did it take until I was leaving to experience nightmares? Years?

      On another note, Dutchsinse made a video yesterday that he basically says he doesn’t think that the uptick is related to Elenin, brown dwarfs, etc, but is most likely something to do with the Earth warming.

      Duh. And WTF?


      • My comment to dutch:

        I find some of your remarks quite odd. But people can come to whatever conclusions they so desire, whether or not they have actually investigated all aspects of the subject or not. As a small example of what I mean, you discard Elenin as some causal effect of earthquakes, when it is easily shown that when Elenin, Earth and the Sun align, there is a mega-quake. Does it cause it? I dunno, but don’t act as if there isn’t reason to suspect.

        After I watched that video, I came away feeling as if someone has warned him to make that video. I may be wrong, but after watching his vids for so long, this trail-covering seems odd.


        • Elenin is more likely than the rings he has proposed. I am telling you the rings are radar. I really believe that. Every time she has lined up with us(Elenin) ..we have had a quake like you said. Not every time rings have been shown ..has there been a major storm. I have not followed him like you have. I was always told N.O. would flood when a storm hit it head on… and it did. I have always been told Cali would slide into the ocean when a big enough quake hit. maybe not all the state but the shoreline is very capable of separating from the west side of the fault line and sliding out into the ocean and creating an island. This is a highly and likely capable event.
          Sounds like he has been talked to or got to. What do you think?
          Looking at the Jet lab model on the Extinction Level Event (Elenin) lol September will be interesting. Especially with the distance it will be. I hope it passes and I make no claims as to what will happen. I just don’t believe in coincidences and New Christ, Chili, and Japan are three times in the past we have had a sun-earth-Elenin line up. So yea I would say something may be up with that. And that was way out at 6 A.U. and in September will be so much closer. I have friends at NASA..Huntsville and Houston and they are sure something will happen..just as to what extent ..they don’t know. Like Dutch said there is nothing we can do about it. Hold on with both hands. I make no claims to the end of the world. It is an interesting time to be living on this rock as far as astrological events that have not happened in thousands of years. If nothing happens ..we still have to go through the trail of that thing. Maybe it will just be dust if the mass is what they say it is. Then it will be a good time for meteors, which I love to watch.


          • I almost came away from that video thinking that he doesn’t believe HAARP can do much more than manipulate weather (and perhaps he is correct). I don’t think, for a second, that the post-glacial malarky is the reason for the huge uptick in mega-quakes, and like we have already pointed out, THREE coincidences of alignment????


            I have seen more of the second sun pics from the German station in Antarctica and whatever that is is HUMUNGOUS.



            • “But can we pray for the continued existence of our corrupt civilization and the arrogance of those who lead and control it?”

              Or we can pray for something that will remove thier strangle hold on this world.


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