Happy Corporation Day: Rejoice, Labor Is Dead!

“Labor Day” should be renamed “Corporation Day” or “War Day”

(Beware: the above link takes you to a Dr Paul Roberts article at Infowars)

There is a group of “persons” who have been able to gain control over every branch of our government. In an orchestrated and vicious take-over, Corporations have been able to buy the servants, making it possible to strip away Labor’s collective advantage of control. Corporations (persons) have rights that you and all us rednecks have. I contend that they have more rights than regular human beings, as a matter of fact.

This melding of Corporations and our government puppets is Fascism 101 and certainly isn’t good for normal, everyday rednecks like me. It always leads to poverty for the common man and eventually slavery and death. Yes, Labor is Dead and should be mourned as such.

So, as we celebrate this day with picnics, parades, and frivolous activities, I ask you to take a moment to mourn the loss of Labor Day and it’s true meaning and to say a silent prayer for the unemployed whose loss of dignity may take decades to recover.

I have worked for decades without stop. Until this year, I have never drawn unemployment compensation and will be losing whats left of those benefits soon. I will need to re-invent myself, yet again, for the 5th time (having experienced industry job losses in various sectors now in Asian and Mexico). This is getting old and anyone actually paying attention knows that it will only get worse.

In contrast, there are those who thought that 2011 was going to be a good year (I made this screenshot of a friend’s FB post on New Year’s Day):

Wonder how my friend feels today? Did great things occur for him? Does he believe that those of us struggling are simply upset because things aren’t “perfect”? Does he believe that simply by “believing” good things will happen?

Well, maybe for corporations.

Corporate profits are up 22%. I assume, then, that YOUR “profits” are up, as well, correct? I know that my “profits” are soaring right into oblivion.

Happy Death of American Labor & The Middle Class Day

Even if you do still have a job, are you experiencing the Great SpeedUp? Are they pushing you harder and harder but offering less and less compensation for that work?

Worse, yet, are you one of those (like a lady I spoke with this past week), who insisted that she was sick and tired of those people using unemployment and the system when they should be working. Or the very old lady who insisted those living in the duplexs and low-income housing are not trying and especially since they are black (which, the majority is NOT black) they are just lazy (yes, she said it).

People are brainwashed. People are racist. People regurgitate the garbage they hear on TV and believe it to be the truth.

But we better wake up and realize that these TV goons, the government criminals, and the complicit Sheople who fall for every smooth talking politician/TV anchor are lying to us. They have been lying to us all along. As Dr Roberts points out in that first link (sorry, its InfoWars) they lie about unemployment numbers and when forced to correct it at the end of the year, there is no mainstream coverage.

It is a Death-ocracy (I especially enjoyed his explanation of how it is truly falling apart and you should try to prepare as you can):

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