Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum

Let Justice Be Done Though The Heavens Fall

~ Georgia Supreme Court Motto

I felt, way back when I wrote about Troy Davis, that something was bogus. Now he is about to be killed when there is ample evidence that he is innocent. 7 of the 9 witnesses have recanted and there is no physical evidence that links him to the crime.

Search for: “If I knew then, what I know now, Troy Davis would not be on death row”

There’s no time for fancy words. They are going to kill Troy Davis on September 21st, 2011. Please find any petition you can, on the Internet—Amnesty International is hosting one—and sign it.…

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One thought on “Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum

  1. What you know in your heart

    Revelation of accountability –

    Step back with me to the moments of childhood. Linger long on the moments in time, when you felt the sun on your face, maybe smelling the grass or leaves watching a bee or butterfly, playing with friends, or sitting quietly or coloring. You can’t feel the joy of those things anymore, can you? Everything you felt was so focused on those things; and nothing else mattered and you were content, trusting.

    Then, something deadened you.

    What has happen to humanity that these feelings of serenity are no longer considered important? Not to be the treasure sought for all?

    Who has allowed the conditions to deteriorate, that the conditions today should produce the suffering of many?

    NO uneducated, impoverished, or destitute person from humble beginnings has ever held a position of empowerment while uneducated, impoverished, or destitute, such as to influence others to keep them that way – uneducated, impoverished, and destitute. In other words, throughout mankind’s history, it has always been the educated, privileged, and wealthy who has been making the rules, which keep the uneducated, impoverished, and destitute continuously slipping through the cracks; thereby justifying the actions and governing of the educated, privileged, and wealthy.

    NO uneducated, impoverished, or destitute person, ever implemented policy or started a war; they just didn’t have the intellectual or financial resources to do it. Every act of war, crime, or corruption has been at the hands and policies of the educated, privileged, and wealthy; and it continues. This “educated, privileged, and wealthy” status is what mankind strives for; this is what is taught in the institutions. You can’t blame the uneducated, impoverished, and destitute (or criminals, or tyrants) for them being in their position, when you made or continue to allow the rules that make people that way, to exist. To date, the ONLY thing the history books can show as the accomplishments of the educated, privileged, and wealthy, at all levels, is that you kept your entitlements coming to you while you left others to fend for themselves as best they could with your faulty government ideologies, rules, and regulations.

    Does mankind really hope to just wake up as if from a coma, and have bypassed what they have done in contributing to what is described (imitating time and time again) in the history books, and that which has been shown in the media for years – crime, corruption, destruction, immorality, subversion, distortion (all the makings of their highly prized and revered television episodes, books, and movies) like it never really happened? History repeats itself; only when allowed to do so.
    Establish and reach a goal that you want to see repeated; not this.

    The wealthy believe the lies they have built society on, and won’t change easily. They will use their education and all their words to defend their position. And if you buy into it; you will still be left with an economic system of THEIR choosing; and they will find ways to punish you for your insubordination; just as they will find ways to cut off your voice, by removing your words from the media; as they have begun to do. They will dimish you with every resource they can find; unless you understand what their weakness is.

    While the businesses and institutions are doing their part in figuring out how to reinventing old technology and charge more for it in order to keep the economy going and the flow of money to keep themselves apart from their minions; and while media entrepreneurs keep mankind distracted so man can cling to archaic principles of self-absorption, vice, strife, and adversity (the motivational techniques presently used in stimulating creativity it seems), the religions of the day must also be recognized for their ineffectiveness, their watching-and-waiting, never really speaking up and equally gifted in differing dichotomies and contributions geared toward instability in society.

    If this sounds confusing, demeaning, and causes some religious or other groups to convene to discuss my insensitivity and lack of objectivity, well then, I guess I’ve caused you to become that much more important to yourselves; and you can thereby more justify your existence. But it doesn’t change the fact that others are more outraged, put things on the line, and willing to protest (as Christ condemned the leaders of his time for their actions) than you. No help from your quarter; and yet you say you live righteously. I do not see your righteousness in the multitude of ineffective and divided ministries. Could it be that the retirement packages of your Christian leaders are tied up in the ways of the world; and they don’t speak up because to do something would mean they might lose that security and have to work in their later years themselves? This is exactly why the Christian community has never really spoken up to condemn worldly policies. Enough about you.

    The wealthy and powerful under the present (yet archaic and outdated incentive/reward) economic system, say “Get an education and work hard and you can elevate yourself to our stature.” Do they consider even for one moment that it is impossible for everybody to do that (though they say it to all), simply because there is actual work to be done? What they are actually saying is “Manual labor makes a person inferior (to them); and that they are above such things; and you can be just like them if you work their system of elite economic ideology. “Gee Mom and Dad, teach me so I can grow up and be just like you, and learn to feel nothing for those who are actually taking care of me doing the actual manual labor it takes to keep society running.”

    People work diligently, conscientiously, and cordially 8 hours a day FOR AND WITH other human beings – beings who by their economic advantage EXCLUDE the others from their social networks the other 16 hours a day. This is what you have sold yourselves into – a slavery of your own making; and now you are protesting it. But, rightly so.

    You possess the power to change things. It won’t be as easy as kicking back, and just accepting what comes your way as you have been doing. If you think of the actual needs of children, then you will know what you need to do. A child shall lead them – meaning just pick a child, any and all of them, a child, and build a society which protects them at all levels of growth. This is what you fight for – not jobs, not increase in pay, not distribution of wealth – but integrity.

    Those controlling the existing social system, think of themselves as having earned the right to exclude others who don’t think like them. This is the fight. They will use any words they can think of to justify their position; saying how they and their education and the approval of their peers makes them that important. But what IS important? Them or everybody?

    If our existing leaders and the concept of money (as a rewards system) were to simply go away; everybody having the desire to work toward righteousness would still be here, all the existing knowledge would still continue to exist as it does in books; and all the natural resources would still be here to be used conservatively, and all the technical know-how to extract them would still exist. What does one substitute in place of the existing rewards system that cannot be exploited?

    GIVE everybody the basics for existence, in exchange for (roughly) 4 hours of work, 4 days a week; and putting all the people that existed in the top heavy management systems and from the no-longer existing financial systems (banking, insurance, wall street) back in to manual labor positions like the rest of us; WITH AN EMPHASIS on everybody being rotated in and out of them to keep them all honest. People doing over and above the basic work requirement earns right to vacation places and use the luxuries only the wealthy had privilege to before, and/or other rewards. This is roughly explained, but it can be done.

    Man is the advanced species on the planet; surely education can come up with a system which serves everybody and eliminates the need to be greedy.

    If people did not use the products and services that provides the income to the wealthy; they would get the message; slowly. This is the only way they will come to the negotiation table; and even then they will give little. They are used to giving little. To give much means that they were wrong all along; and they must be shown, that they only learned their ways from others; and that others need to be considered as much as they. They use their wealth as a tool to move politics and business to support their ways; They need be shown, money is not the answer; but mutual agreement and respect is.

    This is where you stand firm on everything.

    You may share this with anyone you think needs to hear it. What is happening here should be worldwide. It will change the world, when others in other countries understand its power. Mankind has been duped far too long to see it continued.


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