Happy Extinction Day!

So, from what we have already explored, today is a big day in the Elenin sequence of devastation and the end of the world as we know it (of course, I am assuming that we are actually all still alive and you are reading this after I scheduled the post for midnight, Sept 26, and I am simply not up yet). Being that it is actually Sunday morning as I write these few words, I am sitting here contemplating whether or not I need to go to the grocery store to stock up on essentials for 6 months or just the gallon of milk and whatever I plan on throwing on the grill this evening.

I’m torn.

But worse is the fact that there are a few signs that things are improving in certain ways for me and other friends. Dr Doug told me that his band jammed over the weekend to some pretty big crowds (maybe 2,500 people in total). That’s pretty darned impressive for a Mississippi boy. I had a very good job interview on Friday, spending over 2.5 hours meeting all the swinging penises. Things are settling in the estate conflict my wife and I have been in and we are now owners of a nice home and two rental properties.

Hell, I don’t know whether to rejoice or go run hide.

So, let us review (because, in actuality, Sept 26 or 27 th may be the day to look for), there are many theories about what the Elenin hubbub is. Comet, dwarf star, spaceship, Nibiru, Blue Star Kachina, and then nothing more than a piece of ice. Amazing how scary this can be when you let it take over you.

Since a good many of the scariest stuff is extinction related, there is absolutely nothing I can do about that, so I will just hug my daughter tomorrow morning before she gets out of the van for school and we will do our three finger “I Love You” sign and I will go about the business at hand. I will be thinking about that little girl all day long, tho, and probably (to tell the truth) be on a hair-trigger, ready to go pick her up should something less than an extinction event occur. Yes, this is a bit paranoid, but what can I say?

Since I am both tongue-in-cheek and a bit serious in this post, I do want to take the time to offer a view that suggests that all of this is just the powers that be are announcing event timelines for their takeover of this Earth and all her resources. As you can see in the video below, it is suggested that the earthquakes are manmade and they use these alignments to bamboozle the people:

James McCanney goes into details about planned dates and planning dates for future events; such as, false flag events by TPTB. Since Elenin re-aligns again on September 26, 2011 with the Earth & Sun, could this date be used as an excuse for a false flag terror event? An earthquake? A hurricane? A tornado? Or what-have-you? TPTB, as stated by JM, always advertise in advance their dates of upcoming events. What’s interesting is that James McCanney disclosed something in the end which Zeph Daniel had also stated: It seems that TPTB have in the works a fake (false) event which will eclipse any other event they have pulled off in the past. So, things should get pretty interesting by this fall or shortly afterward.

And if you really want to explore a slightly more bizarre sequence, look back in time to what Von Braun told this woman in 1974 (all you need to see is about the first 1:30, but all of it is interesting). This may help explain the whole thing:

Anyway, I’ll check in early morning and see if the world is still here. If it is, I’ll keep checking throughout the day for the earth to move under my feet. Cuz who knows? Maybe there is something to all of this after all, but maybe it is not other-worldly, in nature. And then again, it may just be a bunch of bullshit (and at this point, I truly hope it is).



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52 thoughts on “Happy Extinction Day!

  1. big old sun spot turning our way right now…poss. X flares http://www.spaceweather.com/
    But Im leaning more toward man made in the USA. As far as Ive read about the comet, and there are millions, is that it would be a warning for planet X, or what ever you want to call it, and it would appear around 10/10…but physics says “action/reaction” sure everything has some affect on everything else…comet, large sunspot, earthquakes?? as far as a planet x..maybe, maybe not..many solar systems do have a binary stars, why not ours… Its man that scares the crap out of me and pisses me off, cause they have the choice to stop the evil…
    Liked the artical, but got a feeling, when things start or are going good, $$ wise, ya all start to fall asleep, or is that sheep!


    • I personally think that the second video is the most likely scenario (a man-made false flag event, but using Elenin or this latest solar system hype as a guise). And it may be that they know about a real nuclear threat or, God forbid, plan on starting one.

      What better way to take our collective eyes off of the thieves mid-theft, than to create the mother of all emergencies. Or worse? Conduct a full-fledged nuclear attack against someone (or multiples) in hopes of some weird economic recovery from that (and to cull as many humans as possible).


  2. http://news.exopoliticsinstitute.org/index.php/did-comet-elenin-disintegrate-or-reveal-artificial-energy-shield997/

    Yea this is fun for sure. It is nothing but a chunk of ice. I really know that …but when I start talking to someone I see if I can convince them the think that it might be more for just a second. Most are no gos. A few will open up their minds a lil’ bit and suggest some not so average responses. I think Hoageland is a joke and selling stuff. If he is right ….wow I didn’t see that coming …Space ship? I also read somewhere…(I was gong to do another post…B ..beat me to it thank God). that our gubberment is going to set off underground nukes and use this as the false flag and implement Marshall law and who knows what else. Time will only tell what is going to happen.

    Yea Last Leg had a great week end. Huge crowd and I had a lot of fun. Happy Extinction day!!! I think that is tomorrow now btw.


  3. I dont worry about things ending. I grew up(as many of us here did) during the time of of the cold war with russian and reagan. Who says those are over. Nukes stil exist and are points at nations. A meteor could strike at anytime. ‘Terrorists” could blow the shit out of you at anytime. Your could step out in front of a car at anytime. You could chock to death on a cherry pit.

    I piss on their fear mongering.

    So, I go bravely forward.

    Humm….still here.


  4. It doesn’t have to be a nuke … ‘Air Force Tests Electronics-Frying Missile’

    Imagine a weapon sailing over an enemy city or military target and effectively paralyzing all electronics in its wake while causing almost no physical damage? Sci-fi writers and military planners have dreamed of such things for years. The problem is, the electromagnetic pulse often associated with cooking electronic systems is usually generated by the detonation of a nuclear warhead — not exactly a low-collateral damage tool.

    It’s no secret that the military has been working on weapons that can knock out enemy electronics without causing physical damage for a looong time. Now the Air Force is one step closer to making such devices a reality. Earlier this year the Air Force successfully test fired the Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP) for the first time.

    More .. http://defensetech.org/2011/09/22/air-force-successfully-fires-electromagnetic-weapon/


    • This is a long vid I watched. It by a preacher but a very good vid and it connects some dots too. He connects it to the book of Revelation and is not overloaded with Christian bible verses. There are a few …but I looked at it objectively and this guy has spent several man hours doing research and has the cords. for all the google earth sky maps for ref. Like I said if you got the time it is a hour and a half long. He discusses the Hopi and Myan stuff as well and goes onto Nibiru. I liked it. It was entertaining. Come what may.


        • That was a lot off subject of the vid I posted. It talks of the earths crust seperating from the core …which I find highly unlikely and it would kill every body. How can someone predict such a thing? The mass of this object is an abstract guess in the first place. NASA will not put a number on the mass of this and calls it ‘WIMPY”. I don’t think anything will happen. If it does …it will be a false flag event for Barry and his domination quest. The vid I posted had some good prophecy stuff and wasn’t overly unbelievable. When someone writes the crust will separate ..then tell me for one hour. I find that really hard to believe…I would like to see how that was derived or what program was used to calculate such a statement. I have no bubble to be busted on this. I just find it odd, the buzz on the net and no MSM coverage and all the shit going on in Denver this week at the same time.


      • I’m trying to watch the video, but I have a real difficult issue with a preacher who drapes his pulpit in an Israeli flag (not to mention the menorah in the background). I also have a problem with a preacher who announces “this is the most prophetic message” he has ever given.

        I would say that he is at 1.5 strikes against him and I have only seen 1 minute.

        But I’m trying.


  5. Sooo… back here on earth.

    This is how you are treated for protesting, using your freedom of speech,
    So . This is how we the people are treated when we get angery about being ripped off , being herded , being treated as dirt.
    So. This is America. Those who were supposed to protect us from criminals , protect the criminals from us.

    Are we paying attention?


    • History just keeps on repete’in its self!! over and over…But how many of these wife beating, drunk cops, gonna drop a name here…sean mcgee, retired LAPD..hows Patty your ex??? bruises ever heal?? that felt so GOOD!! So how many will show up for work, when it really gets tough…maybe 35%??? And the elite will toss them under the bus in a heatbeat, which shows how stupid some can be…That name dropping felt soooooooo good, if ya know the name of an Ahole cop…let’s shame them by dropping there names/pics…The pen is mightier then the sword??? Video cam and printer is mightier still…Maybe plaster the pictures of them abusing women, ect. all over the town where they live…most rats live in the same sewer…simi valley and santa clarita out here…Let there wifes see there not the only ones getting beat on…and if they dont like that, they shouldnt beat us. With Obummer in town today, out here, every cop(maybe we need to go back to calling them pigs??) in town is watching him…great time to rob a bank or two…or three! LOL
      “Constitution, we dont need no stinking constitution!!”
      Shame the cop, not the dept…there are some good ones out there, hard to find, but out there…just not many in the Fullerton PD…lol at least one is sitting in jail out here…on suicide watch..poor baby…maybe ya shouldnt have been such a tough guy with your rubber gloves and threats…ya murder that poor guy for doing nothing…pay the piper dude!! He’ll get away with it in court, cause the PTB just cant have cops that murder, but at least he will never be a cop again…enjoy your $10hr security gaurd job, if ya can get one…Sure he has no other talents.
      Shame is a powerful tool…how would you feel, in there place and all your neighbors know your an asshole, woman beater??? Think you could ever eat in a local reaturant, with female servers, and not get some special sause in your food??
      Big sign above the cash register…”we reserve the right to refuse service to cops” or “no shoes, no shirt, badge, no service”
      Shun them from our lives and make theres miserable!!!


  6. From MS looking at the NE at say 2 oclock high you can see the comet. It has a pronounced tail. It also looks like three white and blue dots when using powered devices. It is amazing. I have heard about it watched it on you tube now I have seen it from my backyard. It is also the brightest thing in the sky.


    • You can see it!!?

      The was a big fireball in the sky in southAmerica. Something landed on a community. They were thinking it was that junk satellite, but NASA said no. Humm….are we going to start seeing more metorites?


    • sure your not looking at jupiter??? It is the brightist in the sky tonite and in the NE and has several moons(3 that you can see with bynocs)…getting any pics??? What are you looking through..Im on west coast, malibu, and will look for it later(when the horizon goes down lol) with my Mead telescope…bet its jupiter…Thought elenin was in the south west sky and thats why its so hard to see. The dam horizon keeps moving up!!! …but I smk way to much!! and nobody should listen to me…..


      • I didnt see anything but jupiter last nite…pretty site, moons and all…wierd thing is, I got a call for some work lastnite, but its in silverlake!…east of hollywood…I very rarly get work that far away…Hum? kind of bugs me…somebody up or down there playing with my head…today of all days….


  7. According to Terrie Tidwell at the UNA observatory in Florence, AL I did in fact see a comet last nite. Jupiter did not cross our median until after midnight. We did not see Jupiter. This was blue ..I have pics but they are small and we didn’t have on for the tele. From a 12″ Celestron S11740. It just looked like it was three objects and sometime it looked like it was a dozen. You could see it with the naked eye but it looked like a chalk smear on a board. It would get real bright then dim. I was never told that this was Ele. but I was told I saw a comet. so go figure. Also viewed the Effron Rivera for awhile last nite even though it is starting to dim. We may have seen something called the Honda comet last nite instead of Ele. I just know I saw a comet and that was confirmed.


  8. We are gonna pass under the “tail” …we may get a show depending on the make up of this thing. But we survived the inside pass so far. Tomorrow is when I’m coming back up top. I am just giving it another day. Barry doesn’t leave for Cali till tomorrow. I guess it has to be on the other side of the sun to cause a quake. Cause it got close on the inside and …nothing…yet.


  9. now did it go between us and the sun or the other side??? if it went outside, we wont go through the tail for about a year…tail points away from the sun, not orbit line…… http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=2011 SE58&orb=1
    center on earth, tilt flat, zoom and you’ll see…just cant tell if goes inside or outside…and if it went inside, nobody saw it due to the sun being in your eyes..

    Obummer was here in Ca. yesterday and is long gone…time to open all the windows and get the stink out…


    • This contains some of the video that Dr Doug shared above. As I mentioned before, I have a real hard time believing Christian preachers that have a menorah in the background and an Israeli flag as props draped over the pulpit. But I am trying to filter that little problem I have and find something of value in the video.

      I have yet to try adding the coordinates to Google to see if what he says is accurate. Have you?


      • Yes and it is true. There is a black out. and there is a Nibiru type orange planet on the other one. Why is it blacked out. Yea this guy does have a Zionist flag. Other than that he has some good points and does not try to hit you over the head to much with the biblical aspect. However, he does tie this to the Revelations under foot moon deal very well.


        • The problem I have with a preacher and Jewish paraphernalia (and an Israeli flag) should be obvious. To me, Christianity is as distinct from Judaism as night is to day. This insistence to act as if Christianity must envelope or embrace Judaism is a farce and should never be taught in a church (imo). It comes from a johnny-come-lately theology, whereas for most of my life, Jews were thought badly of for their supposed attack on Jesus. Which kinda blows me away when I think about how racist many southern people can be towards Jews.

          When I grew up there were no blacks or Jews allowed (not saying this is right). So, to have this love relationship take over causes me concern. Not because I want southern people to be racists, but that I know that we can be manipulated (this is obvious, such as in politics).

          IF southern folk ever figure this out, that they are being manipulated to embrace a religion that has followers and leaders who are far more racist and fascist than we are, the shit will hit the fan. If many of the folks I know personally could see some of the footage of how the goyim are treated over there… how the leadership brags over how they control the USA… how the Zionist regime is the instigation for most of the carnage now going on by our troops and drones… maybe, just maybe some changes will occur.

          I know Mel Gibson is Australian, but I can see southern boys doing a whole lot worse than he did.


  10. Something happened today that I never thought I’d see. The local news paper ran a nice big story about Government issued cannabis. The story described how government maintains it ‘No medical value” line yet supplies cannabis to the 4 people left of the 14 in that program. The story tells of medical uses of cannabis. This coming from a arrest happy town of drug warrors. Humm……is the end coming? Are we all about to die? Cause this wouldnt ever happen in this town other wise.

    I still maintain government issued cannabis to these people with the idea in mind that they would all get cancer and die .They then could say”See ! We told you.”

    Humm, hasnt happened….well aint that just to bad for them. I shed a tear…NOT!


  11. I dont give a rats ass. My employer has the finger print time clock, They dont use it…yet. They can fire me. Im not using it. To use it means you are in support of such invasive policies. Drug testing is bad enough….Sometimes you have to take a stand. That time is near.



    • Well, isn’t it obvious that all those minimum wage workers are thoroughly ripping off their pay masters so badly that such technology is now needed? I wonder if there is a special version for bankers?


    • bible does say…everyone will see his return…that could happen now days, even on your phone.
      want to debate the so called rapture?? #1 per/trib or #2 post trib, #3 or not at all…Im taking door number three, bob!


  12. I hear Newt Gingrich made his 21st century “contract with AMerica”. In this, he apparently said if he is voted president, he will sign 150 executive orders. One of which he said he will get rid of all the czars….really?

    So, I would like everyone to contact Newt and ask him if that means getting rid of the drug czar as well. Bet he back out.

    Hers the story.

    Heres his site.


    • Poor Newt. He doesn’t understand that it is the signing of Executive Orders which has helped create the mess of an unrestricted Executive branch in the first place.

      Perhaps a better plan would be to work with Congress to ban all Executive Orders. (Like that would ever happen).

      I now hereby relegate Newty to the halls of insignificance.


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