They’re Here




Where is a terrorist more apt to be found? Not these days on an airplane more likely on the interstate,” said Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security Commissioner Gibbons.


I suppose you feel safer now that Bubba T. Errorist, that ole redneck from Coondog, TN, is now being searched by the Blue VIPRs all across Tennessee (and thank God for those drug sniffing dogs). This is needed since Bubba might blow up the Stuckey’s on Exit 87 for a bad pecan roll.

And as an honorable mention… Thank you, Rudy Gonzales, for your promise to report if you “see anything” (as if any normal Tennessean wouldn’t do so). Something tells me that Rudy wouldn’t mind one of those “enhanced” pat downs. He might even prefer it from Gibbons, personally.

h/t Max Keiser

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4 thoughts on “They’re Here

  1. Just found this article this morning.
    I encourage you all to go read it…then go to comments and straighten out the morons and trolls.

    I went to a local protest in my area last nite. I was a bit discourgaged.
    The were only about a 100 or so people(better than no one). That just means not enough people around here have woke up. That just means those 100 and myself have alot of work to do.
    Theres lots of negitive people out there saying this is just a bunch of lazy good for nothings that want everything handed to them.
    Yes there are lazy good for nothings that do want everything handed to them. Just as there are racists in the tea party.
    That doesnt discredit the message.

    I dont mind working hard for what I have….as long as I can keep what I have.
    You shouldnt have to work your whole damned life to pay for a house, just so when you retire and cant afford the tax they put on you and come take it just because your old and cant work.
    You shouldnt have to work your whole life, be taxed to death just so they can make war and enrich themselves on your dime.
    You shouldnt have to work your whole life, pay into SS jsut to depend on government to decide if you should get a C.O.L.A. or not, mean while they give themselves a 17% raise.
    You shouldnt have your life sucked from you in the form of taxes and have said life wasted by people that dont give a rats ass about you or your needs. I should be able to decide what to waste my life on.

    Theres a reason America exists. It exists because people got sick of being taxed to death and treated badly by a government.

    We got no where to move to people! This is it, all or nothing!

    So, all you 1%”ers that put me down, call me lazy? Take your trash down the road.
    All you 99%’ers that havent figured out that you are the 99%, get your heads out of the sand or your ass and do something for your country other that putting down those that are trying!


  2. What to see some stupid law makers?

    So how the HELL is a person sitting at home smoking a joint more dangerous than a fist weilding maniac?

    Let a dope smoker out of jail and he’ll go raid your frig. Let a fist weilding maniac out and he’ll go hospitalize or kill his girl friend.
    WTF! Is wrong with people?


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