Things are getting serious for this country, for OWS. We need more people to step up. We need more people to make that stand for their country. It doesn’t matter if you agree with OWS or the Tea Party. It doesn’t matter what you identify with politically, or don’t identify with. This is YOUR country. If you don’t stand up and be heard , those who are running YOUR country into the ground will continue to do so. These political control freaks could care less if you have food on the table. Where the hell is your bailout? HUH? It’s not about government GIVING you money as they have and continue to do for these ‘TOO BIG TO FAIL” groups. It’s about government getting the hell out of your pocket , it’s about them getting out of your life, it’s about them leaving something for future generations. Money and power is all that matters to them. TAKE IT AWAY FROM THEM! Stand up!
As I said, things are getting serious. Occupation Wall Street maybe the last protest. Why? Because, those in power may see this as a way to neuter us as Americans. What do you mean you ask? The tension is building in these protests. Police are becoming more brutal, there are no doubt there are undercover law enforcement stirring up problems. And to be fair , there are the true criminal element also in these crowds stirring up trouble. Some of which may have been directed to these camps by those who wish to inflame and provocateur in order to end these protests. In ending these protests , there may come legislation that would essentially neuter any future protesting in this country. Oh what’s that you say, it can’t be done because of the constitution? Silly you. Take a look back at the last 20 years, when has that stopped those in power from taking away your freedoms. It can happen VERY easily. That is why we MUST take a stand…draw the line…speak out.
More must join. America must wake up. That sleeping giant must stand up and speak. It seems there are those in our military that have had their eyes open.


We need more military to join. Those that have are seeing they have left a war to come home to a war. The brutality will only get worse, and why these police are siding with those in power, those that are ruining this nation is beyond me . Yes, the reasons are many, yet in doing so, they cut their own throats.

During the protests of the 60’s , calling for the end of the Vietnam war, the protestors had the support of the public eye. As the protests turned violent , the public eye turned against the protests. Those in power knew violence would turn the  public against the protests….and they know it now. So those protesting must not let police, provocateurs or just plain criminal elements from turning the public against them.  The news (if you wanna call it that) puts its spin on everything. I don’t care if its right or left MSM. They put labels on people.

The left did it with the Tea party.

The right is mocking OWS.

The message is the same, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH , yet if you go speak your mind your ridiculed,mocked,put down by both side .It doesn’t matter who you are or what political spectrum you come from.And it doesn’t matter WHO is being silenced…it’s the message that’s being silenced.That’s the point and It’s being silenced on both sides! We The People Are Being Divided. We are being KEPT divided. So please, if you’re a follower and have to mock someone , go to the bathroom,look in the mirror and start there and see how much good it does you!

The Oakland protest shut down the port,many businesses closed in solidarity.


Calling the day of protests and direct actions a “general strike” may have raised
the bar too high, but it also resulted in an almost unbelievable amount of media
coverage — far more attention than ever garnered by protests against the Iraq
war, which were attended by hundreds of thousands. In that sense today could be
seen as a major victory for the Occupy movement. This may have provided a model
for other occupations to follow in the coming months.

If we could shut down everything, shut down this country , then, WE THE PEOPLE will have proven our power. At that point we will have found our voice and it will echo across the world. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

So put away your stupidity,stop being defeatist, stop listening to the morons on MSM and stand up! Speak out!







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Did We All Just Get Hacked To Death By Israel?

I know you won’t hear much on Fukushima in the MSM, but the fact is that reactor #2 has a huge hole in its side and xenon has been measured in radical numbers, suggesting that fission has restarted. I don’t know, but I bet you a dollar to a donut that this poison has been constantly spewing and filling our atmosphere and oceans. And I would also venture to say that many of us will suffer from this disaster at some point.

As bad as it would be as an “accident”, what if there was something done on purpose. Or, not much better, what if a bug made by Israel/American covert hackers to cause Iran’s nuclear plant to have problems got loose and is now causing problems for the Japanese plants that use the same Siemens controllers?

I don’t know about you, but I put nothing past these murdering freaks.

Heretic Productions present: Mike Rivero’s Comments at whatreallyhappened.com


Here is a nightmare scenario for you.

1. Israel and the US create Stuxnet.

2. Stuxnet is deployed to wreck Iran’s nuclear power station.

3. But Stuxnet escapes from its intended target and spreads across Asia!

4. As the above article documents, Stuxnet was in Japan last October, presumably still spreading and intended to wreck nuclear power plants.

5. Stuxnet targets the Siemens controller

6. Fukushima uses the Seimens controllers Stuxnet was designed interfere with!

So now the difficulty the Fukushima nuclear plant operators faced in recovering control over their runaway reactors takes on a darker significance. Remember that the first problem following the quake was that the automated shutdown systems failed to operate at some of the reactors, because pumps failed and valves would not open even while running on batteries; the very sorts of mischief Stuxnet supposedly was designed to cause at Iran’s power station.

Did we all just get hacked to death by Israel?

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All posts are opinions meant to foster comment, reporting, teaching & study under the “fair use doctrine” in Sec. 107 of U.S. Code Title 17. No statement of fact is made or should be implied. Ads appearing on this blog are solely the product of the advertiser and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of BuehlahMan’s Revolt or WordPress.com