FrEaKy SeX FrIdAy – Internet Sex Sting – Video Edition 11/4/2011

I can’t believe people are this desperate and still fall for this crap. I mean come on, if you are chatting with an underage girl or boy on the internet about having Sex, chances are in this day and age it’s a setup.

Investigators release details of internet sex sting

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A youth pastor, a fire lieutenant, a doctor, and theme park employees are just a few of the people arrested in an online child sex sting in Orange County.

Fifty people were arrested as part of Operation Spider Web. Channel 9 was the first to report on the sting operation Monday. Now, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has released more information about the bust.

Here’s how the sting worked; 50 detectives took part in online chat rooms, some posing as parents offering sex with their children, others posing as children themselves. They set up in a west Orange County home where the people came to meet what they thought where children ranging in ages 8 to 15. Instead officers surprised them and took the people down. One of those arrested had a knife in his pocket with his hand on it. Thirty-three of those arrested came from other counties, even other states to have sex with children. Even with the busts completed police say there is still a lot of work to be done.

“In this case a lot of it will involve forensic information. I know the sheriff’s office executed a lot of search warrants on these individuals homes to get their personal computers,” said Assistant State Attorney Deborah Barra.

Channel 9 is working with the sheriff’s office to find out more about some of those arrested, like Michael Lee, a 32-year-old youth pastor at Eastland Baptist Church on Lake Underhill road.

The majority of those arrested in the sting operation have bonded out of jail.

Link to vidoe of arrests – Raw Video (explicit): Internet sex sting arrests. – Explicit I reckon because of the police violence. There is NO Sex scene hahaha you pervert ;).

On a side note, a comment found on the source page linked above. I agree with this assessment after viewing the video.

Posted by Drigh13 at 4:21 p.m. November 1, 2011

I am all for these people being busted and having the key thrown away, but watching the way that these overzealous sheriffs deputies throw them around and yell “stop resisting” before they even identify themselves at times leaves me with a raised eyebrow. The testoserone level might need to be bumped down a few degrees.

I understand the inherent danger and the need to strike quick, but the CYA shouting of “stop resisting” just sounds like an excuse to beat up a suspect, which isn’t cool. Even if these guys deserve it.

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7 thoughts on “FrEaKy SeX FrIdAy – Internet Sex Sting – Video Edition 11/4/2011

  1. I have seen countless videos of cops who start shouting as if the perp is resisting when they obviously were not. Especially in the protest movements.

    If they want to use excessive force, that’s all they have to do. Act and scream when there is no real reason except that they want to enjoy the head bashing.

    As for these freaks trying to get it on with kids. They can all eat shit and die.


    • Or a mentor …ask me how I know .. the bastard messing with one of my nephews about 12 years ago. He knew I knew the first time I met him at a school function. That was also the last time he saw my nephew. He knew better. If only I had – had the proof. It would have been the last time he saw anyone. 😉


  2. It seems if you bat an eye wrong(whats the wrong way to bat an eye?) police beat the crap out of people, but ya, these creaps deserve it. Now, how about letting weed smokers out so we can make more room and time for these dregs of society.


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