B’Man’s Rants: What Can Be Done To Fix The Country I Love?

Not Necessarily In Any Particular Order:

Conduct an immediate, independent investigation of 911 (all facets leading up to and after the event). Any and all conspirators and their operatives should be summarily executed upon any finding of guilt (for this would be obvious treason). Any person or organization found to have lied, misrepresented, or hid facts revolving what happened on that fateful day should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (members of the 911 Commission, Zelikow, Bush Admin officials, etc)

“Think Tanks” and other Elitist organizations with obvious blood lust as their mantra should be dismantled and those people held to scrutiny of truth by the American public. No think tank (nor its Zionist operatives,) should be allowed to organize and write battle plans for any military endeavor. No organization or persons should be allowed to blatantly lie about rationale to invade innocent lands and those who did should be prosecuted and held responsible for those lies.

End the “War on Drugs” immediately

End The Empire immediately

End all of wars – Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya… and all proxy wars, coup attempts, and assassinations

Eliminate all off shore military (Empire) bases and bring each and every military personnel home

Eliminate all over-seas money (especially to Israel)

Allow all “Too-Big-To-Fail” banks/corporations to fail like the rest of us when we over-extend or bet away our security.

Abolish Corporate person-hood.

Never vote for a Republican or Democrat (nor any defectors from these parties when we clean house)

Re-balance the power structure of the US Government (Executive power has been increased to dictatorial levels, but to the demise of the congressional power. There should be no presidential “signing statements”. )

Enact campaign finance laws taking corporate money out of elections (heavily scrutinize and hold accountable donations sent to congress people who cater to the whims of that industry: ie; Marsha Blackburn’s heavy telecom money influences her votes regarding legislature that affects them).

Have Term Limits and use a proportional voting system (shorten Senator terms to 4 years and increase Congressional seats to 4)

Minimize congressional pay, retirement and medical benefits (none of these millionaires have done anything to deserve these huge benefits and payouts for the rest of their lives). This should be an honor to serve and no enriching, lifelong career move.

Disallow wives and family members from active participation in congressional matters (example: Max Baucus’ wife). Obvious conflict of interest.

Disallow insider trading of Congressmen (the Congress has 50 times more millionaires than regular citizens, per capita). These people can get inside information and buy/sell stocks. For you or I, this is illegal. For them, its enriching.

Stop the revolving doors of industry/government. Want to know why regulators don’t regulate? Their next employer (the one they are supposed to watch) won’t like it. Look no further than this devil to see why there needs to be no revolving doors (he is responsible for the Patriot Act, much of the Homeland Security apparatus, and untold other secret initiatives AND is an Israeli dual citizen… see next point).

Do not allow dual citizenship personnel to be in our government (there is but one allegiance to as an elected official in America and that is to AMERICA, not Israel, nor any OTHER country). Frankly, as opposed to the Senators who don’t even question such things, I don’t trust anyone who shows allegiance to two different masters. For such devotees can only hate one and love the other or be devoted to one and despise the other (Matt 6:24). They certainly cannot be trusted. Period.

Stop all foreign campaign finance and strongarming by lobbying groups whose allegiance is to another country (AIPAC, as an example). What a Zionist wants for America is NOT what is BEST for America, but is BEST for Israel and their world take-over agenda.

Mandatory disclosure of ALL personal information when running for elected office with exclusion and/or prosecution for those who refuse (never allow a dead beat draft dodger or Kenyan with a Connecticut birth certificate… having never actually lived in Connecticut… become leaders of this country).

Audit the FED… hold the thieves accountable… Close the Fed… enact a viable financial system where the government issues currency backed by precious metals (never allow a fiat currency in this country again)

Eliminate the IRS.

Eliminate personal and corporate income tax.

Eliminate the estate (death) tax.

Abolish Obama Care… implement Single Payer, Not-For-Profit healthcare. (Get the middle man insurance companies out of it.)

Immediately reduce Federal spending by 25%, minimum

Eliminate hundreds of unnecessary Federal agencies, including the FDA, Education, Dept of Agriculture, etc (not to mention all the pork and hidden payouts found deep inside bills)

Abolish the Department of Homeland Security and its entire apparatus (especially the TSA)

Repeal the Patriot Act

Prosecute, imprison or execute the ones (including George W Bush) who are responsible for torture to be conducted in our names. Prosecute and imprison any and all presidents who do not hold these murderers accountable, including Barack Obama. Obama, himself, should be held accountable for the murder of American citizens without a trial.

Balance the Budget

Secure our borders, pursue a sane immigration policy

Please add points of interest or correct anything I may have off base in comments…

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8 thoughts on “B’Man’s Rants: What Can Be Done To Fix The Country I Love?

  1. Ref: dual citizenship********I am amazed, just utterly amazed at how few Illonois citizens are actually aware that Rahm Emanual is a dual American / Israeli
    citizen who, according to what i’ve read from multible sources, he served in the Israeli IDF, but not ever did he serve in the US millitary. I have a real problem with that. A real problem.

    Im just finnishing up reading a book entitled FIASCO, written by
    Thomas E. Ricks. It’s the definitive reading of what really occured within the DOD, and within the US millitary structure names and dates were included in support to what is alledged in this book, in the run up to Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as what the situation was ,for our deployed troops from the top command structure down to the platoon level with sufficient testimony from the various troops who served there. I mention this only because there is so much rhetoric for war with Iran.
    If what i have read in FIASCO is even half true, our troops are in NO WAY able to
    be able to fight another ground war. Let me submit just one quote, from US Marine 4 star Gen Anthony Zinni in reguards to the state of affairs within the entire US millitary structure as of late 2004 after the entire US millitary was misapplied in OIF, he stated: “I have seen this movie before, it was called Vietnam” .
    After reading this book, i have come away believing two individuals are directly responsible for creating the insurgency in Iraq that cost us so many of our troops lives, The 2 guilty persons are, Sec of Def Rumsfield and H. Paul Bremer. These two most deffinatly should be in a federal prison for their negligence. Others too, but these two are most responsible for imposing their ignorant mis informed policies that went totally contrary to what the facts on the ground supported before the insurgency really began. These two are, in my view, more guilty than Bush and Rice who, lets not forget, in conjunction with Rumsfield,(and there were others as well) lied to the American Congress and the American people, the entire world, in the first place actually, to gain support for that invasion.

    My god,,,,I could just go on and on here…………………………………………….


    • Rahm is but one. The Chertoff guy is one.

      But let us not forget the Zionists that are NOT dual citizens (even tho, I wish they would relinquish citizenship here and move over there). They might as well be citizens in Israel, since they cater to their needs more than America’s needs.

      My hope is that Americans will wake up and tell these Zionist bastards to pound salt (and do it in Israel). But the first to go are anyone who has dual citizenship. That is easy enough to figure out.


  2. Im finding that by informing people about Rahm’s dual statas, and giving some evidence, and including the fact that he served in the IDF but not in the US millitary is having a real impact on getting other’s to take some notice. What you get, when you’ve gotten through to those your informing of this fact, you get about 30 seconds of silence as they absorb this and ponder it. It’s really amazing to see this. Then, they are receptive for more info as they’ve now been primed correctly.
    His dual citizenship is deffinatly not common knowledge up here. I always end by telling them to do their own easy confirmastion , not to take my word for this or other facts they don’t know. Think for yourself, i tell them. Obtain your own confirmation.


  3. Well, are our allies suppose to infultrate and run our government?
    Do we want people with alliegence’s toward foreign governments operating our’s, setting public polocy that force us to live by when, for the most part, these policies go against what is actually in OUR best interrests? Do we lat our own suffer while billions continue to be drawn out of our tax moner and spent to further the lot of foreign nation populations? WHEN DO OUR OWN NEEDS TAKE PRECIDENT?
    Ask them that? Ill continue this latter Gotta go. Love ya.


  4. Well that about covers it B’man….the problem.Them bitches run it all and the reigns are held tightly. Mean while, our ability to protest is being destroyed in these OWS camps, which gives these bitches tighter hold on the reigns. The people go out, protest, speak as to what the problems are, they are ignored til things go bad, then those in power point to how”we the people’ Dont know what we want.

    What a crock of shit this country and our freedom has become….and no where else to go. Freedom dies here.


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