Richard Noggin’ Saturday: Neutered President Ron Paul


Ron Paul - Caricature

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

I have written about Ron Paul several times here. I like a great deal of what the man has to say. Were it an open and honorable election system, where political parties were not owned lock, stock and barrel by Corporate interests with a goal of subservience to Big Money, I would say right here and now that I would vote for him as POTUS.

Of course, he is a reTHUGlican. He proves his allegiance in this video below where Sean Hannity tries to get him to say that he would not become independent in his run for POTUS.

The “statist”, Sean Hannity (and the other ass-kissing sycophants like Rush and O’Lielly) have done little more than discount and belittle Paul’s run. Minimize the non-interventionist stance… argue about what America’s role in the world is, but then stroke him for the initiatives that could easily be hijacked into an austerity jackpot.

Take the hints in the video below to see where I am going with this and listen carefully, as the slimeball, Sean, sets the stage for his gullible, sheep-like listeners:


Ron Paul could very likely be our next president. Obama is despised and even those on the “left” are angry that he is a liar and worse than Bush (even though I have been telling them this for years now). All the other reTHUGs are fools, war mongers, globalist pigs (just like their demoRAT counterparts). The American public is hoping for someone like Paul to step in and change things. You know: hope and change (AGAIN).

President Paul will be lauded as an economic genius and many of his harshest policies will be pushed from the THUGs (and will also be rallied by the RATs). They will use the man’s platform to continue the globalist, world-stealing, Israeli-kowtowing agenda. And he will get all sorts of adulation for it. But guess which of his platforms will be ignored, belittled and struck down? All of his foreign interventionist/bring the troops home rhetoric (which is WHAT gets him elected… just like that is what got the criminal, Obama elected). Anything to do with dismantling the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, etc will be squashed and he will acquiesce, saying that it is a tough battle and new information given him that he didn’t have before will change his policy to be the same world-controlling Empire. Auditing/dismantling The Fed will take a back seat, because he will be over-seeing the crash of the Dollar and will be one of the first to endorse a new currency and slight changes to the system. But, one should never believe for a second that the real power brokers will ever lose their power, no matter what replaces what we know as the Fed.

What has become evident is that it is now impossible for the blowhards like Hannity to continue to ignore Paul, so they will now begin the embrace: the massage to turn the perception of Americans towards Paul. Hijack his campaign and do the same old/same old.

For sure, never doubt that he will be neutered the moment he wins the election and we can experience all that hope and change again this election cycle, just like ALL the other hopes and changes we have experienced in the POTUS elections.

Say it with me, Sheoples:


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4 thoughts on “Richard Noggin’ Saturday: Neutered President Ron Paul

  1. 6:10 : Yes Mr Paul, they understand the seriousness of it….THEY DON’T CARE!

    Why else would they just keep doning all this spending. In recent years things have happened that have opened the flood gates on the flow of money they spend and they will not stop.Ben Bernanke stated in a testimony in front of congress not long ago..” ..the fed will keep lending money to congress, it is up to congress to stop taking the money..”(haven’t been able to find that video , will post it if and when I do.)

    Ok, some do(maybe)care.

    What gets me is this “we” word Bernanke uses. As if he speaks for us. If we have never lost a dime doing as hes said, then where the hell is our interest dividend checks? If its our tax money ‘WE” should be benefiting from thier gambling.

    I don’t care who you vote for , nothing will change except the amount of money we lose and the freedoms we lose.The mechanisim behind our government will not premit the kind of change we want.


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  3. I watched the following two videos and came away feeling like Mr Paul is trustworthy and truthful. He believes everything he says (being 100% correct is subject to debate). My hope is that he rides the R wave long enough to get enough national recognition that when the R’s begin to screw him, he is forced to go Independent (and then I could fully support his candidacy).


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