B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: The Ineffectual Jesus of Christendom

I grew up in a secular home with little adherence to religious dictates. Don’t get me wrong, basically the family was good and moral (of course, we all have our little foibles). My family were holiday church goers, by and large (except for a time that the church as used as a baby sitter for us). Many times, my sister and I would go to church while the parents did whatever parents do while the church baby sits their kids.

After I was grown, my mother became the ultra-Christian that virtually any sane person tries to stay far away from. Hypocrisy rules (and that is what bothers me the most; growing up with a person who now chastises others for doing the very same damned thing she did). “It’s under the blood”, we are told, so no one is allowed to examine the very issues that she judges everyone else about.

You see, those of us who “live holy and righteous lives” (yes, she told me that God showed her that she was actually accomplishing that) can forget the sins we conducted and are allowed to point out the sins of another.

This brings me to what I want to discuss: being a Christian and how Christians have made Christ ineffective and a laughing stock.

I told my mother around 10 years ago that if being a Christian means being like her, I will NOT be one.

You see, what has happened is that the Christian church-world has morphed into something that hardly resembles the Christ in any form or fashion. Actually, what Christendom has become is Judaism- lite. I mean, how many times does one have to hear the convoluted wording, “Judeo-Christian beliefs” to understand that Christianity has been hijacked by the religion of the devils.

I want to get this clear as possible: I am no Jew. I do not adhere to Judaism in any form. And IF anyone believes that I should embrace Judaism into a Christian belief, then I’ll tell you what I told my mother: if being a Judeo-Christian means being like you, then I will NOT be one.

I have been ostracized from churches. Seriously. I had a preacher who insisted he was my friend, confidant and mentor tell me that I need to leave the church after I had a word or two with his wife about what I should teach from the pulpit (she handed me a book of Wesley sermons and suggested that I preach from that book). I simply said I would rather use the Bible and thought nothing else of it.

Within a week, the preacher’s wife was livid (I suppose that an underling would show just a smattering of disrespect) and the preacher called a special meeting, which included the District Superintendent Preacherman (his boss). I was accused of many things and could see right away that I was being set up and that they wanted me out. Fortunately, the requirements in the Methodist church are for lay people (board members, elders, deacons, etc) to attend such meetings. I had several people come to my defense and basically shut the two fools down. We had a choir meeting that evening (I was choir director and assistant pastor) and several of the people suggested that the church vote to remove itself from the Methodist charter (it had been Methodist for almost 150 years). I told them to not do any such thing and that it would be better for me and my family to leave the church.

It was at this point that I truly began to study the Bible (and its original languages) on my own, without the mentor and without a theological preconceived notion. I told myself, “If God wants me to know something, HE can tell me.” Whereas I had been saying, hell, if a preacher man says it on the radio, surely he knows more than I do.

But that takes me to the rub… what I kept finding didn’t resemble what I heard on the radio (or TV or in person). As a matter of fact, what I kept hearing from the PreacherMen was radically different than what I was reading and understanding. I could not understand why this was, since all Bibles tell us the same thing, right?


What The Church World Teaches:

Jesus came to “TRY” and save the world… He did not come to actually accomplish this, just try to. You see, He just gives everyone a chance to go to heaven and it is completely up to you… BUT ONLY if you are lucky enough to realize this (little Muslim children dying from American bombs NEVER get this chance to even “realize” what He is “trying” to do for them). But wait, after you realize that He “tried” to save you (and the rest of the world), THEN you must “confess Him as Lord”… and THEN you better continue to make wise choices, perfectly timed and ok’d by God and then perfectly trust and obey Him until you die (thereby FINALLY receiving your reward of Eternal Life).

The church-world teaches us that Jesus didn’t actually come to seek and to save those who are lost (talking about everyone in the world), but really only came to save a select few (called “The Elect”).

The church-world teaches us to appreciate and “give thanks in all things”, including the “good news” that you are one of “the elect” and that you will not endure never-ending torture and punishment like most of the rest of the world’s inhabitants. You, Mr and Mrs Christian are VERY lucky, doncha know?

What The Church World Portrays Jesus as saying:

I tried to draw you to me, but you wouldn’t listen. I am sorry, you must suffer torment forever.

I love you. But even after I tried to get you to believe in me, you did not believe, so you must burn in hell. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t WANT you to burn in hell forever, but I cannot disobey the father’s laws and commandments. So, be gone, Sinner. I will always love you as you burn mercilessly forever, and ever. Amen.

What happened? You believed in me once, but you back slid and then rejected me. Sorry, the devil has his place of torment ready for you. But I do love you.

You don’t think hell is real? Then, by God, off to hell for you, then, just to see how real it is. This is love in action.

I know you believed when you were a little kid, but that stupid preacher man didn’t completely immerse your leg during your baptism, so, you MUST suffer the torment of hell (next time maybe you should get you a preacher that pays a little more attention). Oops. Did I say “next time”? Heh. But, I love you as your skin is burned from your body for the rest of time.

Gosh, I realize that you did get completely immersed in your baptism, the thing is that you did it in the wrong denomination of the Church. As much as I still love you, you must perpetually burn. That’s the Law.

Some of you did get fully immersed and by the correct branch of Christendom, but the preacher said a couple of words that aren’t acceptable, so, sorry, burn forever, my love. Its not your fault, but the Law is the Law.

I saw you as you ate that cracker and didn’t BELIEVE IT WAS ME while you were doing it. Blasphemy! I am so sorry, my darling, but you must wail and gnash your teeth forever. That’s the Law.

You, you hippie freak, your hair is too long. Gotta burn, boy. Think of all my love as you suffer endlessly.

I give you credit, you did ask forgiveness of almost all your sins. But, dangit, you forgot that one sin of eating fish on the wrong day and didn’t ask me to forgive you. Burn, baby, burn. But I love you.

You didn’t believe the correct from of the trinity. Go burn, and I love you.

You didn’t abide by the Mosaic Law like my “Chosen People” do. I will never love you like I do them, so burn in hell until you become like them. And know that I love you.

You didn’t believe in the “Rapture”, so its time for me to lovingly burn you for eternity.

You didn’t say Hail Mary enough for full forgiveness and you certainly didn’t tell that child-raping cleric all of your sins. So, as much as I love and care for you, you obviously are no material for Heaven. To hell with you.

You didn’t handle the snakes like my lost ardent followers. This means you must suffer the everlasting torments that my loving Father made especially for you.

I was listening and you didn’t speak in tongues one time in your life. It doesn’t matter that you were at church every Sunday for 50 years. You should have just let Jesus take you over and speak his spiritual words thru you. Since you didn’t, that loving fire is going to be hot.

Remember that I love you without condition and I have always loved you unconditionally. BUT, since YOU didn’t figure out and do everything precisely the way my preacher staff told you, fulfilling all the laws and conditions of salvation while you were on Earth, I must turn you over to Satan to burn in hell forever. But don’t be fearful or unhappy about it, my treasured child, I knew this would all happen long before you were born and knew I would be casting you into the tormenting fires of hell long before you were even a thought in your Mamma’s brain.

Isn’t it obvious that I love you?

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17 thoughts on “B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: The Ineffectual Jesus of Christendom

  1. Thank you for having the courage, honesty, and simplicity to share your thoughts with us, BuelahMan. I agree with a lot of what you have written and I am not here to argue about any of it. I would only like to pose a few questions at this time: Do our actions in this world have consequences in this world? Although we rarely see it in action in this crazy world, is there such a thing as justice? If there is, in fact, such a thing as eternity (or some kind of life/existence after this one), is it reasonable to think that our behavior here will not have some kind of ramifications hereafter? If, as some think, there is some kind of existence hereafter but there is no such thing as hell: why rage against the machine that is systematically crushing all that is good and decent in this world? Why seek to expose evil, as this very blog seems to be doing? If the sociopaths all around us are escaping justice in this world, will they escape justice altogether or will they receive their just desserts hereafter?

    For what it is worth, I agree that there really is no such thing as a “Judeo-Christian” tradition. That idea is, as you say, convoluted nonsense that only serves to prove the hijacking of the formerly-Christian West by the Talmudic Synagogue of Satan. What is more, there is absolutely no doubt that the often-staggering hypocrisy of Christians has given Christ a bad name, for lack of a better way of putting it. The message and the messenger are, as you know, two different things, and these days the message is rather muddied and the messengers…well, we’ll not even go there right now. Thank you for taking the time to do what you do and sharing your thoughts with us. Godspeed.


    • Thanks for adding to the discussion. All good questions, too. Not sure I have any definitive answers for you. Basically, what the Bible says about heaven and hell are far different than what the church world teaches. But that is the nature of man trying to explain what is supposedly spiritual things (especially relating to Revelation).

      Do our actions have consequences? I believe so. It may not come in the retributive nature that Christians believe it will, but I kind of have this karma feeling thing going on. The only justice available at all is here on Earth. It doesn’t help me to know that “maybe” there is some entity that will torture people for eternity for missing a mark. To me, “IF” God is God, then He would be able to change in an instant, the evil flesh people we are when He wants to. So, assume (if there were any afterlife) He would be able to cleanse and purify whatever evil is within a human. And funny, that is pretty much what the fire and brimstone of Revelation is (the Greek word for brimstone is taken from the root word for God… Theos). The brimstone is God or something of God’s (according to the Greek translation).

      But I have to say, if someone were to harm my little girl or wife, then justice will be mine. I won’t be waiting until some invisible justice takes place. Of course, this is vengeance, but they are similar when it comes to my family (imo).

      As for the sociopaths and their evil, yes, I try to expose them. And I hope that justice is served and that I helped. But I do not hold out any hope that justice will be served after they die. And it is entirely likely that none of us will care after we are dead. My best bet is to try and take care of it here, the best I can. Because NOW is the day I am alive and seeing the rest of my world being ravaged and changed into hell on Earth.

      I am a mess when it comes to theology. But, I know the Bible very well. Thousands of hours studying it. I do not pretend to be a religious leader, preacher, etc. I am none of those things and the time I was, I was pretty much forced into it (the persuasion of the preachers when they need complacent help is pretty strong). I came away from organized religion due to my intense study showing me what a farce most of those buildings/organizations are.

      For if they cannot get the very basic tenets of “Good News” down, then they can’t be trusted with the myriad of other very important subjects.


  2. Great article BeulahMan. It continually amazes me that people can read the gospels and not come away with the knowledge that Jesus was so opposed to the thinking and wording of the jewish scriptures of the time. He referred to these scriptures when talking to the jews as “your scriptures”

    In John ch8 Jesus tells the Jews plainly what they are. In verse 44 he tells them their father is satan. “He was a murderer from the beginning”. It doesn’t get plainer. And they proved him right.

    It wasn’t for nothing that the jews of his day wanted him dead.

    The term ‘Judeo/Christian’ is an oxymoron if ever there was one.


    • I must also say that even the using the “Word of God” to describe the Bible (old or new testaments) is patently untrue. The book doesn’t call itself that. The book actually does tell us what the Word of God is and it ain’t the book.

      Christendom has taken the book (in many, if not most cases, the KJV) and have been able to convince millions that it is inerrant and is God writing thru men. Poppycock. I can point out countless errors, mistranslations and downright purposeful misdirections. People don’t understand all the various differences in the different English translations, but they are plentiful. And we aren’t talking simply updating Ye Olde English, either. We are talking significant differences in theology. Yet, we are told that it is God’s Word.



  3. I grew up in a house where my step-Mother was a devout Catholic, attending and forcing me and my sister to go to Church at least once a week and attend Catholic grade school.

    My step-dad was a devout atheist and let everyone know the same. Even back then, in the late 1960’s, he would bitch about how the Catholic church was filled with homosexual priests raping kids.
    Back then, I didn’t know what to make of those statements, but it looks like he knew what he was talking about.

    I imagine if JC came back without any fan fare, and tried to enter most of those holier than thou bible thumping Evangelical and Pentecostal ‘churches,’ dressed in his toga like outfit, wearing sandals, with a scraggly beard and long hair, they’d refuse him entry.

    Some 19th Century writer said when he dies, he wanted to go to Hell, since that’s where all the interesting people would be. He had NO desire to go to what churches describe as Heaven, said it would be filled with boring hypocrites.

    If Heaven is like I was taught and many are still taught today, that you sit around signing praises to some kinda of God, wouldn’t that get boring after a couple of million years?

    And if God is the original source of pure, unadulterated love, would that being want his creations to always be praising him/her/it for being such a fantastic dude? Sounds more like some kind of ego-maniac.

    Most of today’s churches preach hate, not love.

    They’ve seem to have forgotten that one Commandment that says, “Thou shalt not kill,” but as long as its Muslims we’re murdering, well guess God must of changed that Commandment.

    Whatever happened to ‘feed the hungry, tend to the sick and shelter the homeless?’

    Too damned boring and doesn’t fill the pews or collection plates.

    Around here in the Missouri Ozarks, you can easily spot the terminal Bible thumpers. They’re the ones with that artificial look of happiness on their face and eyes bugged out so far they look like someone who’s snorted too much cocaine.

    May Odin save us all!


    • Catholics are a strange bunch within a huge strange bunch called Christendom. Jesus Christ, can’t you ppl see that the pope is evil incarnate? At least most of the TV preachers are neat and somewhat handsome (I know, a few stand out due to their ugliness). But the Pope has a face of evil, in my estimation. I don’t feel love, peace, etc when I see his mug. I am thinking this dude has a “put a bullet in your head in a heart beat” kinda scary look.

      Heaven and hell? I can’t stand going to funerals because more often than not, you will here some bogus explanation of what heaven is (golden streets, big houses for everyone, no more tears, etc). Do we all really expect to die, then wake up whole on a golden street with a big fine house and plenty of “No More Tears” shampoo?


  4. G’day. Agree with your take on Christianity and think you will find this http://www.gavrielshaw.com/zon/jesus-man-work-wallace-wattles/ 1905 talk by a bloke called William Wattles a powerful analysis.

    The main problem with rabid atheism is that it has become the secular equivalent for the allegedly civilised, modern world of the previous religious control apparatus (which persists in part). Mild atheism, shading into agnosticism, is not as rigid a barrier to consideration of spiritual issues. Neither is “religion” necessarily a barrier to spiritual advancement, although it is when administered by the flawed control freaks who dominate all the more, the further you go up the religious ladders.

    Religious institutions, like our secular institutions/methods-for-controlling-the-masses, become the tools of psychopaths. Understanding the role that psychopaths are driven to take in our – or any – society is necessary to evaluate possible steps to combat them. My feeling is that individual spiritual advancement is a necessary – although perhaps not sufficient of or by itself – pre-condition for effective opposition to the criminals who run our financial, political and religious institutions.

    That’s too big a subject to into now. What might be useful are some links to info about psychopathy (not ranked in any particular order coz I’ve got to get the kids breakfasted and off to school…):

    Twilight of the Psychopaths by Dr Kevin Barrett – http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2008/01/02/02073.html

    The Corporate Psychopaths Theory of the Global Financial Crisis – http://www.springerlink.com/content/9072633443675517/fulltext.pdf (only 5 pages of a larger document, so not big file)

    Trickle-down tyranny – why ordinary people in positions of local power are adopting tactics of tyrants – http://www.naturalnews.com/034221_trickle-down_tyranny_America.html (the Natural News site is one of the best on the web; a vital tool for understanding of widely varied issues and for preservation of self and family. Mike Adams is one of those enlightened individuals whose magnificent energy gives “us” a chance of prevailing against the psychopaths).

    Ponerology: The Science of Evil – http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_ponerology.htm#Additional_Information (an archive of relevant links)

    A Structural Theory of Narcissism and Psychopathy – http://www.sott.net/articles/show/154258-A-Structural-Theory-of-Narcissism-and-Psychopathy

    http://laura-knight-jadczyk.blogspot.com/search/label/psychopathy – archive of articles

    http://1phil4everyill.wordpress.com/2009/12/03/when-does-psychopathy-flourish-musings-on-psychopathy-ii/#comment-2417 (see comment 4 re book “Critical Mass” by Philip Ball).

    Political Ponerology by Andrew M Lobaczewski – http://www.ponerology.com/

    Ponerology blog – http://ponerology.blogspot.com/

    This is my first visit to your site. I’ll do some more reading of it later – I promise not to over-run you with comments 🙂 because I don’t often comment at sites.

    Just one final comment now, though: Laura Knight-Jadczyk is a fine writer/analyst and I think her head’s in the right place. However, some people might doubt that because of her Cassiopea material, which you might run across in reading the psychopathy articles. I regard that Cassiopea material as relatively harmless and ignore it; I suppose there is even a vanishingly small possibility of some reality in it, in that our human interpretation of reality is mediated through a limited brain and limited understanding – those limitations are why I believe that if we as a species are to evolve successfully, the evolution must be spiritual. Technology true-believers like Ray Kurzweil are on the wrong track.




    • Malcolm,

      I appreciate the comment and links. I plan to find some time today to read thru this (I have been so very busy with work lately, I am losing pace with this place). I have a draft of a post I have been working on regarding psychopathy and narcissism, so the info is timely, indeed. I am really interested in the Wattles info, so I’ll get to it soon.

      I think that at least 1/2 of the preachers I know are psychopaths (and narcissistic, at the very least). One may never know by just a general relationship with them, but get involved in the workings of their church and you suddenly see the act lifted and the real person come out. Psychopaths are notorious for being able to fool people into thinking they are something else.

      Thanks for stopping by and come again (I hope you sub’d to know when posts are added).

      PS: the system put your response in the spam file due to the links. It took me a bit to find out and ok the post (there is no screening going on, just a limit to links will automatically spam it).

      Take care.


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