2012 , The year of the crazy and weird stuff.

Well here we are, 2012. I started my year weird by reading up on the Nephilim. They are spoken of in the Bible and are , by many ,tied to myths of old. There are those saying they will return , that they are the aliens everyone talks of.”There were giants in the earth in those days….men of reknown.”Some say they are the ones who are responsible for the ancient temples around the world. Got into stuff about revelations and the end times…..”..And the Angles blew their trumpets…”. Then I ran into this on you tube.

There are lots of this type of thing on you tube. There are lots things in the world that bring questions of the past and scriptures of the bible. Indeed the world is full of unexplained things. The universe is huge beyond imagination, and for us tiny little specks, we humans, to think we are so smart is arrogant.Existance is very,very,very weird indeed.
Was there Nephilim? Maybe. Were they giants? Possible. Dinosaurs were very big. There are those who have a theory that the Nephilim created the dinosaurs through genetic engineering and that man did walk with dinosaurs. Who knows.

If in 2012 , the Nephilim-Aliens return…well…we’ll know for certain that we are very ignorant of the cosmos.

After watching the video above , I ran into this video:

Very strange sound indeed. It would scare the crap out of me too…except I think I’ve heard this sound before…maybe. I will explain shortly.

I ran into this video also:

Oh the Angels are blowing their trumpets! Or are they?

I found a post for this over at “American Everyman“.
My post there gives my views of these noises from these two videos.

This is not my America, on January 7, 2012 at 11:57 am said:

If this is from the tunnel construction, underground mind you, wouldn’t the high-pitched part of these sounds be muffled? I could understand the lower frequency sounds coming through. Any one have any idea if the tunnel opening was near by where this was recorded?

I can imagine the tunnel acting as a trumpet of sorts,amplifying the sound as it travels down the length of it toward the opening. If the opening was nearby ,then the high frequency sounds could escape..

As for the Florida video. I used Google to find where they are. Spring Hill Rd and Walnut Grove Lane. They aren’t far from Tallahassee Regional Airport.

Using Google maps I looked at the airport. From what I can see the airport doesnt have any “testing” facilities for jet engines.I lived on Patrick’s AirForce Base on the east coast of Florida. I heard jets a VLA (very low altitude) every day. I can’t say this sounded like and engine on a commercial jet, yet one thing comes to mind.

Were there any drag races near by? I live several miles from a drag strip. They have had jet cars over there from time to time. They are LOUD ! And the flash at the end makes me think of the flash of the engine being cut off.

Now this sound does seem different from a jet car, and I can’t imagine why they would run a jet car engine for 20 mins.

There is however “SS performance group” (a performance car shop) just northeast of the airport. Maybe checking with those guys would provide and answer. They could possibly been playing around with a jet car.

I’ll try doing some investigation there , just maybe…..

Ya I know, I’m taking all the fun out of this. Trumpets of the Angles and HAARP and all lol.

Heres a compilation of many of these “Strange Sounds” videos:

Heres one from Mexico. I think some are taking this sound and making fakes. Its possible that much of these are fakes. As for the one in Kiev , The comments said the buildings shook. I can’t guess how someone could physically ‘Fake” these sounds to spook people in a city. To make a sound that loud and to “shake” buildings? Humm. There are many videos on youtube with this peticular sound…the ‘Godzilla” sound. The one in Florida, as with Kiev,listen to the resonance in the video. They sound like real sounds, not edited in. Also the woman in Florida was scared.

Here’s the Mexico video:

Here is one from Bucharest. It’s very weird. If it’s faked , it’s a good one. I can’t come up with and idea of what could make this sound . Maybe it is otherworldly, who knows.


Anyone have any ideas on that one?

The thing is folks…there is much we don’t know . Now with 2012 here and the end of the world game playing out for people , lets not lose our heads this year. A good dose of skepticism will be a good thing. We will have all kinds of weirdo’s crawling out of the wood work.

As for me , I’m gonna just sit back with my note-book and see what happens.

Peace ya all.


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