Tennessee Doctor / State Representative Addresses The Toxicity Of Fluoride

It’s about time a redneck finally says something (as if I haven’t been for years):

Maybe its time we all go to our city council meetings and bring this to the Sheople’s attention.

(h/t DProgram)

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6 thoughts on “Tennessee Doctor / State Representative Addresses The Toxicity Of Fluoride

  1. Bout damned time we see more of this in the media !

    I talk to people around here about floride when ever I can….I get looked at like Im nuts.

    I stopped using floride tooth paste some time ago . I was having all kinds of aches and pains in my joints. Went to the Dr. with no solutions. Changed diet…nothing changed many things I did on a daily basis…nothing. Then I remembered talk of floride here at the revolt and other places. I limited my intake of city water as much as possible and started using Uncle Toms Floride free tooth paste. The aches and pains went away and havent come back(other than a days hard work pains).

    Was thing what was causing my problems? Can’t say for sure, but I feel better. Make up your own minds America, as for me, Im sick of being poisoned.


        • I used Toms when I could get it at cost while working at a natural food store many years ago but it’s very expensive. Basically, even growing up, I have used plain baking soda. It’s cheap and effective. Never had a cavity in my life.


  2. I don’t know how old this report is but Dan Miller of WSMV died almost 3 years ago. Anyway, Hohenwald, Spring HIll and Lawrenceburg in the viewing area have removed fluoride from their water and there was plenty of reporting on it. Other communities have been very slow to act. Emails to my water district about it have been ignored.


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