For Toxic Sake, Have A Stiff Drink Of Nuclear Hubris

Today I saw a report of a 5.8 quake that hit the east coast of Japan.  This quake was located 75 miles southeast of  the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.  There have been no reports of damage nor any tsunami risk.  I still am reminded of the March 11th quake that shook most of Japan with a violent 9.0  magnitude.   The resulting tsunami associated with this was horrific. This is the 5th largest recorded earthquake in history.

The videos that came out after this terrible disaster are some of the most amazing footage of destruction I have seen by nature.  I remember the week-end this happened very well and I have a very weird story about it.  This particular week-end is our “guys week-end” where 40-50 of us rednecks gather near the entrance of J.P. Coleman State Park near Indian creek in Tishomingo county  We get together for a 4-wheeler ride and three-day party.  I remember after the big cook out on the night of the 10th, a conversation struck up between Robert Ackerman and myself.  We were talking about what would happen if a major quake hit the New Madrid area close to Memphis, Tn.  The entire time I lived in Memphis the fear of such a quake was always in the back of my mind.  I only live 110 miles east of there now and that is still on my mind.  Robert and I talked for over an hour while others chimed in.  The destruction the Memphis area would take has been estimated to destroy the whole downtown riverfront.   We all finally went to bed that night.  I got up early as I do every year to go turkey hunting the next morning.  I happened to listen to the radio after an unsuccessful trip.  It came across the air wave of an earthquake and I just had caught the end of the story.   I stopped by my house on the way back to Indian creek and turned on the T.V.  There it was.  I have always been fascinated by earthquakes and actually it is more than just scared of them, it is a fear of mine.  It was all over the news and I couldn’t stop thinking about the previous nites topic.  We probably embellished the damage Memphis would take due to the George Dickel that was being guzzeld down as my splitting head was reminding me.  I watched the story for about an hour as I put away the hunting apparel and got ready for the days ride.  I caught Robert in the kitchen of the cabin we were staying at when I returned to the camp.  We just looked at each other and he said ” Be careful what you wish for”.  I don’t remember wishing for a quake but it was a weird feeling we both had and it shook our being to the core.

Explosion At Tepco Plant After Quake and Tsunami

 Where this cabin is that we are gathered for this week-end is less than one mile from the Yellow Creek Nuclear plant site that was scrapped.  I often wondered if this Yellow Creek site had ever been completed what a large New Madrid quake might do to the plant.  It would have been built right on the TN river. Today the problem in Japan is as bad as ever and is getting worse.  I have heard reports of being 30cm from a China Syndrome event.   The area around the Fukushima plant is decimated.  People have long evacuated in a 50 mile radius or larger.  Around 43,000 residents have moved out of three Tohuku prefectures from March to November last year.  Iwate and Miyagi prefectures have seen 16,000 deaths and another 3,500 missing.  The deaths from radiation poisoning  in the future will be hard to calculate.  The damage to the environment and the ocean will be tremendous.

I named this post after the group on Facebook called “Toxic Sake, A Stiff Drink of Nuclear Hubris” that does a great job keeping up to date information on this disaster.  It also has some people who report readings as to radiation in the U.S.  I am not sure if Kristi Bruce started this group,  but I joined because she is a friend on FB and we were in the 4P group before I left.  I don’t guarantee all my facts as spot on and this is more to bring awareness on the 10 month anniversary of this terrible event.  It is another example when mother nature and mankind team up to do unheard  damage to human life and the planet.  This,  like all other stories of any relevant content have been swept under the rug by the MSM.

Exactly what went wrong

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11 thoughts on “For Toxic Sake, Have A Stiff Drink Of Nuclear Hubris

  1. Yes I did start the group as a matter of fact and great job on putting this information out there for a wider audience! Not enough people are aware of what is going on not only in Japan but that it is having serious impact on the Pacific Ocean, the U.S., Canada and all the way into Europe. The West coast is being bombarded and even the Mid-West is seeing significant rises in radiation above normal background. The rain in N. IL is basically toxic now. Stand out in the rain for 100 hrs and you’ll get a year’s dose of radiation. I consider that to be significant.

    Thank you! For spreading the word 🙂


  2. I think that it becomes pretty evident by following online sources (as opposed to the MSM) that we have a situation that is far worse than virtually anything humans have ever faced before. It was barely covered in the beginning, but now you don’t hear anything of substance from the MSM. I feel like Fairwinds has excellent coverage and explanations, as well.

    I would be lax if I didn’t explain that you have nothing to worry about regarding the fallout being received here in the USA. To the contrary, we have the bastions of knowledge (like Ann Coulter) explaining how this stuff is actually good for us. Good enough that tolerable amounts have been raised by our loving government (and the Canadian government). So, please, just think about how Mitt might beat Obama and shut up, ok?


    • I understand that. I think the number of deaths in the US over time may be more than 14K .. The number of cancers are really on the upswing as you and I have friends every week it seems being diagnosed with throat cancer and other squash cell types. Who know and how could one know what the future will bring with this disaster?


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