Ron Paul’s Version Of “Truth” Is Complete Nonsense

The Sheople Misrepresent Ron Paul

People might think that I am just trying to get published or linked to at other sites that I normally respect, since I have spent the last several days attempting to share my thoughts about Ron Paul’s “Paulsterity” Plan To Restore America. In each and every instance, I share my detail with blogs I frequent and in only one example has anyone actually published my comment and none have followed up per my requests to “check my math”.

I’ll be damned if these very same normally cognizant authors and bloggers seem to have checked their thinking abilities at the door. In a couple of instances, I have seen posts, radio shows and podcasts since my communications with the very same “Paul Is The Savior” type mentality (just like the Obama Maniacs who kept telling us he was the Savior). Not a single example of someone actually checking the math, much less any opinion regarding my claims.


I am little more than a dumb ole redneck. But this dumb ole redneck still appreciates truth and for some reason (as opposed to all these Big Blog owners who refuse to simply check my math and offer an honest opinion) I have shown unequivocably that the rhetoric does not match the print version.

Let me show you just one more example of how you sycophantic and NEEDY people make claims about Paul in the face of his own determined attempts to separate himself from you and your “truth”.

Listen here as he corrects Jake Tapper when it comes to 911 and any idea that an inside job was carried out.

“Now, wait, wait, wait! Don’t go any further on that. That’s complete nonsense!”, said Paul.

“It’s nonsense? It’s not true?” Tapper asked.

“No, I never bought into that stuff, never talked about it. About the conspiracy of Bush — of Bush knowing about this?” Paul responded incredulously. “No, no, come on! Come on! Let’s be reasonable! That’s just off-the-wall!”

Will Alex Jones and company shit a brick? Nope. They will just apologize for him and suggest that he must play this game to get elected and THEN he’ll pursue the truth. How about those at Boing Boing, whom seem to criticize this election process, yet find a way to give Paul props in various ways. Corbett Report???? IntelHub???? Activist Post??? Drug War Rant???? And the plethora of smaller blogs I have shared this with, where are YOU?

When I point out how Paulsterity will ravage poor Americans all I hear is crickets chirping from them all.

I have shared this with MANY sites and NOT A SINGLE ONE HAS RUN WITH IT.

Who’s the sheople? Really?

A PaulTard = A Bushie = A ObamaBot = Sheople

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