Ron Paul’s Version Of “Truth” Is Complete Nonsense

The Sheople Misrepresent Ron Paul

People might think that I am just trying to get published or linked to at other sites that I normally respect, since I have spent the last several days attempting to share my thoughts about Ron Paul’s “Paulsterity” Plan To Restore America. In each and every instance, I share my detail with blogs I frequent and in only one example has anyone actually published my comment and none have followed up per my requests to “check my math”.

I’ll be damned if these very same normally cognizant authors and bloggers seem to have checked their thinking abilities at the door. In a couple of instances, I have seen posts, radio shows and podcasts since my communications with the very same “Paul Is The Savior” type mentality (just like the Obama Maniacs who kept telling us he was the Savior). Not a single example of someone actually checking the math, much less any opinion regarding my claims.


I am little more than a dumb ole redneck. But this dumb ole redneck still appreciates truth and for some reason (as opposed to all these Big Blog owners who refuse to simply check my math and offer an honest opinion) I have shown unequivocably that the rhetoric does not match the print version.

Let me show you just one more example of how you sycophantic and NEEDY people make claims about Paul in the face of his own determined attempts to separate himself from you and your “truth”.

Listen here as he corrects Jake Tapper when it comes to 911 and any idea that an inside job was carried out.

“Now, wait, wait, wait! Don’t go any further on that. That’s complete nonsense!”, said Paul.

“It’s nonsense? It’s not true?” Tapper asked.

“No, I never bought into that stuff, never talked about it. About the conspiracy of Bush — of Bush knowing about this?” Paul responded incredulously. “No, no, come on! Come on! Let’s be reasonable! That’s just off-the-wall!”

Will Alex Jones and company shit a brick? Nope. They will just apologize for him and suggest that he must play this game to get elected and THEN he’ll pursue the truth. How about those at Boing Boing, whom seem to criticize this election process, yet find a way to give Paul props in various ways. Corbett Report???? IntelHub???? Activist Post??? Drug War Rant???? And the plethora of smaller blogs I have shared this with, where are YOU?

When I point out how Paulsterity will ravage poor Americans all I hear is crickets chirping from them all.

I have shared this with MANY sites and NOT A SINGLE ONE HAS RUN WITH IT.

Who’s the sheople? Really?

A PaulTard = A Bushie = A ObamaBot = Sheople

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24 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s Version Of “Truth” Is Complete Nonsense

  1. I’ve heard very few criticize his economic plan or put it under close scrutiny, which Webster Tarpley did quite nicely. I think we should be focused on ending the wars, arresting the criminals that started them, and arresting the banksters who wreck the economy (on purpose) and engaged in criminality of epic porportions. Ron Paul isn’t exactly calling for those things, now is he? He does make many good points, and is certainly a thorn in the side of the Israel firsters and war-mongers, but I’ve come to understand he will simply not go far enough for me.


    • John,

      You are one of the few that even posted my comments on this subject. You deserve credit.

      The silence is deafening from the others. It tells me a whole lot about purpose and rational thought from them.

      Of course, on the rhetoric, I agree with 90% of what Paul says. However, looking deeper, I see a set up.


      • Yes John, thats it for me also. He doesn’t go far enough. I like his ideas in many areas , but he just won’t go all the way. We have to take America away from these criminals. Either he understands that and doesn’t want to tread there for fear of reprisal from his colleges(or others)…or he, well there is no 0R. He understands as well as the rest of us that there are things that just need done in this country. He just doesn’t want to face it like most Americans.The pain isnt great enough yet. The population in general still want to believe everything is going to be alright. Politicians like Paul think things are screwed up and they maybe the answer , other politicians know things are screwed up and will take all they can from it til the bitter end…then at that time ..all of them will pay the piper for not respecting the people and doing what is right.

        As you said John. The right thing is ending the wars, stopping the criminals…all of them, federal reserve on down( or should we go higher then start from there, you know, those who hide their faces).

        The pain isn’t great enough. Greece is coming….and Americans play for keeps.


  2. You provide very justified comments regarding Ron Paul. The bottom line is that there really is no way out per se and the question becomes one of timing and management/mode of operation. The approach of Ron Paul is to try to forestall a deflationary collapse by (hopefully) printing US Treasury bills and rely on competition between that fiat currency and hard money assets, eventually to end the fed. As you rightly point out, he will likely not succeed and (because the Federal Reserve families) will clusterfuck the economy, and the devastating deflation will create havoc. The alternative is to continue to print money and to (hopefully) slowly hyperinflate the currency (to the tune of about 50-90%) to bring debt down to more manageable levels. Either way, the devastation to the underclasses will be severe. Deflation is better for people who have savings. Hyperinflation is better for people who have debt. The problem is there aren’t many people with adequate savings to emiliorate the effects of a horrendous deflationary spiral. Moreover, Dr. Paul is from the Austrian school and wants hard money as the principal form of currency.
    Regarding 911 truth, Dr. Paul can’t tell the truth given that there are reports of NSA assassination squads set to whack anyone (insider) who knowingly spills the beans on the operation. He won’t go there, can’t go there and at this juncture, this is a red herring because many in the Republican party are neocons who are essentially delusional on this issue. There aren’t enough people who are critically aware of this issue.
    Given the choice between Romney (a Bush liberal republican) and Obama, Paul is really different. He may be just what the elite ordered because somehow the government will have to reign in spending, whether volitionally or by a collapse in the bond market, and better to do it volitionally than by force, although force may very well enter on both sides of the equation.


    • I agree with what you write. I suspect that Obama will beat Paulsterity to the punch, however. It is coming no matter who the sElect for us.

      Paul is different in many ways. Just enough to appease the anti-war movement and the Libertarians who feel like the poor are useless eaters.

      And btw, none of this addresses my newest theory that Paul has dementia and is being “handled”.


  3. As said on John Friends blog.. Put up those blogs that won’t link to Those are the bought and paid for. DBS is the the
    third rail that will A; keep you from getting paid by tptb. B; get you ostrasized
    form the OTHER said blogs.
    The one’s that won’t, AT LEAST, put DBS’s link on their blog, for whatever
    bullshit reason, are shills. They will lie and dance around and obfuscate about why.
    The trusted list;
    John Friend
    Jennifer Lake
    Video Rebel’s Blog
    Goon Squad
    John Kaminski
    David Pidcock
    Nancy Turner Banks
    Adrian Salbuchi


    • Dang. I missed my own name somehow. Thank you for the kind words.

      This place has never been a big draw (it is kinda ugly and the info pushes buttons at times that people are afraid to deal with).

      The way I look at it, I have no choice but to speak the truth as I know it. Maybe I am jaded and the world’s greatest cynic, but I also have the knowledge that I have been correct regarding much of this POTUS election stuff for many years. What is most amazing is that a huge contingent of bloggers and folks (including a few Big Blogs) agreed with almost everything I said about Bush. Then, as I (early on) started showing what Obama was all about, those folks started shunning me and banning me from their sites (Kos, Crooks and Liars, etc) and then the “righties” began to jump on my band wagon a bit.

      But now, even the “righties” aren’t taking this and running with it. And of course, they, by and large, WANT this austerity.

      The ObamaBots, I ca not understand why they are still against this info, since you would think it might help their Savior, Barry, win again.

      This info is being ignored by all sides.

      But the harm will mostly come from the Paul sycophants (PaulTards). They are doing precisely the same thing that the Bushies and the ObamaBots did. Lashing out at what is nothing more than what the man has written to represent his desired budgetary cuts for this country.

      Just like Obama (and Bush). I point out the lies… the difference between the speeches and what they do (or write) and I am the crazy person for some reason.

      Let me just say that doing the same thing over and over and over, and expecting a different result is a sure sign of insanity.

      Apparently, the voters and loudest mouths in America are all insane. Yet the guy warning them of the OBVIOUS is ignored and shunned,

      Stupid asses.


  4. Source: CNet

    STANFORD, Calif.–President Obama is planning to hand the U.S. Commerce Department authority over a forthcoming cybersecurity effort to create an Internet ID for Americans, a White House official said here today.

    It’s “the absolute perfect spot in the U.S. government” to centralize efforts toward creating an “identity ecosystem” for the Internet, White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt said.

    That news, first reported by CNET, effectively pushes the department to the forefront of the issue, beating out other potential candidates, including the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. The move also is likely to please privacy and civil-liberties groups that have raised concerns in the past over the dual roles of police and intelligence agencies.

    The announcement came at an event today at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, where U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and Schmidt spoke.

    The Obama administration is currently drafting what it’s calling the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, which Locke said will be released by the president in the next few months. (An early version was publicly released last summer.)


    • Looks like they want to take away any avenue of free speech we may have left. The net is the ultimate in free speech.


  5. Guevera’s Auntie, thanks for the compliment. I’d like to add more links to my blog, but I’m on a SLOW dial up phone modem and as my AV software has been showing me, some clowns, mostly from the Chantilly, VA area, the home base of the National Recon Office, are always trying to hack into my computer…. and when that fails, they load up my hard drive with 20-25 cookies per hour.

    Whenever I try to go into the guts of ‘puter and change my blog, it’s an experiment in terror, since I’m basically self-taught on this blogging stuff, and only had a few classes on how to operate a computer back in the mid to late 1990’s. And all of them except one was given by my Fire Department, mostly to teach us the basics.

    As for all the Ron Paul hoopla, IMO, since the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, America has become like a battered wife, not being able to leave her abusive, sadistic husband and if she tries, he tracks her down, and gives her a beating to let her know NOT to try that again.

    America is so desperate for relief and help from the murderous maniacs running this nation that most of us will look anywhere for help, even going down a dead-end alley.

    I believe Paul know what really happened on 9/11, but if he doesn’t have the balls to come out and say what some already know, and many are thinking, he doesn’t deserve being treated like some kind of political rock star.


    • Barbarosa suggests that there are hit teams ready to take out the Big Names of those who discuss 911 as an inside job (apparently they don’t care about you or I). I am not sure about this (altho it would not surprise me, since there have been other unexplained deaths). But, I can’t have written this but maybe a hundred times here and elsewhere: 911 is the nut-cutting issue. One doesn’t have to believe each and every theory to make this true. All one really has to admit is that the investigation was bogus, controlled by Zionists, and certainly was not buildings “falling down”, but buildings “blowing up”.

      Paul could easily say that another investigation needs to be done, simply by parroting the Commission’s own people who have said the same types of things (that they were set up to fail, etc).

      Paul is riding the 911 movement’s backing. Just like Obama rode the Bush hater’s backing (anyone but Bush).

      Just like perfect pod children.

      I wonder if there is some way I could help you with your blog from a distance (over the phone)?


    • And that is what its all about. People look at you weird when you offer a helping hand. The world is too full of greed. People are to ready to stab one another in the back for perceived gain.

      In helping others… you help your self.


    • I kept expecting “real life” to step in… someone steals the kids skateboard, the old lady gets run over by a car, someone calls the hungry black dude a stinking nigger… the worker falls down a manhole and gets killed.

      Maybe there is hope.


  6. This lowly Canadian comments that this is a most enlightening discussion re Mr. Paul. I agree that the man is not all of that and a bag of chips. This became apparent years ago when I found several photos of him flashing the Masonic satanic handsign. And these were not “rockstar” situations.

    However, his voting record in Congress has been pretty solid to his belief system, or what is said to be such. He is not perfect by a long shot. Perhaps he is being used as a draw for all the disenfranchised who see what they want to see in him that is different from what is offered by the more sanctioned scum in the race.

    Someone once said, in politics there are NO accidents so just for that reason alone I am skeptical of the man, but… Paul or Newt? Paul or Romney? Paul or Obummer? etc etc.

    The options are dismal. Although the nightmare ticket of Obama and Clinton gives me the shivers which I cannot blame on the icy North winds.

    Much attention is being paid to Paul’s “rockstar” status. WHO is doing this to draw in the young and inexperienced? I watched him and his wife after the primary the other night surrounded by the young and my first thought was, “these two look like the grandparents we would all want” (Unlike George Daddy and Barbara Beastly). Maybe in this America of broken families, that is a small factor pulling in the youth vote.

    But what do I know? I am just a silly Canuck stuck with yet another unwanted government that the people do not support.


    • Howdy and Aha!

      but… Paul or Newt? Paul or Romney? Paul or Obummer? etc etc.

      The options are dismal. Although the nightmare ticket of Obama and Clinton gives me the shivers which I cannot blame on the icy North winds.

      This is exactly how the mind-framing happens. We are being presented with what has thus far amounted to a bunch of maniac, imbecilic, reTHUGlicans… against that stalwart, ever-defending “real” Republican (who talks the best game from those who we can sElect). Jesus Christ… ANYBODY BUT OBAMA (which rings precisely the same as the last election of another lesser of the evils, “ANYONE BUT McCAIN/BUSH”.

      I can’t say it often enough, I support 90% of Paul’s policies and damn near 100% of his rhetorically motivated stump speeches. I have written many good things about the man here. Moreso than any other politician alive, I would bet (with maybe the exception of Nader or McKinney).

      But, when it comes to what is actually published by him, compared to what he spouts, I find the divide an issue that should, at the very least, be DISCUSSED openly. Doesn’t anyone interested in the truth… the real truth… want the same thing?

      What does it say when a world renowned economist is presented with an intelligent and amicable presentation and follow up questions deserve an ad hominem response? What causes such a response, instead of the very simple task of “doing the math” and explaining how I have it incorrect?

      I have had a few Money People look at this and agree with me, but none that I know of have any blogs or clout with Big Blogs. So, why are they shunning these questions?

      I have tried to explain my theories as to why. Either there is some sort of investment in the man that disallows them to think clearly… or they are purposefully trying to obfuscate and misdirect. Being a sycophantic clown is not near as horrible as the alternative.

      The most important thing I can say is something easily seen many times on this blog: Ne’er and R or D again. The system is corrupt to the core. And Paul, whether one wants to believe it or not, is a part of that corrupt system. Yet, I am supposed to still believe when I read the man’s own printed documentation that negates the entire rhetorical set of lies we have been presented with. AND, I am supposed to shut up about it, just in case we get Obama again (and the austerity he and the entire corrupt cabal will implement).


  7. Thought-provoking, very excellent comments too.

    I already was thinking of RP as yet another career pol who has been working on his tan and thinking of some mild re-branding, but I’m a bit open to suggestion.

    You make good points on this blog and the fact is, RP’s math DOES stink to the skies. I keep thinking, he’s got to keep is BASE happy, as Paul Craig Roberts insists. But a tiny voice inside me keeps saying, What if his base is crazy?

    A New England gnostic-comic writer makes a good and unusual case
    about that too:


    • Franz,

      Thanks. It is apparent that when a person writes about this subject, the same scorn is wrought by the sycophantic followers, just like the Bushies attacked me and the ObamaBots attacked me. Its the same old thing over and over again.

      It obviously brings out the batshit crazy people, as is represented by some of the people who have jumped in on “let the useless eaters die” meme.

      Here, tho, is where they are different than Paul Craig Roberts and Ron Paul. Neither would ever come out and say it. They know that then they would be met with the total wrath of the rest of thinking humanity. But they don’t mind their minions spewing the garbage.

      No one has asked me my purpose in doing this, but I have tried to explain it.

      IF Ron Paul means what he says, then is it too much to ask details about what it is he says? When someone points out a perceived flaw in his plan as opposed to the rhetoric and the stump speeches, should the messenger be attacked or should honest thinking people actually hold the man’s feet to the fire of his own words?

      IF Ron Paul is the best we have to choose from, then why not have him do the right things? Why not make him do what he says he wants to do?

      I appreciate the link. altho it addresses a different subject, it still shows how the ass-kissers fall all over themselves “explaining” the vast chasm between what Paul represents and what they “hope” (just like the ObamaBots) he is doing. But like Obama, it is easy to see where this man comes from.

      And Paulsterity is his goal, from the documentation he has provided. Austerity is coming, one way or the other. With Paul tho, some foolish people are clamoring all over themselves to get the best seats to watch the human tragedy. Problem is that when it hits, these fools may be the first to go.


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  9. ron paul loves that parasitic jewish sh*thole that is illegally occupying palestine. that tells you all you need to know about him. just cos he says he wants to end the wars and cut the billions given away each year to the said parasites don’t mean he actually would if he came to power.

    his involvement with other ‘right wing’ societies and personnel such as the john birch/ayn rand would also reveal where his pooyalties really lay. and it ain’t the ordinary working classes; tis the parasitic terrorists. (unless i have misread about the john birch/ayn rand lot.)


  10. OOOOPPPPPSSSS. pooyalties should be loyalties. have big hands which means regular spelling mistakes as i can’t be arsed to check the spelling most of the time. ( in case ameircan readers are wondering “can’t be arsed” is a british term meaning can’t be bothered to do something.)


  11. found your blog via aangirfan link, great work!

    It is very perplexing how little Paul’s supporters seem to know of him exactly as with Obama & Bush2 before him.
    Paul says he has never voted for an earmark and that is true; but he has put over a $100,000,000 in earmarks in the last 3 years into bills he knew would pass and then voted against them.
    Paul says he is anti-interventionist; yet he does not categorize as interventionist Israel’s bombing of Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor (“Operation Babylon”). What then might our nation do that he would not categorize as interventionist?
    Paul says he was against the Iraq war, yet he voted for its authorization in H.J. Res 64; he didn’t vote against the Iraq war until it was much safer for his political career in 2002.
    His objection to the war against Libya was procedural, not moral. He objected to the bypassing of congress: this does not mean he is antiwar.
    There is also his plan to privatize all federally administered land. He does not ever mention this means war against the native americans. The Dept of the Interior oversees the BIA, yet he would eliminate it (along with Dept.s of Education, Commerce, HUD, & Energy). This would abrogate all our treaties with the native americans to end their war in exchange against the US government in exchange for the reservations and certain social obligations. The US government de-listed over a hundred tribes between the 1940s and 60s and stole 2.5 million acres of land in the policy of termination. But the reservations still have 66 million acres of land and that land has 70% of the natural resources inside the US. Why has no one in any media msm or online covered this topic? We are talking about the potential for a new civil war in a giant land grab for native owned resources. I can barely find a site online that will print my comment.
    Paul says the 9th and 10th amendments do not give the federal government the right to legalize abortion with an implication he would return the decision to the states. The Sanctity of Life Act bill that he introduced in 2005, 2007, 2009, and again in 2011 would seem to confirm that. Yet the bill contains language to prohibit the Supreme Court from overriding state decisions. How can a lesser court override a higher court? How is this in accord with the Constitution? What is the implication of this? Remember, he did not propose a change to the Constitution, which is perfectly allowable under the law, rather he has repeatedly proposed a bill giving states the right to override the federal government.
    Then there is his suggestion that women who are sexually harassed in the workplace should quit their jobs rather than pursue legal redress. “Employee rights are said to be valid when employers pressure employees into sexual activity. Why don’t they quit once the so-called harassment starts? Obviously the morals of the harasser cannot be defended, but how can the harassee escape some responsibility for the problem? Seeking protection under civil rights legislation is hardly acceptable.” In what way is legislation that promotes the common welfare unacceptable? We see this again in his opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
    There were signs that Paul understood 9/11 to be an inside job. But when he began to be linked with the Truth movement and that was used against him politically, he completely caved and now says he believes the official story and wants his supporters to stfu about it. If they will vote for him regardless, what is his incentive to reopen the issue once elected?
    He demands an audit of the Fed Res and neglects to mention that an audit was begun under Bush2 by the IMF with the caveat that it not be completed until after he left office. That audit has now been completed. Why will Paul not discuss this?
    He says he will eliminate the Fed Res but he does not mention that it does not head the banking system, the BIS does.
    He warns against the IMF instituting a global currency (I did not need Paul to tell me this was the banksterists’ plan, lol) but not the BIS that runs it?
    Paul did vote against NAFTA, CAFTA, and several other free trade agreements; he has stated that he disagrees with both the fast track method and the results of serving special interests. That sounds great. But he is a proponent of free trade and is anti-protectionist. Considering his nimbleness in earmarking, why should I believe he is really against these ftas? Maybe once again, he is only claiming to be against something knowing that others will do the work to pass the ftas.
    More, with his support of the concept of free trade, why does anyone think Paul would necessarily have anything against a one world currency? Paul is against fiat currency. Why would he have a problem with a gold backed universal currency, then? I don’t think that he would. How would that be better for ordinary people who do not have bank vaults of gold? In what way would we have more control over banksterist policy? We might well have less because we would not be able to crash that system by withdrawing from it en masse: they’d just keep the gold and say f.u. if we tried! For that matter, even if our currency is backed by gold, we are not going to be carrying it in our pockets: the masses will have worthless digital gold and the banks will have the real gold. We will be a completely cashless society. That is even worse than our present situation.
    Paul has a history of caving to the motu. Does anyone really think that a president can act unilaterally and has no opposition once he is elected? Why should I believe that Paul will not cave again?
    Perhaps more importantly, Paul has a history of not revealing the whole truth. His supporters say he is only keeping a low profile and if elected he will accomplish amazing things for the people. Where have I heard THAT before? They assume that he keeps a low profile from the motu; jmo he keeps a low profile from his supporters.

    sorry length 🙂


    • Thank you for the kind words. Paul may be a Manchurian Candidate, at least due to his dementia. At the very least, he has fooled a great many into believing in “hope” that he will “change” the status quo… you know, just like all the other POTUS’s before him).

      He obviously uses certain movements to gain support (and like the rest of them) shows that it was nothing more than a manipulation. Little truth (at least if someone like me does the math to show the lies for what they are). But, like Obama, he isn’t really lying, cause it is ALL laid out for us to see and the rhetoric can change (just like Obama’s did).

      Hence, nary a difference between Obama followers and his…. they all fall for the same bullshit.

      America is over, my friends.

      Paulsterity comes and many welcome it. And will continue to champion it, even as the baby eaters come for their children. Mmmmm. poor, starving, baby meat.


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