B’Man Reaches Out To Dr Paul Craig Roberts Regarding Ron Paul’s Plan To Restore America

Dr Roberts has written another good piece that has been shared around the web. You can read his post at his new blog in a post titled, “America’s Last Chance” or at Activist Post (where I first saw it). I must admit that I have been a fan of Dr Robert’s and generally agree with his stance. But what I have witnessed regarding the almost total black-out of the budget plan’s shortcomings over the past week or so troubles me. Why is it that hardly anyone will address the details that Webster Tarpley (and I) have laid out for us to see, evaluate and hold to scrutiny when the rhetoric we hear in the blogs and from Ron Paul, himself, do not add up to the numbers in his own budget plan?

Since I do respect Dr Roberts, I had to write him and ask him to evaluate what is obvious to me. This blog post is simply to help get this out there and hopefully illicit a thoughtful response.

Again, I hope I am wrong, but have not been able to find a single individual who can “do the math” and show me I am wrong. All I seem to get is more knee-jerk, reactionary responses and not a single true detailed look at the numbers. Dammit. What is wrong with the world?

Here’s my letter to Dr Roberts:

Dear Dr Roberts,

I read each and every thing you post. I generally agree with virtually everything you share.

However, in this case, I would be totally remiss if I didn’t point out some findings I have on Ron Paul’s “Plan To Restore America”. I have been able to sift thru rhetoric and simply “do the math” regarding the social network cuts his plan lays out:

35% to medicaid, 43% to SCHIP and 63% to Food Stamps.

He will also cut military a WHOPPING 15% (and there is money added to that budget yearly after that). Please explain to me and your readers how in the world the wars will be stopped and Empire ended with a measly 15% cut?

Most people I share this with have but a knee-jerk reaction and find they must defend the man without even a cursory look at the plan. I beseech you to “do the math”, as well. Then take the time to explain why the poorest of the poor get the massive cuts and the military gets virtually nothing (his plan takes military spending back to 2005 levels…thanks alot.) One could cut 15% simply by stopping the failed F22.

Then, explain how the richest of the rich… speculators, bankers and corporations get massive tax relief and the poor rally exactly ZERO tax benefits from his plan.

Explain how cutting ALL foreign aid is wonderful, when America sends 57% of the world’s food that saves starving people. Sure, we need to stop sending money to despotic regimes like Israel. But to cut off the food here at home and abroad is callous and certainly unChristian-like. (If you do the math, you will see that the Food Stamp cuts will end up at only $15/person/week. Try to feed yourself or child on that.

Afterwards, please explain how any of this is much different from what we should expect from the powers that WILL bring austerity.

In Paul’s case, I have termed it “Paulsterity” and for some reason, I can not get an honest evaluation on what I have been sharing here:


I am counting on you to evaluate the numbers and confirm, deny or correct what seems obvious to me: that austerity is coming no matter whom we sElect. Including Paul.

So, should we expect more or simply “go along” as we always do with the particular Savior presented to us in each sElection.

BTW: I particularly like the photo of Dr Roberts shown above from his About Me blip at the bottom of his post.

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