At Least The Baby Eaters Won’t Starve

I wish I could remember who said it, but I can’t find the reference to give the correct credit, but I plan on using the moniker from here on out: Baby Eaters.

The Baby Eaters are ravenous. They hear what I write about the shortcomings in the Paulsterity Plan (Dr Doug linked to a video of the S Carolina primary where Paul admits my numbers are correct from a military standpoint, so any of you Baby Eaters that refuse to “do the math” just watch him:

And, “I told you so.”

But, since America is lost and even the smartest people are ready, willing and able to watch the poor starve in the street, while we strip our defense spending massively to the 2006 level (WHEW!), it is apparently too late. Even the stupid redneck contingent, by and large, are ready for some baby munching. Like everything else, they fall right in line and “think” they are some that will make it. I got news for you, you won’t. The deck is stacked against you and me and we still have these self-appointed/imagined “elitists” like Morgan Reynolds who would rather watch the babies die in the street than even look at the numbers. He would rather fall for another lie, just like all Sheoples, then say it is time for the death, carnage, and a meal (the babies, never forget that tender meat).

Here our exchange. Isn’t it amazing how the truth comes out from this people who think they are special… beyond such a calamity in their own lives… without a heart (or the one they have is rock):

(B’Man in red)

Mr Reynolds,

I am rather new to your blog and really don’t know much about you, except to say that I agree with most of what you have written since I subscribed to your blog.

I have a conundrum in which I have shared some findings about Ron Paul’s “Plan To Restore America” with various big blogs (and small ones), including a response this morning to Dr Paul Craig Roberts’ latest blog post (seen at his blog and Activist Post).

I specifically asked Dr Roberts to read my post and “do the math”, as I have done where I find that the Paul plan will cut 35% from Medicaid, 43% from SCHIP and 64% from Food Stamps, while cutting only 15% from the military budget.

I cannot undersatnd how people believe the rhetoric of “ending the Empire” or “ending the wars” if there is but a 15% cut (which could be accomplished solely by eliminating the failed F22 project).

There is much more related to the “Plan”: such as huge tax cuts for the richest speculators, bankers and corporations and not a single line item for the poor (which now equal about 53% of Americans).

I am not looking for sycophantic readers. I am wanting someone other than me to evaluate the numbers and give a fair, honest opinion of their findings. I asked Dr Roberts to do so and was given a knee-jerk reactionary ad hominen response. No truth. Nothing fair. Nothing honest.

You appear me to be a thinking man and I ask you to read my blog post, Paul’s plan and to “do the math” and let me know how I may be off base.

Is it possible that the austerity coming to America will come in the guise of “Paulsterity”?

(Morgan Reynolds in black… like his heart)

My bottomline: Ron Paul is the only guy I’d vote for in this field, especially if he appointed Jesse Ventura as his VP candidate, probably would take a 3d party ticket to go there.
Dr. Roberts?  I don’t know what he’s thinking or doing.
On your numbers, I have no idea if they are correct.  My impression is that Paul would cut the War Dept. big time, if only b/c he says he will pull all the troops home, end the wars of aggression and only spend on true defense.  What do Dr. Paul’s fiscal numbers say?  I certainly do not trust Webster Tarpley’s numbers who is at the opposite end of the political spectrum, a statist of the first order, FDR worshipper, etc., and enemy of Ron Paul.
I’m a free-market capitalist, not a forced redistributor welfare/warfare guy, like most ‘mericans.  I’m with Patrick Henry.  Separation of economy and state as Ayn Rand said.  If separation is good enough for the church, it’s even better for production and exchange.  Government intervention is counterproductive at every turn.  Look at the $1.3 TR deficit spending per annum alone.  That’s basically private  savings (aside from newly printed Federal Reserve paper) that gov’t pisses away for its own vote-buying, campaign donation-attracting purposes instead of being directed into private sector (productive) investment.  It’s all about poverty enhancement.  Capitalism lifted people out of poverty, not government programs.  Turn peaceful entrepreneurs loose and bail out no one.  There is lots more to this but you get my drift.

Mr Reynolds,

Thank you for your feedback. I agree with your philosophy in general. But if Paul is only cutting 15% from the military budget, do you still think that means ending the wars/Empire?

The numbers are all in his published “Plan To Restore America”. Its on his election website. Nice spreadsheets and the whole shebang. This is a document which hardly touches military (as opposed to the rhetoric), but savagely cuts social issues as I laid out.

I am highly disappointed in Roberts, whose only response was to accuse me of being a single issue voter (this is a laugh, if anyone simply looks at what I write about).

I have endured many elections in my life and I have never, not once, experienced truth from a POTUS candidate. There is nothing to tell me that Paul is telling me the truth now, since I ran his numbers.

Thanks, again. If you are truly interested in what his plan does (seemingly kills off a good many Americans and ALL food aid to other nations), its all there for you to see. I don’t know a lot about Tarpley, but his math is spot on (now corroborated by several money folks I know). And they are huge Paul fans.

Something is amiss and you should know that I have no axe to grind against Paul. I just want truth for a change.

OK, I believe your research but I’m not going to  chase the numbers (pure conjecture/promises anyway) right now b/c not worth my time.  If Paul actually is a candidate come November, then I’ll look more carefully at it in the months ahead to see if I’m excited enough to do something for his campaign.  Right now, not interested enough in electoral shenanigans to bother.

btw, if gov’t ran all the pizza shops and decided to drop the pizza program, would would everybody sit around and starve for pizza, moaning all the way.  No.  Same with welfare/charity.  Your implicit view about the “essentialness” of a massive and unsustainable welfare state is false.  Further, I’m not worried about a do-nothing government so much as a do-nothing people.

Mr Reynolds,

Apparently, you have no idea how bad people are hurting, if you can lump everyone into the “useless eater” program. But it is quite telling about your compassion level.

Thank you, but don’t do any starving children any favors, ok?

And please do not consider the children or old people or mentally disturbed that need assistance now, in the worst economic times of our country’s history for the masses. And it would be a tragedy for you to consider which of the POTUS candiadtes might be used to bring about the mass death you seem to be hunky-dorily awaiting, just like the other baby eaters I have come into contact with. To put it bluntly: it is sickening.

I hope and pray you never fall upon hard times due to what this country has allowed and what its lords have done. But if you do, I promise I’ll not be so callous and heartless in my estimation of your demise in the streets as you experience what so many others are and will in the near future.

People with your attitude are the problem. The silver spoon gets in the way of any critical thought and certainly turns the heart into rock.

Good day.

And this is basically the most prolific answer I get. There have been a few that agree with my suggesting we should hold Paul’s feet to the fire, but by and large, I see only PaulTards or worse> assholes like Reynolds who make no qualms about their disdain for the indigent, the poor, the starving children. You see, people like Reynolds DO have some silver spoon clogging their thinking ability… or they are the most cold, callous, hatefull murder-loving, criminal-supporting sycophants who have fallen for the welfare Cadillac meme. These are supposedly smart people, too.

(I can’t link to a Baby Eater’s site, any more, sorry)

We are screwed, people. The fix is in. The austerity is coming. There will be death and carnage. It is guaranteed. And, the Baby Eaters will get a taste, just before they realize that they are the REAL Elitists’ Foie Gras. I wonder what a Baby Eater tastes like?

Fend for yourselves and remember that you can count on no one. Just yourself.

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11 thoughts on “At Least The Baby Eaters Won’t Starve

  1. This is my first visit to your blog and enjoyed it. I agree with everything here. The only problem is Paul would likely not be able to follow through on much of any of his fiscal platform if president, but as commander in chief, could potentially make strides in ending the war on terror and closing bases around the world. I think that is a pretty good argument for him, though I will personally be voting 3rd party. Here is my ridiculously long post about Paul


    • Thanks, Jeff, for the input (and link). I have it cued up, but must go work on a floor, so it will be this afternoon before I can get to it.

      Just know that I, too, was forced to vote Nader last election (I considered McKinney). Whether or not it is a 3rd Party, really doesn’t matter to me. It is the agenda that I subscribe to. And Paul’s rhetoric does not equal his printed plan.

      I understand the comment, “but as commander in chief, could potentially make strides in ending the war on terror and closing bases around the world…”, but his plan does not reflect such a thing. He admits that he is only taking the known military spending down to 2006 levels. This ends nothing, much less any Empire. The failed F22 is all it takes to reach his number.

      Also note that it was in June that he said outright that this is not the time to cut Food Stamps (my contention), yet, his plan says he is cutting 63%. The states are as broke, if not more so than the Fed Government (who can print as many of the worthless bills as they so choose… the states cannot). The shortfalls will never be met and this will mean that each person who depends upon those funds will net a whopping $15/person/week.

      This is sure death for many.

      And the Baby Eaters can say, “Amen!”


  2. B’man , I commend you for your tenacity one this subject…but don’t give up. Maybe you should flip this over to some dumocrates who would love to tear into Paul and see what comes up.

    Maybe trying to beat this into the heads of thickheaded fans of Paul is the wrong avenue? Let the opposition run with it…maybe they can stir the pot some.

    the enemy of my enemy is my friend…?….for a time?


    • CNN, nor anyone I have sent this to in the “opposite” Party is even slightly interested. Of course, I knew this would be true, since the end goal is austerity, by whomever they can get her rammed thru by.

      You would think that Dana Bash, from Israel’s CNN, with all her rhetoric and attacks against Paul would have been all over this. You would think that the stalwart Liberals in Congress would have taken this news and plastered it everywhere.

      But, no.

      When the end goal is starving all the useless eaters, when they have desired this for decades and it is now in their reach, the pretend divide and battle we see between this imaginary set of “Parties” disappears. It is hardly an illusion any more.


  3. BTW: The lover of all humanity, Morgan Reynolds, wrote me back. Suddenly I am a “statist” (this would make Stefan Faunteroy …or whatever his name is… proud). You see, even the “smart people” must mis-direct, evade the direct questions, call one something they are not, just to continue their emotional investment into a man that provides an economic plan whose intent is to starve children, then strip them of their medical help.

    In other words, the Morgan Reynolds (and each and every one of these fools who have attacked me, the messenger) WANT these people dead. Period. There is no other conclusion.

    Oh brother, scratch a statist the wrong way and watch the moral superiority gush forth. Why not ask when I stopped beating my wife or cooked up some baby bacon for breakfast? The heart is not the best instrument for rational thought. You are under the illusion that government is compassion. After the butchery of the 20th century, slaughtering millions of its subjects (see R.J. Rummel’s book, Death by Government), it amazes me you believe that intellectual mush. Government is not compassion, it is organized force that maintains a territorial monopoly, at the service of the powers that be. Government, an instrument of force, is controlled by softies like BuelahMan? Gimme a break. I doubt our conversation can be productive from here, and so it ends.

    You see how this works, right? I send detail to a man, ask his opinion about the math, and in return, I receive what is obviously callous death wishes for the useless eaters (or is he as stupid as he appears, unable to understand what the math actually does to a starving child), then I am the problem. I am the one with a “moral superiority”.

    Methinks that the psychopathic idiots like this evil bastard have gained enough control of this nation that it is probably going to happen as I suggest. More and more starving masses while he supports the military misadventures with his silence.

    Here is my response to evil incarnate:

    I’m no “statist”, Mr Reynolds. I am compassionate. Something foreign to you. I understand the math, you are too stupid or callously indifferent to suffering to understand the hypocrisy in Paul’s “plan” versus his rhetoric. Perhaps you will even enjoy the suffering to come. You have that “air” about you.

    You don’t get it, but at this point, after your display of coldness of heart (or lack thereof) and lack of intellectual awareness that 15% will never cut a war, it is certainly apparent that any advice from you is fruitless and a total waste of my (and humanity’s) time. There are plenty of cold hearted, silver spooned devils around.

    He can suck Papa’s ass, too.


  4. Sorry I only just got to this, had to laugh, I love when they let it all hang out.

    Expecially the Rand reference, I actually met La Rand at her Ford Hall Forum speech in 1978. She was ill and I was young, but the her flock never learned to think past her. The world is full of Mr Reynolds Robots and they won’t get past her either. They will use the same canned replies until it’s their turn in the Bankruptcy barrel. Then, finally, they’ll try to think for themselves and find they’ve forgotten how.

    His pizza analogy is so old it squeaks. Maybe because in 1978 it was still widgets. They cannot grasp the simple fact that corporations have more money and power than governments and they buy governments like they buy private jets. How hard is that?

    Keep giving them hell, don’t expect them to learn, and you’ll never be too disappointed.


    • That was a heckuva a good synopsis for this entire attempt to spread this… not to badger an old man… not to hate on Paul…. but to hold his feet to the fire of his own rhetoric. I have found that the slightly older ones (the ones that still have any money left, since mine was taken long ago) are ignorant and I must agree, until they
      feel the pain”, they will continue the same old tired crapola that we have seen from the Baby eaters that reply to the meme set here first.

      Morgan Reynolds is a dinosaur. Why I thought to ask him (other than his economist bona fides) is beyond me. Same for Paul Craig Roberts. Another Libertarian “economist” that cannot seem to do math.

      Funny how that works.


  5. I have been trying to quit since 07′, when I DID quit the GOP! I called Paul a Kook and crazy when he ran back in 08′. Then this past year or so I thought his “plans” were great. Boy can I still be a sucker for some good rhetoric!?! I DID quit the RJN show! I will be broadcasting a show about why I did that soon. I am also in the planning stages with B’man on a show we are going to do. (if he hasn’t decided to quit that too)! I too, have sent emails to major networks and other outlets “exposing” the Restore America plan. I get accused of wanting millions killed (I must be supporting another GOP candidate). I support NOONE! But if you write in Drduhgylie on the ballot this fall, I WILL STOP ALL WARS!!!!!!! I will arrest anyone working on Wall Street right down to the janitor.


    • I received a notice last evening that the show was airing. I checked it out, but never had a host to call in (I assume this was an automated email). I only stuck around for 5 minutes (dead silence), and I assume no one ever started a show after I left.

      As for “Kaviar and Korn Likker”… we’re on.

      And, you have my vote, as long as I can be Attorney General. I want to be the muscle that turns the key to all of their jail cells.


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