B’Man’s Guest Post Sabbath Watch: The Fruit Of Lies And Hypocrisy

Submitted by Don Lucas (please reference the original article found at WSWS.org):

Brothers and Sisters


Lies are lies, and they all bear bad fruit. This is not going to be another little history lesson. Below is what happens when lies are told. This actually happened and it is NOT an isolated case. I have sent several articles on this subject and if you have read them you will know that what happened in the copied  article below is common. You just won’t find it on the news unless for some reason it develops a life of its own.
“Common” i.e. “it happened all the time” is how this incident was described by Major General Steve Johnson. I will have a few brief words to say at the conclusion of the article.


My highlights in Red.


No prison time for Marine charged in Haditha massacre

By Naomi Spencer
25 January 2012

As part of a plea deal, Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, leader of a Marine squad responsible for the 2005 slaughter of 24 Iraqi civilians, will spend no time in a military prison. Wuterich, 31, pleaded guilty on January 23 to a single charge of negligent dereliction of duty for his role in the massacre in Haditha and its subsequent cover-up.

The Marine faced a sentencing hearing Tuesday at Camp Pendleton, California. Previously indicted on unpremeditated murder charges in 19 of the 24 civilian deaths, counts carrying a maximum sentence of 152 years in prison, Wuterich was allowed to walk free. He still faces possible reduction in pay and rank. (OMG, not a possible reduction in pay and rank!! Jeez, it was only 24 innocent civilians.) During proceedings Monday, the court did not discuss a discharge for Wuterich, who has remained on active duty since the massacre.

The Haditha case was the longest running criminal prosecution against military personnel involved in the Iraq War and Wuterich was the last man among the original eight facing charges in the case. Six other Marines had charges dismissed, and one Marine was acquitted.

The plea agreement of Wuterich brings the three-and-a-half-week long court martial to a close, thereby suppressing more details about the killings, one of the worst atrocities committed by US soldiers against civilians since the My Lai massacre in Vietnam. (Remember, My Lai was a common occurrence too. It just happened to make the papers, the same as this atrocity)

As in other atrocity cases related to the US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan—among them the Abu Ghraib torture case, the Blackwater killings of Baghdad’s Nisour Square, the Afghan “kill team,” and others—the outcome of the Haditha killings absolves higher level military and government figures of any responsibility for the consequences of policies (CYA) that low-ranking military personnel carry out.Like the massacre itself, the outcome of the case underscores the criminal character of the wars and the political establishment behind them.

Wuterich pleaded guilty to the minor charge of negligent dereliction of duty for ordering the squad to “shoot first and ask questions later” on the night of November 19, 2005.

Although the rampage began after a convoy in which the Marines were traveling was struck by a roadside bomb, testimony of the men make clear that Wuterich and others were knowingly slaughtering innocent bystanders with no provocation.

Sergeant Sanick Dela Cruz, a young corporal at the time of the massacre, testified earlier this month that he witnessed Wuterich order four teen aged students and a taxi driver out of a passing cab, then execute them as they knelt in a position of surrender. Dela Cruz, who had been granted immunity in exchange for his testimony, said he and others riddled the victims with bullets as they lay on the ground, then urinated on their corpses. Afterward, Dela Cruz told the jury, Wuterich ordered him to lie about the killings, concocting a story involving the victims running away and coming under fire by Iraqi soldiers.

After the street shooting, Wuterich ordered the squad on a sweep of three nearby houses, where families including many women, children, and elderly residents had been sleeping. The Marines went room by room, throwing grenades and opening fire on the unarmed occupants. Nineteen civilians were killed. At no point were the Marines engaged by return fire.

Squad member Colonel Stephen Tatum had testified that in one dark bedroom, he joined Wuterich in firing upon small silhouettes. (FYI-‘small silhouettes’ are children) Facing the court Tuesday, however, Wuterich insisted he “never fired any weapon at any women or children that day.” He also stated that although he was entering a guilty plea, he rejected the suggestion that it was an acknowledgement of wrongdoing by his squad or the chain-of-command. “In no way should my acceptance of responsibility ever be considered an indictment of the Marines or the commanders.” (If murdering God knows how many innocent men, women, and children, is not an indictment of the Marines, they what, pray tell is? Dropping two atomic bombs on innocent civilians? No, that was the Army/Air Force, not the Marines).

“The case doesn’t end with a bang, it ends with a whimper and a pretty weak whimper at that,” former Marine Corps prosecutor and judge Gary Solis commented to the Associated Press. “When you have 24 dead bodies and you get dereliction of duty, that’s pretty good defense work.” (FYI- that is not ‘pretty good defense work”, that is a cover up from the very top)

The announcement of the plea deal provoked outrage and statements of condemnation from Iraqis. “This is a disgraceful sentence for an inhuman crime that lines up with the Abu Ghraib scandal and the Nisour Square massacre,” Hussein Ali, an engineer in Baghdad, told Reuters. “History will mention this sentence and will show how the Americans have a black history that disrespects human blood.” (Imagine if you will, the reverse happening here in the US. How do you think you would feel if 24 men, women, and children were massacred out of pure vengeance? Especially knowing that the massacre and wanton killing of civilians, even if only a few at a time, were a common occurrence in the “liberated” town you lived in. Imagine if that was your wife and children, murdered in their beds. Just a thought.)

Khalid Salman, lawyer for the victims’ families in Haditha and cousin of one of those killed in the attack, said he was in disbelief over the sentence and had to double-check the news. “This is not a traffic felony,” he said. (No, because had it been a traffic penalty he would have paid a fine.) Another Haditha resident and relative of one of the victims told Reuters, “This sentence gives us the proof, the solid proof that the Americans don’t respect human rights… This is an insult to the victims and an insult to all Iraqis.” (Like it or not, this is how “they” see “us/US”, and how they view Christians.)

The outcome of the trial completes the effort of the military to tamp down the implications of the case. From the beginning, the story was presented as one of a chaotic firefight involving insurgents and an embattled Marine squad. After an outcry from relatives and witnesses, the military offered relatives settlements of $2,500 per victim. ($2,500, is adding insult to injury) The military regards civilian casualties as a cost of doing business, and that the Marines need to get “the job done” no matter what it takes, a 2007 investigation into the Haditha killings by Army Major General Eldon Bargewell concluded.This perspective, codified in official military policy, found expression in widespread killings of civilians. Indeed, over the eight years of official occupation, well over a million Iraqi civilians were killed.

Documents found in an Iraqi dump, retrieved by the New York Times last month as they were being burned, bear out Bargewell’s findings. Among the papers were statements given by military personnel on the Haditha massacre. “I mean, whether it’s a result of our action or other action, you know, discovering 20 bodies, throats slit, 20 bodies, you know, beheaded, 20 bodies here, 20 bodies there,” Col. Thomas Cariker, a commander in Anbar Province told investigators, describing the scope of the carnage.

Major General Steve Johnson, who was commander of US forces in Anbar Province at the time, stated dismissively that “it happened all the time … it was just the cost of doing business on that particular engagement.” Civilians were routinely shot down at checkpoints, other officers explained, when the men stationed as guards got edgy or confused. “I had Marines shoot children in cars and deal with the Marines individually one on one about it because they have a hard time dealing with that,” one officer testified. (A “hard time”? As I’ve said before, PTSD is a result of soldiers witnessing, and/ or actually killing innocent human beings. It also involves seeing and/or doing all of the horrors of war. It is especially doing these things which they do in clear violation of their God given conscience. It’s not “counseling” they need, but confession and repentance.

Brief Commentary

To those among you or even to those you know, be they friends or family, if you cast your vote for any of the Presidents and/or Representatives who voted for Iraq War 1, Iraq War 2, Afghanistan War (10 years and counting), Libya and the rest of the Middle East (CIA fomented) and now it would appear the soon bombing/missile attacks, and very possibly a “targeted nuclear attack” on Iran’s “alleged” nuclear weapons facilities, please search your heart and the scriptures (which I have reiterated scores of times) to see if you have any culpability in this endless loss of life and destruction of whole countries.

The answer to this is simple if you base your conclusion on scripture… Yes. If the answer is yes, then please repent and tell your brethren who voted for these war criminals do all they can to bring scripture light and truth to others as well. I will not belabour the point, but if you find yourself searching the Old Testament and even the New Testament for scriptures that would seemingly contradict Gods Royal Law of Love to all men (think John 3:16 as a starting place), then you are wrestling the scriptures to your own destruction.

Jesus does not authorize the death and destruction innocent life. You will find nothing in the New Testament that authorizes Christians i.e. those who in truth follow Jesus and keep His commandments, to kill innocent people. Knowing these truths, if you fail to repent of your support for these Satanic Wars of Aggression and to Warn your brethren who through ignorance (as is the case with most) have supported said War Criminals and Agents of Satan, their blood will be upon your soul in the Day of Judgement. You yourself will not be held blameless, if you have not repented and washed your Garment of Righteousness in the Blood of the Lamb which is the ONLY THING that can save you.

If you are guilty of these sins and do not repent (or even if you do repent) and then blithely go on your way thinking that by “leading others to Christ” and “making disciples of them” (which usually ends up being “regular church attenders and especially 10% tithers), you are FAILING to Warn them of the very things which can and will Destroy their eternal souls. It is not enough to get someone saved and then watch them align themselves with the Satanic evils of this world and say NOTHING. How can you stand before God with clean hands and a pure heart if you countenance these things by your SILENCE?

If you think it is enough to get them delivered from the evils of Hollywood and sexual sins, to rail against homosexuality, to rant about those “evil Democrats”, and not warn them of the dangers of supporting war criminals and ipso facto all of the Death and Evil they perpetuate, you are walking in Deception. Am I going too far? Look at the photos attached and into the faces of the recipients of Americas wars and the Christians who support them, in its multitude of other rapacious sins which I don’t have time to go into, and ask yourself…Am I innocent? It their life as valuable as mine?

Your comments are welcome.

God bless you,


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9 thoughts on “B’Man’s Guest Post Sabbath Watch: The Fruit Of Lies And Hypocrisy

  1. well, as i was reading… all i could think about was ALL of our American history~ where we won the hearts and minds of many with wars, bombings, slaughter, rape, torture and deniability. hell throughout global history. i wished none were true, but mans inhumanity to man is woven in mortal fabric knitted by greed, manipulation, chrmical control and ecomonic ~ purposeful draining. THEN the article took a sharp turn. it was difficult to keep my reading steering wheeled brain on topic, or at least feel like there was a nicely seamed intersection. i guess being a child from wwll, knowing many from wwl, and then all the insanity up until now~~ i see the new ways people are being driven and controlled. sort of like molded from selected economically oppressed areas that like cattle lead the youth to the military, under the false flags raised, given meds to wake and meds to sleep and turn them loose. really not caring if they return or not. nor, in what condition they return. so… repentance is the key huh? get the 550 in DC to do that first…


  2. This made me feel so much better:

    Super Bowl Ticket Information: The least expensive seats as of Wednesday were $2,100, and the cheapest tickets on the NFL’s ticket exchange were $2,300. The individual ticket prices go up to $15,000.

    Field-level luxury suite seating costs $650,000

    Fans are expected to spend $11 billion on Super Bowl-related purchases, including the consumption of 1.25 billion chicken wings.

    $3.5 million dollars will be paid for each 30-second commercial of which there are 70.

    The military flyover of four jets just before the start of the game will cost approximately $450,000 for 23 seconds of “entertainment” – which is really military recruiting and war-mongering.


    • I think 450k is lowballing the “entertainment” flyover. I like football. It has become a sad thing including the college scene. For the last three years my Friday nights have involved a high school game during the fall. It took away some of the NFL games and college games for me this year. I will watch tonight’s game because I’m a Manning fan. It goes back to 1970 when I saw my first game ever. Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech and it featured Eli’s dad Archie. I was a Saint’s fan. Then I became a Colt’s fan. I am now a Giant’s fan. The pattern is easy to see.


      • I am proud to say that I didn’t watch a second of that “show” last night. Last year’s halftime show was all anyone really needed to see to understand what their idiotic idea of a “show” is. Worthless shit. I don’t want to know who won cause I don’t care. The only thing that could have gotten me to watch it would have been if Archie, himself played.

        $15K would feed many poor folk. Not to mention all the other waste.

        On another note: in the ER yesterday, there was a french sounding Jewish doctor. My mother couldn’t wait to apologize for Hitler’s regime.

        The doctor said, “And we have another one right now in office”…

        My Mom started to comment about Obama, when the Doctor said, “Iran’s Ahmadinejad wants to wipe Israel off the map”.

        I bit my tongue.

        Go long! The Statue of Liberty play is next.


  3. Its unreal…..just mind numbing…. how we dont see these pictures , the true faces of our wars on TERROR. If this isn’t TERROR, what the hell is? No we don’t see these picutres on TEE VEE…Bill Oreilly , hard Ball…what ever, yet…its so very easy to spend the money and time to bring us our favorite supper bowl ads.

    What a crock of shit !

    So…someday down the road we can look for the war on terror to continue…expand? Why wouldn’t we….what of the families of those who we hav e killed in this manner. Wouldnt they want revenge for the TERROR we rain down on them because of our war on TERROR ?

    I have said it time and time again and will again.The people aren’t the problem…..criminal governments are….all of them are…world wide…..

    What a crock of shit this world is……

    Go watch your football games…never mind the picture above…they arent important.


  4. I didn’t watch this damm game. Im not i nterrested in it. I don’t care who won this game.

    People, we’re losing the game that really matters and the truth is, it’s not a fucking game.

    Im more interrested in the above photo of the woman with her godamm leg blown off. I’ve seen this before. Anybody think she is interrested in yesterdays game? I really doubt it because, i just don’t see how she couldn’t have died there from loss of blood and shock.

    Im going to take a liberty here and speak for this innocent non -combantant victim
    ,,,,,,,,,FUCK THAT GAME!


  5. “Cost of doing business?”

    Whose business?

    Just another example that if you’re wearing a uniform, be it a cop’s or what the MSM is training us sheeple to call soldiers warriors, you have a license to kill, and cover up your murders and hardly anything will happen to you if you get caught.


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